Parasailing Over Lake Taupo - Day 304©
Parasailing Over Lake Taupo - Day 304

Parasailing Over Lake Taupo – Day 304


Day 304 on the Road

Parasailing 800ft Over Taupo!

Today (or this evening), we are flying high over the stunning Great Lake Taupo! If you like this video and want more New Zealand bucket list inspiration then check out our 365 Days: 365 Activities over on YouTube!

Alright today we are flying high, but not has high as before over Lake Taupo.

Today was another glorious day in Taupo the weather is finally awesome and we’re gonna make the most of it. We are joining the team from Big Sky Parasail for an evening parasailing tour it’s the perfect evening activity because it’s so short you can fit it in after anything else you’ve done during the day.

After meeting the really fun team of Lloyd and Andrew we are getting ourselves geared up for the parasailing we’re gonna be wearing life jackets, as well as a harness and getting a bit of a briefing on what to do when we go up in the air and what we need to do when we come back down onto the boat.

In no time at all it’s already the time to open this massive parachute that’s gonna hold us up in the sky. Andrew makes sure we are well strapped to it so we don’t fall off to our doom and we are sitting on the boat before taking off. We start seeing a bit the views and it’s quite amazing to see the boat getting further and further away we almost forgot to take our cheesy pictures but when that’s done we’re finally taking all the way up in the sky we’re going as high as 800ft.

I have to be honest at the beginning I’m a little bit scared cos you guys know by now I do not like heights so much. If i’m jumping forma plane usually the adrenaline is there but if I have to stand right here and actually see the emptiness below my feet then it usually stresses me.

But Laura reassures me a little bit then I can finally take in the amazing views.

Lake Taupo is a pretty epic lake to parasail over. Not only is it the largest lake in New Zealand but it’s also in the crater of the second largest volcano in the world. That is pretty awesome.

Surprisingly though, once we get to full height of the parasail it’s pretty relaxing experience flying over Lake Taupo. I kind of feel like I’m a bird gliding in the air and there’s no other sound except for the wind rushing past us.

Ok I probably took that bird impression a little too seriously, but that’s just how high we are in the sky right now! However we do start to get lower and lower to the water until the point where our feet are actually in the lake.

But Lloyd is not done with us just yet, he’s actually going to dip us a couple of times before reeling us back in and too reel us back in he actually has to get some more speed and get us back up because we need to land on the platform perfectly which is what we have been practicing during the instructions so here we go.

Andrew is making sure that our hands are int he correct position by giving us the gestures and then we are actually safely landing we are actually nailed that one and out of our entire boat we’re the only one to successfully land standing up rather than on our asses.

But to be fair our perfect landing is due to the fact that our boat is mostly designed for parasailing with even a carpet on our landing pad making sure that we arrive in complete comfort, how awesome it that?

Now that the sun is finally setting we are making our way back toward the Taupo Harbour. The sunset is absolutely stunning right on the lake giving so many different colours to the sky. Laura and I are really enjoying it and trying to give you commentary aside from the fact there is so much wind and we didn’t think of that.

Back with our team and passenger s with whom we had a lot of fun and heading back to our accommodation for tonight. We are staying at the amazing Haka Lodge backpackers right in the city centre of Taupo but tonight we don’t want to cook for ourselves.

While we were staying at the Base Backpackers a few days ago we scouted out this really awesome bar called Element and it has some really awesome nightly food deals so we go in for the cheap pizza night. We grab ourselves some bar snacks and beers and reminisce on all the awesome stuff there is to do in Taupo. We’ve only been here for about half time now and we have done so much already between parasailing today we did skydiving, we’ve done sailing on the lake, we’ve done kayaking, we’ve done mountain biking, and we have yet still much more to come. We’re actually going to be heading to the other side of Lake Taupo to the Turangi area where we’re gonna be doing white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking including the famous Tongariro Crossing so make sure you subscribe for all of that cos we’re only one Day 304 so you’ve got 60 more reasons to subscribe.

And with that we’ll get back to our pizzas and see you tomorrow.

So the guys dip us into the water twice and then start reeling us back into the boat and…

Yes, there were two guys literally reeling us back in.

He wasn’t….

He was sweating and everything…

Ok, so they didn’t literally have to reel us in but some sort of machine was reeling us in.