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A Day in Opunake – Day 56

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Day 56 on the Road

The Opunake Walkway in Taranaki

On today’s episode of our daily New Zealand travel vlog, New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year, we are checking out the Opunake Walkway in Taranaki!

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Today we’re waking up in the lovely Opunake Holiday Park. The great thing about this town is so close you’ve got lake, beach, walkways, town – everything is just so close together and it’s so cool.

Today we’re waking up in the lovely Opunake Holiday park to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the beach because this holiday park is right on the beachfront and the beach is actually renowned surf beach along the Surf Highway 45. We pass a very small dune to arrive on the beach and the beach is subject to the tide and right now it’s low tide so we have a massive amount of reflection so we can see ourselves literally on the floor while walking which is pretty cool.

And we take a stroll through town and the first thing we notice is this crazy looking cinema well, which is also it’s a theatre slash cinema it’s like a vintage style it’s got massive pictures of huge names in the film business. You can’t miss this theatre.

The we head to Opunake Lake which is literally a small stroll away and yeah it’s a pretty big lake which is part of the Opunake Walkway that we were planning on doing today so may as well start on the lake right? First thing that we notice is that well, the lake has been overtaken by ducks and swans. laura is going mental taking picutres. So we’re picking up the walkway from the lake. the walkway does the perimetre of the lake and continues on its merry way but we get distracted by the fact that there is river here. We didn’t expect to see a river. But on one side of the river there’s just like a bit of a cliff edge and on the other side of the river is like a nice shallow section with loads of pebbles and from being a young kid I’ve always been taught that if you see a river with pebbles you must throw some skimmers into the river and see how many skimmers you can do. We give that a shot for a while, then after a while we realise how old we are and we get back on our way onto the walkway.

We also spot a couple of graves which were from famous people from the town as well and two young kids that died really young and Laura is very surprised by how young those kids died. Well, they went to war, Laura, they don’t send the elderly to war. they send the young ones.

Think you’re funny do ya? While walking from the lake we actually take on the coastal part of the Opunake Walkway which goes through a couple of farmlands but straight away arrive right on the cliff above the holiday park where we are currently staying. So we seen the cliff from the bottom now seen the cliff from the top and the view is incredible. you walk down and you have all those block rocky shore and the cliff is a couple of hundred metres high. It’s quite an impressive view. Thew sun is starting to set and we see in the distance it is Mt taranaki. it looks amazing and I just can’t get enough of this mountain. i start going nuts taking photos. I’m setting up the tripod. This volcano is just taking all the attention. I’m going nuts for this volcano.

Obviously the first thing I notice is there are a shit load of birds here. And I’m not talking abut the female kind. Oh God… I’m getting delirious because I’ve been doing these videos for too long now.