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New Zealand Parliament Tour – Day 74

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Day 74 on the Road

Beehive and Parliament Tour in Wellington

Today we are arriving in Wellington on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year web series where we are doing 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand. Today’s activity is a free activity which is perfect to do on a rainy day: the New Zealand Parliament Tour. However, we do run into a pesky problem when we arrive…

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So today we have thing the New Zealand Parliament it’s called The Beehive building and we don’t have the right to film at all so this video is going to be a bit of a challenge.

We are now heading to the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington. This is the place where people take the ferry to the South Island but the city itself has a lot to offer and we are pretty excited to go explore it for the next think 5 days we’re here.

So the campervan is parked we’re packing our bags and we’re making our way all the way to the beautiful Beehive building so the Beehive building is the New Zealand Parliament. We are at the parliament buildings of New Zealand. And what are we doing? We’re gonna go on a tour around the Beehive. The beehive is that building. And what’s inside? Erm, I don’t know. Bees? That’s why we need to go take a tour.

What more cliche thing can we do than go to the parliament buildings in Wellington? Plus, it is a rainy day so a tour around Parliament buildings indoors no rain we’ll take that.

A bit of security so we’re going to stop filming. After being yelled at by security and giving up all our cameras, and all our gears we arrive at the parliament building for our visit. After a very long briefing and being given a sticker that we will have to wear at all times as a security measure, yes this sticker is a security measure, we head to Parliament House the first feature they show to us with a very lengthy video are the base isolators that protects the building against the earthquake. After that we head into a main chamber where we see a lot of gifts given to New Zealand by other nations. Then we head to the church which is also a library and then we head to the debating chamber that despite being on TV every week we cannot take a single pictures of. We then check out a couple of other rooms that have some kind of significance and then head out of the parliament. it was a very very short visit it was barely informative but you know what you gonna do? It was a rainy day, it was free, it will do.

We’re going to have to run straight to the hostel where we’re checking into Trek Global this evening. We check in, but in the entrance we notice there are some games. There’s pool table, there’s Foosball, and it’s all free to play so Robin and I battle each other to some table games and then we’re going to go find our room and I’m making some food tonight. I’m making mash potato with leeks and carrots, you know, trying to keep ourselves healthy.

We’re gonna stop at erm… bust or carving of Miss Kate Shepard which was one of the suffragette. Woman have the right to vote. You owe it to this lady right here. Not to those ducks. They have nothing to do with your voting rights. But this lady right here has a lot to do. Again, not the ducks. The lady. Alright, the ducks are just cutey cutey but the lady is good.