Mt Manaia Track in Whangarei - Day 339©
Mt Manaia Track in Whangarei - Day 339

Mt Manaia Track in Whangarei – Day 339


Day 339 on the Road

Hiking Mt Manaia (and an Unexpected Activity)

Today we are hiking the Mt Manaia Track in Whangarei! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities over on our epic YouTube Channel!

Today we’re going to be hiking to some of the best views in Whangarei and also doing an unexpected activity.

Today this happened.

This morning we are heading 30 minutes out of Whangarei township to Mt Manaia which is an amazing place to hike.

We’re climbing Mt Manaia today some of the best views here in Whangarei.

When we arrive at the beginning of the Mt Manaia Track we see just the peak of the mountain between the clouds but hopefully those clouds will shift before we get there but that’s kind of the deal with New Zealand if you don’t like the weather you just need to wait 10 minutes and it will probably change.

Only a few minutes we see the first viewpoint. It’s obvious it’s not the highest biggest viewpoint of Mt Manaia that we are expecting but there is heaps of information panels that tell us more about the peninsula as well as its history both human and geological it’s really awesome and after checking all of that out we are already on our way to climb that big mountain.

First things first, because there is a few kauri trees in the area, we take the time to prevent kauri dieback by using the spray provided by the Department of Conservation and then we are on our way on the track.

Kauri dieback attacks kauri trees which are some of the largest trees you can find in New Zealand. You can mainly find them in the Northland region above Auckland and if you guys see any of those stations make sure to use them properly cos those trees are really in danger at the moment.

But back to our walk, the views are not taking our breath away just yet but the track is. It’s a really steep climb with a lot of stairs.

It’s a pretty tough climb I have to say.

The forest itself on the way up the mountain is really interesting there’s a whole heap of different trees like the Nikau trees which are a type of palm tree in New Zealand and there are some trees that area really interesting that we take any excuse to stop.

Yeah yeah hakuna matata, Robin, anyway we are continuing on this walk that doesn’t feel like its going to end as we are going up so many uphill steps. We do eventually reach a flatter section for a while which takes us through a stand of kauri forest and it’s a nice long boardwalk, which actually, halfway along the boardwalk we see a little bit of writing written on one of the wood planks saying Lookout this way so we go an investigate.

And what do ya know? There is a lookout this way! After walking just a few steps through an already trodden path we get to the most amazing lookout overlooking the Whangarei Heads, the Whangarei Harbour, there’s beaches, there’s beautiful blue waters of the sea, peninsulas, it’s probably the best photo stop of the whole day to be honest.

Seriously the views at this lookout are absolutely fantastic it’s definitely worth the small detour, but I’m pretty sure the view from the top are gonna be even better so we are eagerly back on our way.

Believe it or not, there are even more steps waiting for us as we are making our way away from the Kauri trees and really thick forest and the vegetation changes as we are getting much higher in altitude.

The trees become bush, the steps become steeper and we start seeing some massive rocks and boulders. This is the sign that we are getting ourselves toward the top. The top of the Manaia Mount is actually some massive boulders which are absolutely awesome and definitely worth taking pictures of so we seen that so we know we are getting closer.

The whole Mt Manaia Track is a 4km return walk, taking usually about 2 hour to complete but for us it takes us about 45 minutes to reach the top although it feels like 2 hours to reach the top but once we get there the views are absolutely incredible.

At 420m above sea level this is the most Instagrammable spot we have found in the Northland region so far, it’s absolutely amazing I can’t stop taking photos. This was definitely well worth the climb.

After spending way too long at the summit of Mt Manaia we finally decide to make our way back down, which believe me, is so much more fun than making our way up and on the way, and we find some interesting rock formations.

So there is a rock right here lodged between these ones. It’s like a Dwayne Johnson family picture right here.

I like it.

After this absolutely appalling joke about the Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, we are now making our way back down the track we take a minute to enjoy our lunch in the middle of the forest, we were planning on eating in the car park but why do that when the forest looks that good.

Going down Mt Manaia we are using exactly the same track as the way up and that’s something I do really like I am a really big fan of one way tracks cos we get to see every single nooks and cracks of the tracks that we missed one the way in. Plus, quite often when you hike the same track multiple times the light changes which is…


Yeah we’re gonna go to the hospital.

Oh my god!

Why are you panicking?

Cos it was such a bad fall.

What to do in New Zealand with a broken wrist?

Oh my God! We’ll find something. More hikes at a delicate pace.

Do you guys want a settler’s museum every two seconds?

How’s it feeling?

Hurts like a BATCH.

God all this multi-tasking gonna kill us one day.

It actually will.

Well, I guess Laura’s driving.

This is what’s going to kill me. I am Ok with a broken wrist guys, it’ll be fine don’t let her drive.

Oh gawwwd. It’s a traumatic experience.

I just had a bad fall that’s it.

That was more than a bad fall. That was killer!

So here we are, we are going to be spending the afternoon at the local emergency room of the hospital. We didn’t plan to do that this afternoon but it’s a great way to check out the emergency services in New Zealand.

So right now, all I have is ice. We’re just waiting. Seeing if I can get x-rayed. X-rayed?

Like every hospital in the world yes, I have been to many hospitals around the world, it’s mostly waiting but finally I get my x-ray done and wait for the results.

How are you feeling Laura?

Bored out of my mind.

Yep, you are seeing correctly Laura is reading about the Spice Girls while stuffing herself.

Oh wow.

You have done a good job, so this is that.

So a double break.

Double break. You will need a cast and it will be 4 to 6 weeks.

So soft and fluffy. It’s a hug.

So it looks like I did a super good job. I didn’t just break one bone I broke two of them and right on the wrist, but you guys know us, we are relentless and we still have the spirit. We are joking all the way through this whole ordeal.

How do you feel?

So I’m completely fine and rest assured the show will go on. So tomorrow we are just gonna take it slightly more mellow we’re gonna go to something called quarry garden which is an old quarry transformed into a magnificent garden it’s a really unique sight right here in Whangarei then we are heading up north to the beautiful Bay of Islands. Don’t miss it it’s absolutely epic cast or no cast, see you tomorrow.


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