Polynesian Spa Hot Springs in Rotorua - Day 286, Part 2© NZPocketGuide.com
Polynesian Spa Hot Springs in Rotorua - Day 286, Part 2

Polynesian Spa Hot Springs in Rotorua – Day 286, Part 2

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Day 286 on the Road

Bathing in Luxurious Hot Pools

This evening we are unwinding in the Polynesian Spa Hot Springs in Rotorua. If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then head on over to our epic YouTube Channel & Subscribe!

So in the late afternoon we are heading to the Polynesian Spa which is probably the most popular and most famous spa right here in Rotorua.

Previously on Day 286 part 1 we went to Velocity Valley where we did almost every adrenaline activity you can find in New Zealand all in one place we did skydiving, we did jet boating we did bungy jumping we did Shweebing Ok Shweebing is not available everywhere but we did heaps and now we need a little bit of relaxing time on part 2 of day 286 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year.

Only about a couple of minutes walk from our accommodation at the Planet Backpackers is the Polynesian Spa. it’s situated right in the centre of Rotorua and it’s famous for natural thermal mineral hot pools.

Before we even get into the water we get to see what kind of water we’re getting into. There is two different springs which feeds the Polynesian Spa here in Rotorua. the first one is the acidic Priest Spring which relieves aches and pains and the second one is the Rachel Spring which nourishes your skin.

But we’re here to soak ourselves into the waters so we check ourselves into one of the private hot pools for half an hour it gives us prime view of the stunning Rotorua Lake as well as giving us plenty of time to relax just on our own.

But after that we’re going to check out all the other pools.

In the adult pools complex is really intriguing thing called the reflexology walk which is basically a shallow water walk where you walk on pebbles which get increasingly sharper the more you go through the walk and this is meant to trigger pressure points on the feet but for us we find it unbearable to stand on and just feels really really weird but you have to try it anyway right.

There are two different types of pool complexes at the Polynesian Spa, there’s the adult pools and then there’s the Deluxe Pools and the Deluxe Pools are the ones that we are in right now. In the Deluxe Pools you get more of that natural setting. there’s a lot of native plants surrounding us lots of rocks and different sort of natural it feels really nice and adds to that sort of soothing environment.

Not only that but in both the complexes there are so many different hot pools to choose from and they all range in different temperatures going from 38 degrees Celcius up to 42 degrees Celcius,

On top of of the pools looking super natural almost every single one of them have amazing views of Lake Rotorua. it gives the whole places a brand new setting which is really unique compared to all the other hot pools we’ve been to so far.

But I have to be honest although the best views are in the 42 degrees pool it is way too hot for me I spend most of the time in the pools with only my feet up to my ankles in the water and still it’s just too hot. I personally relax much better in a much cooler pool.

So we are getting ourselves to the 36 degrees which is actually the coldest one we’re gonna be finding in the Polynesian Spa. it’s a really great place where you can just get to soak ourselves it’s actually one of the biggest ones as well so there’s a spot for everyone to stay in.

But Laura is cold so wants to go up a couple of degrees.

Rotorua is famous for its geothermal activity so it’s an absolute must do to come and experience its naturally heated hot pools and mineral waters. And at the Polynesian Spa there they have hot pools to suit every style and budget.

I don’t know what’s the name of those things. there is a reflexology walk where you actually walk around your feet really hurt. I don’t know what it does but it does hurt my feet. Apparently it relaxes me. I don’t feel relaxed I want a hot pool.