Zipline Tour on Waiheke Island - Day 331©
Zipline Tour on Waiheke Island - Day 331

Zipline Tour on Waiheke Island – Day 331


Day 331 on the Road

Ziplining on Waiheke Island!

Today we are doing the ultimate adventure activity on Waiheke! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then jump on over to our epic YouTube Channel!

Today we are going to be soaring over Waiheke Island on the EcoZip Adventures Tour.

This morning we are jumping right into it with the team of EcoZip Adventures which is providing amazing tours ziplining across the beautiful canopy of lush New Zealand native bush on Waiheke Island.

Our guides, Becks and Gabby, are getting us helmeted and harnessed for the zipline tour ahead as well as giving us some rain jackets cos we’re really gonna need them today.

Like you would suspect for a tour such as this, it starts with a bit of a safety instruction on what we can and can’t do what we actually should do and what are the equipment that we’ve been getting but that doesn’t last too long and we are already sent flying through the skies and the first zipline that we’re doing is flying across beautiful vineyards there is nothing more Waiheke than that.

As soon as we arrive at the pad, we are unstrapping, un harnessing, unhooking all the equipment and are already preparing ourselves for the second zipline of the day which is much steeper, much longer, and it’s bound to be a treat. The next zipline, zipline 2, is 200m long and the guides are encouraging us to do some bombing action for this one to really get some speed but what I love most about this zipline is the fact that we’re flying over native New Zealand forest which looks absolutely amazing from this bird’s-eye view.

What I also really love about all the ziplines here on the EcoZip Adventures is that you can actually go two people at a time so you can actually race across the forest, which is pretty awesome. Once we get to the end of this zipline though I need a little help getting to the end I literally need to be fished off the end of the zipline.

there are three ziplines in total at EcoZip so once we get to the bottom of the second one, it’s a little bit of a bush walk to get to the final one. And the final one is the longest and steepest of them all and it even has a special name called Kurunui which the guides tell us more about once we get there.

Becks along the way takes the time to tell us heaps about this awesome forest. In fact, this forest has been helped tremendously by the team at EcoZip Adventure which has helped planting, pest trapping and a tonne of other projects to help it regenerate to its original state.

It’s called a puriri tree p-u-r-i-r-i.

It’s a really cool little walk, I really enjoy this part of the tour but we are already arriving at our next zipline and this is the longest, the biggest, the baddest, the awesomeest. It’s is 220m long and we could reach some speed of up to 50km/h.

As we are flying above the beautiful canopy we get to see the Auckland skyline which is 25km away it’s quite amazing plus, we also get to see Rangitoto Island which is an extinct volcano island off the shore of Auckland, it’s an amazing view while flying above this amazing canopy.

It becomes quite comical when Laura needs help yet again to reach the end of the zipline she literally cannot catch any speed. And then we watch the rest of the group arriving on the platform. Everybody seems to have an absolute blast while screaming above the amazing canopy.

Now that we’ve ziplined zigzagging our way down the valley it’s for us to make our way back to the EcoZip base on a really awesome bushwalk with our guides telling us heaps of fascinating facts along the way.

So if you’d been here yesterday, and we hadn’t had any rain for a couple of weeks, these things were about that wide but not with the water they’ve just blown up and they’re all leathery looking again, they’re a delicacy in China and back in the beginning of the 20th Century, end of the 19th Century, we had a huge export of these because we were chopping down all the trees there was a lot of decaying wood on the forest floor and so these starting growing.

We’re actually super stoked that we did this ziplining tour even in the rain. Not only has it made the forest all the more bigger with those huge mushrooms that we’ve seen but it actually makes all the colours a lot more vibrant even the woody oak of the trees as well as the green lush leaves around us.

This part of the tour really helps us get a greater appreciation for the natural New Zealand forest and we learn so much about all the different types of plants in the forest. We’ll never look at a bush walk the same again, But after about 20 minutes walking we finally get to the top where we are back at the EcoZip Adventures base, taking off our harnesses in this lovely demonstration that Robin and I are giving you just now, and then we are heading back to Hekerua Lodge backpackers which is our hostel accommodation during our time on Waiheke Island. Tonight is game and pizza night and this is what I really love about this hostel, it’s super social and we’re having a blast.

So that marks another amazing day here on Waiheke Island and tomorrow we’re not really sure what we’re doing cos as you can tell the weather hasn’t been the best we’re sure to find something amazing so join us tomorrow and we’ll show you what that is… exactly.


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