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Founders Park and Brewery – Day 88

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Day 88 on the Road

Founders Heritage Park in Nelson

Today we are stepping back in time at Founders Heritage Park and Founders Brewery in Nelson!

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Update: Founders Brewery is not currently operating.

Today we are going back in time. Nelson back in the old days. We are going to Founder Heritage Park.

So today we are in Founders Park which is a historical park in Nelson which basically is a reproduction of Nelson in about 60 or 70 years ago. Yeah we’re going to be walking around. There’s a massive windmill just behind us that you can see. And we’re going to be going inside every single house including the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the bank. I’m probably going to rob the bank and right here we’re going inside the Duncan House which is a brewing legacy.

this heritage park is full of stuff to check out. The Duncan House is massive library with a lot of old books and then after we head out and find some old phone booths which are connected to each other and call each other a bit as if it were a cell phone. Then we check out a church which is one of those really tiny and quaint little church from back in the old days. Laura and I do a little bit of roll play because that’s what we do. We don’t know much about heritage stuff but we like to make jokes about everything. So after she solemnly decides to marry me we walk out and make our way across the street to the old technology house. Which house a lot of old printing machines and phones. then it’s off to the Cobbler Shop.

So Robin learns what the hell a cobbler is which is someone who repairs shoes by the way. On the streets of Founders Park it looks really quait really pretty and next stop we’re going to the general store which is literally full from ceiling to floor of all the old stuff general stores used to sell.

Then it’s off tot he bakers where we are surprised to see one of the mannequins comes to life. His name is Ringo and he’s from the cookie factory called Ruk n’ co and he’s making cookies right before our eyes and to be honest they look amazing and it’s not log before we have a warm and fuzzy cookie and a nice hot chocolate. How yummy.

After that I am really intrigued to check out the fire station. i am a big kid and anything to do with fire engines especially the big ones that you can touch and play with I am super keen. To my biggest disappointment we cannot go inside the fire engine on this one but there is heaps of stuff to check out including a pillory.

Stop having an English accept. No. Stop having a French accent. No. Stop having a French accent. No!

So after slapping each other for about half an hour we go find some more fire engines which Robin is then going to play with for ages. Where are we?

Then it’s off to the hospital and dentist with lots of creepy gear that Robin insists on using on me. Look at all those brain parts that Laura lacks.

After a quick stroll around the park we arrive at the next section of the exhibition which is a massive hanger dubbed the transportation hanger. this house has a lot of old buses and old means of transportation. All of them look absolutely uncomfortable. i cannot believe that people used to spend hours and hours and hours travelling around New Zealand in those things.

there is even some horse carriage. i did not know that people used to travel around New Zealand on horses. It boggles my mind.

We can also listen to recordings of diaries where people we terrified of travelling back in the day.

Next up the transportation continues in the mini museum of the train station. And then it is the mini museum of the brewery. New Zealand has a bit of an obsession with making craft beer and this is shown through this museum with all this vintage beer-making kits and old new of the prohibition era.

And now we’re going to actually try out some beer for ourselves. so actually at Founders Park is the Founders Brewery which makes loads of variety of craft beer. Those beers are actually pretty famous in New Zealand and can be found in most supermarkets as well. So because Laura and I are not sure what we want we opt for the tasting tray it’s just an easier way to get a little bit of everything. She picks a nice table outside and then it’s just a long wait until our yummy tasting tray finally arrives. And it even comes with a cheat sheet to tell us a bit more information on each of the beer that we’re going to be sampling. At 12 dollars for a tasting tray that’s a pretty good deal on some well-filled tasting glasses. there’s a whole variety of beers to try and to be honest we don’t know which one we prefer the most.

And our last stop of the day is at this huge plane. So we’re about to see what people used to fly in the sky with and it is, it is really terrifying. I would not want to be in this tin can in the sky – it’s interesting to find out more about these things but man, people back in the day were brave.

then we’re back at the Tasman Bay Backpackers for the free pudding. It’s every night. Yum!

No I stick to the classic. Sorry for butting in. I don’t car about your opinion let me speak. Despite the fact that I asked a question. I was asking that question so that i could answer. But yeah i think with beer you just like what you usually drink and that’s it. That’s worth waiting for.