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Where to Get Immigration Advice in Auckland

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The Tools You Need to Choose a Good Immigration Advisor

Wanting to stay in New Zealand a bit longer after your studies? Your work visa is about to expire but you want to continue working? Or want to bring the family to live with you in New Zealand? With loads of different visa types and conditions, it can be difficult to determine what you need to do in order to stay in New Zealand. When you are unsure of what to do when it comes to applying for a visa for New Zealand, an immigration advisor can help. As the largest city in New Zealand, home to the largest international airport in New Zealand, and by having a diverse population of migrants, Auckland is a hub of immigration advice. But the question is: where to get immigration advice in Auckland?

This guide will give you tips on how to find a good immigration advisor in Auckland. As there are literally tens and tens of immigration advisors in Auckland, and new ones cropping up all the time, this guide will give you all the tools you need to choose the right immigration advisor for you.

Do You Need an Immigration Advisor?

An immigration advisor is not necessary to complete a visa application form and send it to Immigration New Zealand. In fact, for common types of visas, like working holiday visas, visitor visas and student visas, there’s so much information out there that you could easily complete the visa applications for these visas yourself. Take a look at our guides, if you are considering these types of visas:

However, there are a number of reasons why you might want to hire an immigration advisor to help you with your visa application.

  • When it’s unclear which visa to get to fit your special circumstances
  • If you want as fast of an application process as possible
  • To avoid the stress of completing the application yourself
  • Professional advice will ensure higher chances of your application being successful
  • If you struggle with the English language, an English-speaking local advisor will help
  • If you have had trouble lodging visa applications in the past
  • If you or family members have a health or character issue.
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Licensed Immigration Advisors

Under New Zealand law, you must use an immigration advisor that is licensed by the New Zealand Immigration Advisors Authority (IIA). Check that your chosen immigration advisor is licensed at the IAA website.

There is a page on every visa application where immigration advisors must give their details. Using an illegal immigration advisor may result in your application returned to you. Lying on your immigration documents is a legal offence that may affect future visas or jobs.

There are a few exemptions of using licensed immigration advisors, which are as follows:

  • persons who provide immigration advice in an informal or family context only, so long as the advice is not provided systematically or for a fee (you do not need to put their details on the application)
  • the government who provide immigration advice as part of their employment
  • employees of the public service who provide immigration advice as part of their employment
  • lawyers with a current New Zealand practising certificate
  • persons employed by or working as volunteers for citizens advice bureau
  • education agents who provide immigration advice offshore in relation to student visas only.

For a full list of exemptions, see the Immigration New Zealand website.

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How to Choose an Immigration Advisor

Before choosing an immigration advisor in Auckland, make sure you check:

  • That the immigration advisor is licensed or exempt from licensing
  • How exactly the advisor will be helping you. Make sure to ask questions about the help you will receive before agreeing to pay
  • Sign an agreement with your immigration advisor stating what services they will provide and how much the service will cost. (This is a common process, so avoid the immigration advisor if they refuse).
  • Communicate directly with the advisor.

How Much Will an Immigration Advisor Cost?

There are varying fees for immigration advisors. Immigration advisors will give you a quote depending on the circumstance. For this reason, we recommend getting quotes from several immigration advisors to determine what is a “fair” price.

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Where to Get Immigration Advice in Auckland

The first place you should go when you have questions about immigration is Immigration New Zealand directly. Before you pay for an immigration advisor, you may find that your questions can be answered by the team at Immigration New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand Contact Details

Phone Number (from New Zealand): 09 914 4100
Phone Number (from overseas): +64 9 914 4100

Auckland Address

Note that this address is for an application drop-off service only. Immigration New Zealand does not provide a counter service in Auckland.

Immigration New Zealand
20 Amersham Way
Manukau City

Auckland Immigration Advisors

The offering of immigration advisors in Auckland is changing all the time, so with an interest in keeping this article up to date, we will not list specific advisors here. However, it’s nothing that a quick Google search can solve. Just remember to use the tips given in this article to find a reliable immigration advisor in Auckland.


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