Skyjump & Skywalk in Auckland - Day 365, Part 1©
Skyjump & Skywalk in Auckland - Day 365, Part 1

Skyjump & Skywalk in Auckland – Day 365, Part 1


Day 365 on the Road

An Adventure on the Auckland Sky Tower

Today is our last day of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year. After 365 days doing 365 activities, we are finally on the last day ending it big with the Skyjump and Skywalk on the Auckland Sky Tower! If you have missed any of the adventure, make sure you head to the YouTube Channel and Subscribe!

Hey Laura, how does it feel doing a testimonial with me?

How does it feel to be doing a testimonial with me! Pretty amazing right?

Today is our final day on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year.

And we’re going to be doing the SkyWalk.

I’m going to be doing the Skyjump.

And then we’re gonna get a tattoo on our SASSES.

No we’re not getting a tattoo on our SASSES.


But we are getting a Maori designed tattoo, which…

On our SASSES!

is going to be going in an appropriate place upon our person.

On the SASS.

Alright guys to celebrate New Zealand’s Biggest Ga Year Day 365 we’re gonna be doing two awesome activities. First up we’re going to the Sky Tower then we’re getting a Maori tattoo.

So we just arrived at the skyjump and I actually learned that I cannot jump because of my arm so I’m going to do the skywalk with Laura and then I’m going to push Laura from the top or something like that. I don’t think they’re gonna let me push her from the top.

Right, make sure to hit that subscribe button because this episode is a two parter and we start it by changing our clothes to something a little bit more comfortable while we’re gonna be walking around the top of the Sky Tower.

It really doesn’t take us long to get ourselves on top of the 220m high tower. The lift is actually super fast. Once we are all strapped up and we get a little bit of a safety briefing we are going out of the gate and start walking around.

I have to honest, I am absolutely terrified of heights. If you guys remember when we tried, or tried to do bungy jumping in Queenstown check out the card above, it’s an hilarious episode, I had to give up. So needless to say, spending that much time on the sky tower all that time above the crazy emptiness is crazy for me. So I’m not really walking I am skyshuffling my way through the path.

While Robin is mastering the Sky Shuffle I am having an absolute blast the team are giving me loads of different challenges to do from putting my feet over the edge of this super narrow walkway with nothing to hold onto and also encouraging me to lean out over the top of the city which just makes makes my stomach do flips and flips.

Needless to say, the views from up here are absolutely sensational and it feels like this is the perfect activity for us to be doing on our final day on this 365 day trip. New Zealand is all about adventure and adrenaline and this is really high up there on the scare scale.

Although I’m absolutely terrified I have to admit the views a absolutely fantastic from there. We get to see so many islands of the Hauraki Gulf but I can see them as well from inside so I’m rushing in.

It was scary leaning down like that and looking over the views. The height!

We are now making our way back down the Auckland Sky Tower and we’re taking the lift all the way to the bottom because Laura is gonna change gears for her jump.

One thing to note that when you do those kind of activities you get a free entry to the Sky Tower so we’ll be able to get back up.

More to the point, how do I look?

Amazing Laura.

All geared up, Laura heads to the lift.

Bye bye Laura, I’ll see you at the bottom.

Alright it’s 192m up today and you’re about to do the Skyjump. How do you feel?

I’m feeling super excited but it’s really high!

It’s pretty high ay?

So you’ll be landing, you see that blue mat there. You’ll be landing right next to it.

The team attach me to some chords and then it’s time for the SkyJump.

Hands off. Have fun!

From 192m, this feels like the most insane zipline of the whole country. it is such a rush, the whole city is flying up toward me and it feels absolutely amazing!

When I finally reach the ground my legs feel super wobbly, but damn I want to go again, I wish I could do that over and over.

How was that?

That was insane!

Nice jump.

I feel so windswept.

You look lovely windswept.

Boom let’s wrap it up for the Sky Tower but make sure to subscribe cos our next step is that we’re getting a Maori tattoo to celebrate.

So now that we’re on the ground, we are just laughing a little bit at ourselves and at the picture, they are absolutely hilarious, Laura looks happy I look like I’m having the worst day of my life. I’m not but I look like I am.

We are also…. Stop laughing it was a terrifying I’m traumatized.

I know.

Supporting girlfriend right here or no? You’re about to burst into laughter. Goddamn it.