Whangarei Falls in Northland - Day 337, Part 1© NZPocketGuide.com
Whangarei Falls in Northland - Day 337, Part 1

Whangarei Falls in Northland – Day 337, Part 1

© NZPocketGuide.com

Day 337 on the Road

A Free Attraction in Whangarei

Today we are checking out the majestic Whangarei Falls! If you like this video and want more NZ bucket list inspiration then hop on over to our epic YouTube Channel & Subscribe!

Today we’re gonna show you some of the best free things to do in Whangarei. And we have a couple of things planned cos the weather may end up being rainy at some point so just in case we’ve got a back-up plan.

Let’s check out Whangarei Falls.

There’s the first viewpoint over there.

Whangarei Falls has to be one of the most accessible waterfalls in the country. From the car park it’s only about 5 seconds until you reach the first viewpoint of these amazing waterfalls.

The first viewpoint is right above the stunning waterfalls and it gives us amazing views above those 26m tall waterfall. It is one of the tallest waterfalls that we get to go so close to. It’s a really impressive sight.

It doesn’t take long for Robin to get a little too close for comfort to get to the edge of those waterfalls but luckily this is not the only viewpoint that we have access to of the Whangarei Falls, there’s a whole loop walk that goes right around the falls to various different viewpoints so we have plenty of opportunities to snap up some photos.

There’s an awesome little footbridge that takes us across the Hatea River which is a river that feeds into the Whangarei Falls and from this foot bridge we get some more awesome perspective right on top of the waterfall which is really cool and then there’s yet another viewpoint giving us plenty of photo opportunities which I spend way too much time doing.

Laura has been there 15 minutes already taking pictures. And we haven’t even been in front of the waterfall just yet. It’s almost every 15m that there is a new view toward the waterfall. It’s quite awesome to get so many different angles on one single waterfall and that’s cos, well, you know the ground is going way down and that is where we’re going to be ending our walk all the way at the bottom at the base of the waterfall.

The Whangarei Falls walk is 30 minutes only so it’s a short walk with very easy steps as well as very wide and well maintained path. It is really an easy walk so if you are travelling with a family or if you are not super fit you will definitely enjoy that walk and it will not be too strenuous.

We’re passing through stunning native forest before arriving to a bridge crossing the river created by the falls. And this is where we’re gonna get some of the best photo opportunities of the falls. There is the stream right below us there is the falls in the background – it just looks absolutely gorgeous but the next stop on our walk is gonna get us super close to the waterfall and we just can’t wait so we are already back on the track making our way to the really really up-close base of the waterfall.

Once we reach the base, we see these awesome turquoise coloured pool filled with ducks which is absolutely adorable look at that little duckling swimming along. And on top of the really awesome wildlife there’s also the scenery which is totally amazing there’s so many different trees around, there’s moss clinging to all the rocks around the waterfall and the waterfall itself is absolutely huge only the problem is the spray from the waterfall is going all over my camera so I can’t take pictures of it close enough.

Look over there, Laura. There’s the waterfall over there.

I know it’s very nice but it creates quite a bit of spray but I’m trying to take photos but my lens is like all dotty.

Once Laura is done trying to take pictures of the waterfall we are heading back toward the car park but we want to check out a short walk which is really awesome to do in Whangarei it’s about 3 hours long it’s very mellow very easy so it’s a great way to spend an afternoon in Whangarei it’s called the Sands Road Loop, it takes about 3 hours passes through the Ah Reed Kauri Park, as well as checking out the Whangarei Falls. It looks like this and if you guys are keen on doing it you can find more information on it at NZPocketGuide.com but for us, we are making our way back toward the car park and we are hiking back up the hill.

The way uphill is more strenuous than the way downhill but, you know, don’t fear it’s actually an easy walk. It passes through beautiful native forest, we hear a tonne of different birds because you know, every New Zealand forest is filled with wildlife which I really love. We hear some fantails we hear some tui and we even hear some bellbirds. Sadly we don’t see much of them because there is a tonne of trees and they are all really high so I’m pretty sure the birds are way far up. However, Laura has a really keen eye and checks out one black bird, this one actually looks brown, but that’s because it’s a female.

Whangarei Falls is probably one of the most iconic attractions in Whangarei and it definitely has to be a must do. What’s more, it’s absolutely free. We’re gonna be heading onto our next free activity of the day.

Next on Day 337 oh my God it’s been so long, Part 2 we are taking you to Botanica which is an awesome fernery in Whangarei. If you guys don’t know what a fernery is it’s basically where you grow ferns and other native plants in New Zealand as well as some exotic ones. Check out this video tomorrow on New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year and don’t forget to subscribe!

We take some time here to grab a few shots and shots, shots shots… We…

Wow that is your best joke to date, Laura.


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