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What are the Flight Times to New Zealand?

What are the Flight Times to New Zealand?

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How Long Does it Take to Fly to New Zealand?

Located in the southern corner of the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is far away from pretty much everywhere. Just see Where is New Zealand? for a more detailed description. Despite the long flight times, sometimes even over a day for travellers flying from Europe or Africa, this doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to visiting the stunning islands of Aotearoa New Zealand. But just so you know what you’re getting yourself in for, we’ve compiled this list of flight times to New Zealand.

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Stopover Countries on the Way to New Zealand

As you’ll see from the flight times to New Zealand listed below, flights particularly from Europe and Africa are just under a day and require at least two flights to arrive in New Zealand.

Make the long journey more bearable and help beat the extreme jet lag once you arrive in New Zealand by doing a longer stopover on your way to New Zealand.

There are some fantastic stopover cities to enjoy on the way to New Zealand. Check out the world’s tallest building in Dubai, stretch on the sands of Hawaii, visit the Manhatten Beach Pier in Los Angeles, take the cable car to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, book a transit tour in Bangkok, go up the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, or take a city tour in Singapore… That’s just a few suggestions!

See How to Kill Time During a Stopover for more information.

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Flight Times from Europe to New Zealand

Here are some of the typical flight times between major European airport cities and Auckland International Airport in New Zealand:

  • London to Auckland: 24 hours
  • Frankfurt to Auckland: 23h30mins
  • Stockholm to Auckland: 25h30mins
  • Dublin to Auckland: 28 hours
  • Zurich to Auckland: 23 hours
  • Copenhagen to Auckland: 24 hours
  • Oslo to Auckland: 25 hours
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Flight Times from the Americas to New Zealand

Direct flights to New Zealand’s largest international airport, Auckland, are available from the following North America and South America locations:

  • Los Angeles to Auckland: 13 hours
  • San Fransisco to Auckland: 13 hours
  • Vancouver to Auckland: 14 hours
  • Honolulu to Auckland: 9 hours
  • Houston to Auckland: 14h30mins
  • Chicago to Auckland: 16 hours
  • Buenos Aires to Auckland: 12h30min
  • Santiago to Auckland: 13 hours

And for what to do during your stopover in Honolulu, Hawaii, check out How to Plan a Trip to Hawaii from New Zealand.

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Flight Times from Asia to New Zealand

Asia is a popular stopover continent for flights across the world to New Zealand. You’ll find direct flights from these Asian countries, except Mumbai which is included as a popular departure airport for New Zealand.

  • Singapore to Auckland: 10h30mins
  • Hong Kong to Auckland: 11 hours
  • Dubai to Auckland: 16 hours
  • Bangkok to Auckland: 12h30mins
  • Tokyo to Auckland: 11 hours
  • Manila to Auckland: 11 hours
  • Mumbai to Auckland: 16h30mins
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Flight Times from Africa to New Zealand

Africa’s largest airports are connected to New Zealand via stopover countries in Asia. See the stopover recommendations in the Stopovers section above.

  • Johannesburg to Auckland: 16 hours
  • Cairo to Auckland: 22h30mins
  • Cape Town to Auckland: 20 hours
  • Lagos to Auckland: 24 hours
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Flight Times from Oceania to New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the Oceania continent, making for shorter flights to other Oceania countries such as Australia and the South Pacific islands. Here are a few examples.

  • Sydney to Auckland: 3 hours
  • Perth to Auckland: 6 hours
  • Nadi to Auckland: 3 hours
  • Nuku’alofa to Auckland: 3 hours
  • Apia to Auckland: 4 hours

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