Opotiki Museum in the Bay of Plenty - Day 279© NZPocketGuide.com
Opotiki Museum in the Bay of Plenty - Day 279

Opotiki Museum in the Bay of Plenty – Day 279

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Day 279 on the Road

Keeping Out of the Rain at the Opotiki Museum

Today we are doing a classic rainy day activity in New Zealand, heading to the Opotiki Museum! If you like this video and want more inspiration for your trip in New Zealand, just head over to our YouTube Channel where we’re doing 365 Days: 365 Activities!

Alright today we are in Opotiki and it starts pouring down rain the whole morning has been raining so we have to cancel our jet boat ride and I have to find us something to do.

Yes, unfortunately the weather is a bit miserable today but luckily even in a small town like Opotiki there is an indoor activity to do.

the Museum keeper is quick to tell us the story of the building itself it’s actually an old bus station that they h ave just taken over and they are very proud of the fact that they’ve successfully filled it up. They actually had to find quite a lot of showcase to make because well a bus station is quite gigantic. And the original building for the Opotiki Museum was much smaller.

This used to be TV. When I was a kid in the 1900s I definitely would want one of those.

The Ground floor the full of relics from the past.

Looks like an uncomfortable saddle. Can you imagine sitting on that.

The centre of the ground floor is full of old farming equipment dating back to over 100 years as well as loads of really old tools.

Do you remember at Washpen Falls I took you on one of those. Yes, except for yours was smaller than this one. Why is yours always smaller?

A really cool feature of the ground floor in particular is that it’s lined with all these mock ups of old shops and services that used to be around Opotiki for example there’s the hospital, there’s the dairy which in New Zealand is the word for the convenience store there’s the wool shed the barbers the sawmill absolutely packed with trinkets that were used in these shops.

Barber shop of Opotiki.

Alph’s Barber Shop, laura. It shall be known from this day as the Barber Shop of Opotiki.

Were there Alaskan bears in Opotiki at some point?

It really looks like the rain is bringing out the sassiest of all the Lauras.

But we are now making our way all the way to the top because yes there is a second level on this museum where we find a bunch of maps.

I’ve found a treasure map. Interesting.

So it looks like it’s not today that we’re going to go on a great adventure to find a hidden treasure but we keep on moving around the museum the top level has heaps of Maori artifacts as well as early settlers and I spot a piano.

[Piano music]

Drop the mic. Boom.

Aside from that there’s something really cool on the top level there is some little alcoves that offers us a window into Opotiki through the ages. it’s really nice.

Who is that? That is a very weird as living room with a lot of really weird stuff.

You can’t even walk around.

I knew loads of people back at home with rocking horses.

Where are you from?

These little windows give you an insight into the different stages of the early pioneers from the emigration vessels to the whaler’s cabins, the old pubs, the Victorian bedrooms, even an old school which I’m really interested in.

I want to go to early settlers school.

There’s really something fun to see in every single one of these room but one the top floor it’s not just about these little rooms there’s also a huge Maori exhibition which unfortunately can’t film but there’s loads of different Maori artifacts, carvings, weapons and it’s really awesome to check out for yourself.

The final room that we’re checking out is sort of like a war memorial. not only is it dedicated to the world wars but also some local wars as well. There’s loads of different weapons on display both Maori and European, as well as photos of locals that have fallen in battle.

It’s a humbling end to a really good and cheap activity that you can do indoors on a rainy day in Opotiki so we’re so glad we found it.

Thank you very much.

It’s almost too bright now. The rain has passed the sun is taking over.

Tomorrow we are going to be going on a canoeing trip because we have met a guy who knew a guy with heaps of canoes and he’s saying oh well go join this guy for a canoe trip. it’s been a bit of a last minute sort of organisation but it sounds like it’s gonna be pretty cool for join us for our local tour of the Waioeka River tomorrow.