Clearyak at Goat Island Marine Reserve - Day 333©
Clearyak at Goat Island Marine Reserve - Day 333

Clearyak at Goat Island Marine Reserve – Day 333


Day 333 on the Road

Clear Kayaking at Goat Island!

Today we are seeing the fish at Goat Island with a Clearyak! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then jump on over to our epic YouTube Channel & Subscribe!

Laura, what are you talking about today?

Oh well thanks for asking, Robin. Today we’re doing Clearyaks.

Today we’re going clearyaking.

After three amazing days on Waiheke island we are finally leaving on the ferry making our way back toward Auckland city centre.

To make your way back toward auckland city from Waiheke Island you just hop onto the Fullers Ferry it’s about a 45 minutes sailing and unlike when we arrived in Waiheke Island right now we are having an amazing cruise. We get to everything.

We get to see Rangitoto Island, the Auckland skyline, plus we get to meet some people while in the ferry. It is such a different experience than the raging rain that we experienced on our way toward the Island.

Once we get to Auckland City we make our way to the Goat Island Marine Reserve which is only about an hours drive up north from Auckland City Centre.

Once we arrive at Goat Island we are meeting Brook from Clearyaks and we’re gonna be doing one of the more unique activities that we’ve done in New Zealand so far which is kayaking in these really unique clear kayaks.

The waters around Goat Island which is that little island out in the distance is a protected marine reserve which means you can’t do any fishing, you can’t disturb any of the marine wildlife or take any shellfish. Basically it’s the perfect environment to do some clear kayaking in with loads of marine mammals and fish in the area so we can’t wait to get on the water.

Once we are given a quick safety briefing we are left to our own devices we get to explore this amazing marine reserve at our own pace.

The kayak itself is absolutely amazing this clear stuff is absolutely changing the way we are kayaking around this island usually you have no idea what is happening underneath, but this time we get to see everything. Plus, it’s pretty safe. Apparently this flexi glass plastic which is used to make this kayak is the same thing that they use to make bullet proof vests it’s crazy.

So just in case the fish turn around and start shooting at us, we’re pretty safe. Anyway let’s start talking about those fish. We see fish almost instantly as soon as we hit the water they are glistening blue and look absolutely gorgeous those are the snappers plus on top of that they’re pretty big so it’s quite cool but one of the best thing that we see today is actually a ray.

We actually spot a really beautiful small eagle ray despite the fact the snapper are trying to get some more screen time this eagle ray was swimming just below us for quite a while. It’s amazing.

The super clear water mixed with the fact that the water is pretty shallow around here makes an awesome combination for viewing all the fish just underneath our kayak and we find a really awesome spot pretty close to Goat Island itself where there are so many kelp forests, which are abundant with loads of different fish, we also spot a few red moki which are these red stripy fish which are usually swimming in pairs.

On top of the snapper, the eagle ray, the red moki, we see loads of different fish which unfortunately we don’t know to identify but there’s actually been recorded more than 100 species of marine wildlife in this area and that’s cos the Auckland University is right nearby and you can actually go to a little museum up there which tells you a lot more about the area.

However, the best way to experience the Goat Island Marine Reserve is to actually get on the water itself and the great thing about Clearyaks is that you don’t need to get wet or jump into the cold water to enjoy all the marine wildlife around here.

Another really cool feature of Clearyak is the fact that the clearyaks themselves are looked after so well, we’re told not to put them on the rocks, or scratch them so they have a nice clear surface underneath and we even have wet clothes to wipe away all the footprints so we have clear observations the whole time.

An added bonus to the experience is that the clearyaks are attracting the fish with the sun casting through the clear plastic it’s creating all this glistening on the water which is attracting the fish meaning that we get an even closer viewing experience.

One of the awesome things that’s happening at Goat Island Marine Reserve is that most of the reserve is actually sheltered by all the islands surrounding it making it a very clear water experience. It has been raining a lot recently as you have seen from our previous videos and usually when it has been raining a lot the water tends to be murky by not here.

One thing that I really like about those fish coming so close to us is that we get to have a really good look at them it’s not very often that you actually get to see a fish swimming and have the time to look at them. usually when you are scuba diving them swim away from you or if you are fishing well the fish is dead and you are about to eat it, so getting to see them so close swimming is amazing. I actually didn’t see ever in my life the fish behaving with their two side fins using them, usually they using them to balance themselves usually you see them swimming away really quick so it’s really cool thing to see that.

As we are making our way back toward the shore we are reminded that goat island marine reserve has a really awesome history. In fact, Goat Island Marine Reserve was the first marine reserve ever established in New Zealand making it basically an underwater national park and this is why the life here is so prominent cos basically the fish have been left alone for so long.

Arriving on shore at the beach we are seeing a few more fish before unloading the kayak. I’m actually giving a hand to Brook toward well our launching pad and making sure that it is safe on its trailer. We still have a little bit of drive to do today we are finishing in the town of Whangarei where we’re gonna be spending the next week.

We’re going to Whangarei.

Wh-wh-whangarei, what?


When I say Whang you say arei. Whang.


Who’s Garry?

Is this really necessary to make a video out of this? Stop it.