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Clay Bird Shooting at Makoura Lodge – Day 70

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Day 70 on the Road

Clay Bird Shooting in Manawatu

This morning we are squeezing in our last activity at Makoura Lodge, clay bird shooting, before hitting the road to Wellington.

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Waking up early in Makoura Lodge we’re shooting …. There is Chris with his gun I can’t even see the sun It is dark where is the clay pigeons I don’t know. We are off to clay bird shooting.

Like every morning we wake up early we are in Makoura Lodge and Chris who is our host and also a farmer here he is awake and he says hey, you wanna try some clay pigeon shooting? So that is our early morning activity It’s still a little bird dark outside but the sun is slowly rising perfect because luckily the discs for the clay bird shooting are so orange you can’t miss them really. So Laura is holding the remote right now and when I say pull she’s shooting a clay bird so I say pull she presses the button the clay pigeon starts flying in a beautiful straight line poom and I miss it completely so I blame this one on the fact that it’s pretty dark right now and I can’t see much. Now it’s my go, I fire and Oh my God! I hit it! I actually don’t see myself hitting it but when they’re cheering I’m like Oh Ok I did hit it. I’m like oh my God I never thought I’d be able to do this. That’s so cool. Yeah, I hit a clay bird pigeon. From then on I get another one and then another one and then another one and then another one after that and then another one and then one more – that’s six I get six out of ten. Oh my God. I’m feeling very proud of myself right now. i’m proud like a pigeon, not like a clay bird pigeon cos my clay bird pigeons are smashed into a million pieces. Laura what is that on your ears? Earmuffs. Why? Cos I got delicate ears. Alright I lost miserably Laura I have to admit if we were in a gun fight you probably would have won. Congratulations. We say goodbye to our lovely hosts who have been amazing they’ve shown us some awesome entertainment we’ve gone horse trekking we’ve done 4WD we’ve done clay bird shooting and they’ve cooked us some amazing food we’ve cooked them some food. So now we are back on the road. We are making our way to Plimmerton which is one of the suburbs of Porirua which is one of the suburbs of Wellington so basically we are making our way all the way up to the bottom of the North Island we are that close to the South Island right now.

There is amazing views behind us all the Ruahine Ranges and just the general like rolling green hills of Manawatu. Ideally enough, there is a lookout with a platform like a viewing platform we can just pull in and take it all in. We are stopping at the Plimmerton Beach which is facing right on the sun we do have quite a lot of clouds so it makes it for a more interesting sunset because the sunlight just kind of reverberates on them and gives us some different shades and colours. Laura is going nuts on the camera taking about 20 pictures of both the sunset and us and us and the sunset and the driftwood and the waves and the reflection and the sunset and more clouds and more water and more reflection Laura goes crazy.

I’ve literally shot a gun three times. Once at my mum, once at my dad, and once at my grandma. Erm… and each time I missed.