Zorb: New Zealand's Weirdest Extreme Sport! - Day 289, Part 1© NZPocketGuide.com
Zorb: New Zealand's Weirdest Extreme Sport! - Day 289, Part 1

Zorb: New Zealand’s Weirdest Extreme Sport! – Day 289, Part 1

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Day 289 on the Road

Rolling Down a Hill in a Giant Hamster Ball

Yep, we’re doing one of New Zealand’s weirdest extreme sports, it’s Zorb! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then simply head over to our epic YouTube Channel and Subscribe!

It’s been raining a lot in Rotorua recently but that hasn’t stopped us from doing some awesome activity and today is no exception. This morning we are doing Zorb.

This morning we are super pumped because we are heading to the Skyline Gondola to get some of the next views of Rotorua and Robin is super excited he’s been waiting for this all week.

We are making our way to the highest point of Rotorua we are gonna do Luge we are gonna do swing we’re gonna do zipline. it is going to be the wettest we have ever been I can guarantee that to you guys because it is absolutely pouring down rain.

Yeah nah it doesn’t look like it’s happening. the luge is closed the view is absolutely atrocious we’re gonna have to get up the gondola once more at the end of our stay in the rotorua but in the meantime we find something epic to do under the rain its called Zorbing.

Zorb is probably one of the weirdest extreme activities in New Zealand and it’s basically getting inside a giant inflatable hamster ball and rolling down a hill.

Inside the Zorb the water is actually hot. So Laura and I can’t wait to get in because outside it’s cold!

There are different tracks here at Zorb and Robin and I are first gonna take The Fast Lane which is two stright down the hill lanes where we can race each other.

However, this first go is really just about us getting used to the absolute chaos that is ensuing in the middle of these giant hamster balls. Once we get to the bottom we can’t resist we have to go again and again and again!

So for our second go we’re taking the fast lane again because that’s the only lane you can take at two people and it was just so much fun the first time. As soon as we get moving it’s complete chaos inside the Zorb and to be quite honest from the outside it doesn’t look that fast or that chaotic but form the inside the sensation of speed is absolutely epic and there is limbs everywhere.

As soon as we get outside of the ball it feels like a complete rebirth we are getting out of this very tiny hole and you usually you just splash on the floor like a little shite but it’s really fun either way.

Then we head to the Jacuzzi where we keep ourselves warm between our goes and there we met a bunch of people that actually wanted to race us so why not?

For this race the Zorb team released us both at the same time and although we don’t get a really good start around mid way Laura and I start pushing ourselves on the front of the ball which helps us finish at the first place so we get prime spot on the Jacuzzi. Yep, that’s our prize.

Now that we’ve done the Fast Lane a few times it’s time for us to move onto one of the other tracks at Zorb. There’s three tracks in total there is the Fast lane that you’ve seen, there is the ZigZag that we’re gonna take on just now and there’s also one called The Drop which goes through the middle of this native forest and then drops randomly.

We love the ZigZag track though it’s turning corners every two seconds or at least it feels like that inside the ball and we sort of at the point now we feel a lot more confident in our Zorb so we can do a few tricks inside there as well.

Zorb has definitely been a wet weather day saviour for us here in Rotorua there’s actually a dry option to do in the Zorb balls as well with specially designed balls to do that but for Robin and I we feel like this is the most fun option so we are so glad we’ve picked it and it really helps that the water inside the Zorb ball is nice and warm as well.

As we move onto our fifth Zorb ride of the day we realise why Zorb is so popular and that’s because it’s one of those things that you just want to do over and over again. Also Zorb was actually invented in New Zealand. This crazy extreme sport was a Kiwi invention and they’ve been rolling giant hamster balls down the hills in Rotorua since 1995.

Long story short, Zorb is just good simple fun. You get to actually be a kid again it definitely feels absolutely crazy once you are inside this ball although from the outside it doesn’t look great I can guarantee that once you get inside you’ll have a blast inside those balls.

But we are not done just yet. Today is really really pouring down with rain so we are gonna be showing you guys that Rotorua has tonne of stuff to offer despite really terrible weather so we’re gonna be taking you to the Waikite Valley Thermal Resort here in Rotorua and only a short drive away from the city centre of the geothermal town.

Next on day 289 part 2 we are taking you to the beautiful Waikite Valley it’s a stunning thermal pool with a beautiful thermal source just right above it we’re going to spend some time relaxing and warming up after Zorbing it’s another awesome rainy day activity to do in Rotorua and if you don’t want to miss anything don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we’ve got plenty of adventure coming up.

It’s raining….