Winery Tour is Gisborne - Day 273, Part 2©
Winery Tour is Gisborne - Day 273, Part 2

Winery Tour is Gisborne – Day 273, Part 2


Day 273 on the Road

Wine Tasting at the Millton Vineyard

To end Day 273 we are tasting some delicious wine at the Millton Vineyard in Gisborne! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then hop on over to our epic YouTube Channel!

SO today since I broke the 360 degrees camera yesterday I’m going to have to drink my sorrows but because we want to entertain ourselves as well we’re gonna play some mini golf.

Previously on Day 273 part 1 we started the morning off with some delicious cider tasting at the Harvest Cidery situated right in the centre of Gisborne but to break up our day of drinking as we’re heading to the vineyard later this afternoon, we decide to have around of mini golf at one of the most hilarious golf courses of the country. And now for the continuation of Day 273.

This afternoon we are heading to the Millton winery a short drive away from Gisborne and the main claim of fame for this vineyard is this is the first bio-dynamic vineyard in the whole country.

The first thing we notice when we arrive at the Millton Vineyard is the amazing setting. Beyond the gardens is the cellar door full of old French oak barrels lots of candles with the wax dripping it creates a really lovely atmosphere.

After checking out the cellar we’re invited for a quick behind the scenes tour.

So Simon just asked us if we want to check out how they make their wines so obviously we’re not saying no right?

Simon which is our host today is providing us with a very informal tour of their behind the scenes. it really feels like no two tours are the same with him. He’s really answering just our questions and walking us around introducing us to all the workers pointing us out a few of the particularity of the process and labelling it’s just really informal and really fun.

I personally feel that I learned a lot during this tour because it’s that informal. He’s just answering the questions that I have. He also takes the time to introduce us to a few of the really important people of this winery. Mainly the son of the owner which is in charge of their whole calendar which is apparently really critical at the way they’re making wine here.

After our behind the scenes tour we are going back to the cellar door and we’re onto the good stuff which is tasting the Millton Wines. We are trying all sort of different wine varietals from Chenin Blanc, chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Viognier and Syrah and I apologise for my awful pronunciation.

I kind of feel like being French I should have been the one telling you all the different varieties of wine that we’re trying but that’s just much funnier if I let Laura trying to butcher those awful French words.

Out of all the types of wines that we are trying two of them actually stand out the first one is chenin blanc, note the pronunciation, because this is one of the only wineries in the entire country that actually does this kind of wine. It’s really different than most of the other white wines that you can try in New Zealand. The other variety that stands out is the chardonnay just because it’s one of the Gisborne classics and that’s one of the things that this region does the best.

After quite few glasses, Simon starts telling us a little bit more about the bio-dynamic and organic culture that they have going on right here. It involves a lot of different little details and there is even the head of the winery that comes along and tells us more about it.

This complicated process basically involves dry farming and no insecticides, no herbicides, no fungicides, no soluble fertiliser and basically everything here is done by hand.

And on top of that they also use astrology to predict when they should do what around the vineyard it sounds absolutely insane.

But after the lesson we are trying our first and only red wine because we are moving onto some tasting because you know what goes well with wine, right? Awesome food!

Outside in the garden we’re tasting a delicious cheese and meat platter to go along with the glass of our favourite wine from the wine tasting. We’re surrounded by beautiful trees and beautiful plants and there’s even a water fountain nearby which the native birds absolutely love.

We are quickly surrounded by gorgeous little fantails which are bathing themselves after a hot day in the Gisborne sun and it’s that gisborne sun which makes this region so good for growing grapes.

It’s perfect way to end our day trying loads of delicious foods like different types of cheeses, blue cheese, soft creamy cheese, different types of meats as well to go on top of toasted homemade bread.

Tomorrow we’re gonna be doing something completely different which is instead of feeding ourselves we’re going to be feeding wild stingray on the coast so make sure to join us then.

And tomorrow we are heading to feed some stingray and then we are going to spend the night in a Maori pa site. That’s gonna be pretty epic. See you tomorrow.