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Waikite Valley Thermal Pools in Rotorua – Day 289, Part 2

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Day 289 on the Road

Relaxing in Rotorua’s Hot Pools

After another epic day in Rotorua, we spend the afternoon unwinding in the natural geothermal waters of the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools. If you like this video and want more inspiration for your trip to New Zealand, just head over to our epic YouTube Channel!

So today hopefully it’s our last rainy day in Rotorua so we’re gonna spend it Zorbing and relaxing in even more hot pools.

Previously on Day 289, part 1 it was another rainy day in Rotorua so instead of going up the Skyline we went Zorbing. What the hell is Zorbing you may ask? it’s basically some gigantic hamster ball filled up with water and people and thrown down the hills it’s a tonne of fun and the perfect rainy day activity in Rotorua and now for the continuation of day 289 part 2.

Waikite…. Waikite. Waikite. So Waikite Valley is a thermal hot pools. We got real cold at the Zorb after having to do a few Zorbs with cold water because as you saw guys it was very steamy the first time we went together so we had to do all the rest with cold water so the video looked good.

The Waikite Valley thermal springs is about a 25 minute drive out of the city centre of Rotorua and it uses 100% geothermal water there’s no chemicals and it’s not recycled into the pools it’s just 100% bliss.

So Laura is getting changed right now and into the pool. I am going on an eco trail. Admittedly, Laura is feeling a little bit under the weather so she’s gonna be relaxing in the hot pools while I take one for the team.

Laura always knows where to find the right angle.

I really hope at the end of the day my pictures are gonna be up to par because they’re gonna be features on NZPocketGuide.com and usually it’s Laura that gets all the pressure.

This walk goes up the Te Manaroa Springs it’s a really cool walk which only takes about 15 minutes and it’s a super easy walk there is boardwalk handrail you can’t get lost there is nothing hardeous about the walk. There is also a lot of signs along the way that tells us more facts about these springs and in fact these springs are the largest source of boiling water in New Zealand.

There is plenty of viewpoints that give us an inside look into this very weird looking.It’s actually really big and engulfs me and the camera with steam almost instantly.

While Laura is getting a headstart on the relaxing by soaking herself in the pools already I get to learn more about the stream that I am hiking nearby. Once the water bursts out of the centre of the earth it goes down the Otamakokore Stream all the way down to the thermal pool where we’re gonna be bathing today. Along the way it leaves a trail of calcite formations which are those terraces which are looking white and orange it’s a really cool eerie looking place.

Although I’m a little disappointed to not be joining Robin on the eco trail I have to say that staying in these thermal pools and just relaxing is the perfect thing for me to do right now while I’m feeling a little bit under the weather. I mean after doing 289 days of over 300 activities in New Zealand so far it’s bound to get to one point where I feel a little bit iffy. Nevertheless, this is the perfect activity to do and I feel so revived and the mineral waters are making my muscles feel relaxed. it’s just ideal.

What’s more, there’s so many different places around this hot pools complex. There’s 6 different pools and the temperature of the pools range between 35 to 38 degrees celcius.

Two of our favourite pools here at the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools are the ones overlooking Waikite valley itself and its huge forested floor and you can even see the steam from the spring bubbling into the air. the pools are surrounded by native trees and other native vegetation which really adds to that relaxing factor.

After that, we go spend some time in some little hot tubs overlooking the complex which go up to 38 degrees that’s super nice and toasty for the end of our stay here at the Waikite valley thermal pools. It’s a awesome thing to do on a Rainy day in rotorua.

So I jump straight into the hot pools I waste no time while Robin goes on an eco trail so I take some time to myself to relax in the hot pools not really do much of anything rather than just urghhhhhhhhh! Bathe.