Auckland Food Tour With The Big Foody - Day 326©
Auckland Food Tour With The Big Foody - Day 326

Auckland Food Tour With The Big Foody – Day 326


Day 326 on the Road

Culinary Experience in Auckland!

Today we are joining The Big Foody for some of the best eats in Auckland. If you like this video then you’re going to love our 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand over on YouTube!

So today in Auckland we are going to stuff ourselves the right way!

Today in Auckland we are going on a food tour.

Yep, today is a big bad rainy day in Auckland so we are joining Elle from The Big Foody Tours for a big food tour around Auckland.

Awesome weather in Auckland today. I’m really happy we’re not jumping from a plane.

Because it’s morning, there’s no better place to start than with the best coffee in Auckland and we’re heading to the Millers Coffee which is a really hidden cafe which you would have no idea even existed unless you were a local.

The best part about Millers Coffee is right to the back of the coffee shop is this huge roasting machine, because yes, they actually roast their own coffee beans here. And Elle tells us all about the roasting process but my favourite part of the process is actually tasting the coffee at the end.

New Zealand and especially Auckland has this huge coffee culture and Kiwis are absolutely crazy about their coffee so this is the perfect place to start our Big Foodie Tour there’s also chocolates involved which tastes absolutely amazing. They’re made with Whitakker’s Chocolate which is a must-try chocolate in New Zealand, you see it in supermarkets everywhere.

These guys import a hell of a lot of the creme de la creme of European produce and that’s what their business is focussed on.

Up next, we are heading to the cool suburb of Mt Eden and heading to the store called Sabato. It’s apparently the best place to find some of the best European food in New Zealand and they are stocked up.

This is such an insider place to visit in Auckland. Cos that’s where most of the famous chef’s buy their produce including some of the MasterChef New Zealand.

Alright so we’ve just been left by ourselves to explore this place there is a tonne of tasters there is a SHEEP lot of delicious European food.

I want to try some balsamic vinegar.

That’s actually amazing.

Elle gives us a little bit of time to shop around and actually taste a ton of stuff cos yes, this is where the chefs shop so they need to taste most of the products and there is no better way to test all those balsamic vinegar and amazing olive oil that actually tasting them for ourselves, but you guys know me by now, I love cheese. I am such a cheese monger and there is a massive cheese tasting tray.

The lady behind the counter is giving us the opportunity to taste almost every cheese we want. We just have to point it out and actually get a bit of a taster it’s so amazing how much she knows about every single one of the cheese that’s in front of us, and it’s amazing to taste some really good old European flavour. It’s been a really long time that I haven’t tasted so many amazing cheese.

But while we’re tasting a tonne of different cheeses Elle has been preparing a little table with a few more tasters to have.

Elle gathers us some produce on sale at Sabato and tells us the story behind every single one of them and this is where her expertise really comes into play. She’s actually a food judge, but on top of that her bubbly personality and amazing storytelling just makes this whole section of the tour super super fun.

What’s really interesting though is that she’s picked a few things that there’s often people wouldn’t like, for instance, wasabi, oysters, mushrooms there are a few people around that don’t like those sort of things but with these products we actually find some that we really really love, however when it comes to the wasabi tasting, some people just really can’t take that spicy taste.

Yep, nah. I just can’t do really spicy food so when it’s my turn to try a full spoon of wasabi I am just out of breath literally straight away, I am over-spiced but moving on from Sabato, we are now heading to the Auckland fish market.

Located in the Wynard Quarter the fish market is one of the best places to check out the awesome seafood that New Zealand has to offer New Zealand has amazing seafood because there is so much coast around the country and Kiwis literally live on the sea.

There are so many different marine species right here and a tonne of fish that I have never heard about before and Elle shares us here knowledge and tells us how to cook most of them but it’s time for us to eat we’ve been looking at food for way too long, so we head to another restaurant nearby in the Wynard Quarter.

Fireworks is one of the most famous smokehouse and real restaurant in Auckland they do heaps of different type of meat, type of grills, and if you are a meat lover this is one of the best places to visit when in the City of Sails.

After grabbing a few drinks, Elle orders us a meat platter which is best of New Zealand’s surf and turf we’re having oysters, beetroot, salmon, fish twizzlers, sausages, steak, and lamb shank. It is absolutely delicious and a great way to end The Big Foody tour. After our meal we are leaving the restaurant licking our lips.

Yum yum yum.

Each cheese is incredible, what can I say? It’s like melt in your mouth. Just super smooth and creamy flavoursome oh my God we need to stop buying that Value Metric Mild Cheddar. Why do we always keep it cheap when we do our supermaket shopping? Just treat yourself.

Cos I’m not made out of money.

Why can’t you be richer Robin? Why can’t we be doing like a luxury website travel magazine thing and not a FORKing backpacker guide website. Honestly.


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