Skydiving in Lake Taupo - Day 300©
Skydiving in Lake Taupo - Day 300

Skydiving in Lake Taupo – Day 300


Day 300 on the Road

Skydiving Over Lake Taupo!

We’re celebrating Day 300 in a big way: skydiving from 15,000ft over Lake Taupo! If you want more bucket list inspiration from our 365 Days: 365 Activities then jump on over to our epic YouTube Channel!

Today is day 300 of our adventure, day 300! Can you believe it?

Alright so it has been raining all night. We were real scared that skydive would not happen today but it looks like it’s happening and it looks like we will be able to skydive today which Laura and I are super super keen on.

If you hadn’t figured it out already today is Day 300 and we’re stoked!

Day 300!

Once we arrive at Taupo Tandem Skydiving we are checking in and basically signing our lives away so that we can do a 15,000ft skydive over Lake Taupo.

Once the paperwork is done we get a quick briefing on all the different photo packages as well as a safety briefing before getting up and meeting our awesome tandem masters.

I think Day 300 is the day I day die.

No you’re not gonna die mate. Unless you really annoy me.

I just been threatened.

I’ll think about it.

So Andrew is going to be my tandem master and he looks as banterful as I am so I think its gonna be a pretty awesome one. After quickly watching a video we get ourselves a bit of goodies.

You just got yourself a buff.

I did.

I got myself a buff.

One of the really fun photos when you’re skydiving is to write a message on your hand and show that to the cameraman as you’re skydiving so we’re obviously writing Day 300!

And then we’re off to board the plane.

Do I look sexy with my orange buff?

It looks pretty styly actually.

I am born to wear a buff.

As we start to get on that bright yellow plane the anticipation is building up so so much. We’re getting excited but a little nervous as well it’s such a surreal feeling.

As the plane starts to take of we start to get these instant views of awesome scenery around us obviously the biggest aspect of that view is the great Lake Taupo which is the largest lake in New Zealand.

The views are awesome. Got Mt Tauhara we’ve got Lake Taupo, lots of pine trees.

Laura is about to tackle a 12,000ft jump while I am about to tackle a 15,000ft jump so that means that Laura is going to have to get off the plane much earlier than I am and within only a few minutes of flying the door is already open and she’s dangling in the emptiness.

One second I’m inside the plane, the next the plane is above me and we are freefalling at 200km per hour through the sky with amazing views surrounding us. The cameraman is all around me doing all sorts of interaction to make a really fun video. this is such a crazy experience I absolutely love it.

When jumping form 12,000ft the freefall lasts about 45 seconds is actually feels like a really long time before the parachute is released.

That was so amazing every time it’s just crazy feeling.

While Laura is flying above Lake Taupo I am still flying above the clouds up to 15,000ft It’s an epic feeling to be that high and as soon as the door opens I can feel and embrace the height.

As soon as we’re leaving the plane the adrenaline rush is absolutely epic and it takes me a few seconds to realise what is happening to me and start taking in the amazing view. The adrenaline is awesome the view is amazing and team with me in the air is so awesome. We are taking the time to take so many different pictures being shot while we’re in the air which is so much fun because the flight is actually about 60 seconds giving me plenty of time to experiment play around swim do the superman pose before my tandem master releases the parachute and I get the shock. The shock of the parachute opening is quite epic stops our fall almost instantly despite the parachute taking quite wee while to open.

Oh my God. It’s amazing. I want to do it everyday.

We are flying over the largest lake in New Zealand. It’s pretty nice.

As we parachute back down to the ground my tandem master Andrew does some really fast spins.

Parachuting down is our chance to really embrace the views and we can see all the way to the North Island volcanoes like Mt Ruapehu and Mt Tongariro.

Made it.

Just time for my quick exit interview.

That was awesome.

Better than the first one?

Yeah, always.

Thank you for jumping with us say bye bye.

Thank you very much.

This is the largest view is New Zealand right before my eyes there is New Zealand’s biggest lake which was considered as the sea by the early Maoris. It’s absolutely amazing. I can see all the way across the lake. Every little island, every little nook and crack it’s called the Great lake for a reason.

Laura’s already safe on the ground while I’m still flying above beautiful Lake taupo and Andrew is giving me the rein and letting me fly the chute myself. Which is absolutely awesome. To be quite honest he’s patronizing me holding onto the chute and making sure we go somewhere safe. As per my landing it’s a little less glamorous I actually land on my arse I always seem to do that if you check out our other skydive videos.

Can I go again? Yeah I think you should.

Now it’s time for my exit interview.

How are you feeling right about now?

I feel like I really want to go again. One is not enough.

There’s the addiction value isn’t it?

Yeah I know. Man it’s just epic.

Skydiving is such a fun thing to do in New Zealand and there is so many amazing landscapes to check out with a birds eye view its a completely unique perspective that you can only get when jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I cannot emphases enough how amazing this sport is I just want to do it again.

What day was it?

I think that was day 300. Boom!


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