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Enchanted Track in Taranaki – Day 54

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Day 54 on the Road

Walking the Enchanted Track in Egmont National Park

In today’s episode of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year where we’re doing 365 Days: 365 Activities, we are walking the Enchanted Track in Taranaki!

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After yesterday’s failure of a mountain hike and the fact that we didn’t even do a mountain hike because the weather was so atrocious we are attempting to go up the mountain today into the Egmont National Park but into a more sheltered area in the lower part of the mountain. Today we are doing in the Enchanted walk.

The Egmont National Park’s forests are very famous for being super super dense with vegetation and looking like fairy tale forests. No, even better, enchanted forests! And that’s what we’re going to have a look at today. there is a track called the Enchanted Track and if that doesn’t sound intriguing then I do not know what is. It’s named like that just because the entire walk looks like a mystical forest. it just looks like you stepped into a child’s book and there is going to be the red hooded girl running and the wolf following her and three little pigs trying to build a house while there’s going to be a witch making a gingerbread house nearby. It just looks like that. It’s incredible and it’s like being transported to a complete different world within only a like 15 minute drive It’s quite incredible. the track amazed us from about the first 10 metres of it. It was quite incredible how we literally walked inside the forest and we felt wrapped by it straight away. The atmosphere is so mystical it actually felt like the trees just wrapped themselves behind a bit like Alice in Wonderland you know you start walking and it just closes behind you as you go. Yeah, it doesn’t seem real somehow. There’s tree trunks with like all sorts of moss growing on them there’s like mushrooms growing on the trees there’s other plants other trees growing on them there’s trees growing upon trees. All of this green tree branches are sort of like instead of going straight up to reach the sky or you know reach the light like forests and trees do these tree branches have just doing all sorts of weird bendy tricks. they just winding in and out of each other and it’s just a really awesome forest. Like you can’t really describe it that well you just got to see just look at the videos just look at this fricken tree look at how much moss is growing on it. that’s crazy.

There’s even moss growing in the leaves. Another thing that I really liked is that the path where we were walking was a bit of wooden parts and a few bridges but most of it was actually just roots. it was kind of like windy roots that feel like tortured you know and then they grow and they go up to the trees which feel like tortured on themselves with vine torturing the trees and all the shapes that they’re making feels like it’s the tortured forest and it feels like basically the trees are screaming at you as well because there is a lot of wind and you can hear the cracking of the trees.

So we come to the end of this beautiful beautiful walk and the sun finally shines when she goes to the bathroom. Alright since we’ve spent the whole day looking at moss it looks so yummy. I just found us some dinner so this is what we’re going to be eating for lunch. How does it taste? I have to stop eating plants that I found along tracks I just have to stop. It’s disgusting. You want some Laura? no, thank you. Come on. Dinner. You just said it tastes disgusting. No it tastes good.

When I’m talking about trees I get wood, Ok? I just love trees. These trees are the best trees I’ve ever seen. they’re really cool. Ok? I’m getting a bit embarrassed about it. Get a bit embarrassed talking about trees because I get so excited talking about them.