Wellington Weather & Climate: What is the Weather Like in Wellington?
Wellington Weather & Climate: What is the Weather Like in Wellington?

Wellington Weather & Climate: What is the Weather Like in Wellington?

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Plan for the Weather in Wellington

Have you set New Zealand’s cool little capital in your sights? Wellington is the hub of New Zealand’s city culture, famous for its museums, cafes, rugby, craft beer breweries and film industry. Whether you’re planning a city getaway or trip to the Hutt Valley, this Wellington weather and climate guide will get you ready for whatever the city’s infamous winds blow your way. Find out what is the weather like in Wellington.

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The Seasons in Wellington

The below guide to the Wellington weather and climate will refer to the seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring. These seasons in Wellington fall under the following months:

  • Summer – December, January and February
  • Autumn – March, April and May
  • Winter – June, July and August
  • Spring – September, October and November

For a more in-depth look at the seasons, check out The New Zealand Seasons and Climate.

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Temperatures in Wellington

Wellington has a reasonably mild climate throughout the year with warm summers and mild winters, especially in comparison with the rest of New Zealand. The region doesn’t experience any extremes in temperature but can feel colder than elsewhere on the North Island because of the frequent winds – more on that in the section below.

Average Daily Temperature Month by Month

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The Climate of Wellington: Wind, Rain, Sunshine, etc.

The first thing to know about the weather pattern in Wellington is that it’s windy. The region experiences frequent gusty northerlies, which gives Wellington a reputation for being one of the windiest cities in the world.

On average, Wellington experiences 178 days a year with winds of 63km/h (39mi/h) and above. With that wind comes very changeable weather, such as frequent but short bursts of rain, an average annual of 1,249mm (49″) a year. Nevertheless, Wellington has its share of sunshine at around 2,025 sunshine hours per year.

UV levels are high, especially in summer.

Average Monthly Rainfall

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What to Pack for Wellington

Forget the umbrella; it’s far too windy to use in Wellington. But because of the changeable weather, it’s a good idea to have a rainjacket handy any time of the year, as well as sunglasses.

Protect yourself from high UV levels by packing sunscreen and a sunhat between October and April. At any time of the year, have a mid-layer available in case the temperature drops. A jacket to take the edge of the wind is advisable from April to September.

Wellington Packing List

  • Pants (jeans, skirt, leggings, etc.)
  • Sneakers (casual shoes for city and park walking)
  • Tops (T-shirts, shirts, singlets, etc.)
  • Light long-sleeved top (sun protection in summer)
  • Mid-layer (sweater, cardigan, hoody, etc.)
  • Jacket (keep warm between April and September)
  • Rain jacket
  • Socks
  • Underwear and bras
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat/cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sleeping attire (pyjamas)
  • Camera
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Passport (proof of age for buying alcohol)
  • Reusable travel shopping bags

For a more complete packing list for travelling around New Zealand, see New Zealand Packing List: What to Pack for New Zealand, as well as our seasonal packing lists:


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