Motion Entertainment: Bossing a Rainy Day in Rotorua - Day 287©
Motion Entertainment: Bossing a Rainy Day in Rotorua - Day 287

Motion Entertainment: Bossing a Rainy Day in Rotorua – Day 287


Day 287 on the Road

Rotorua’s Epic Indoor Entertainment Centre!

Today we are doing an escape room, 4D video game, laser tag, bowling and mini golf at Motion Entertainment. If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities around New Zealand then simply head over to our amazing YouTube Channel!

So last night in Rotorua this huge storm hit and it is raining like crazy we have no idea what we’re meant to be doing today. Our tour has been cancelled so we need to find something that is ideal to do on a rainy day because it is raining that hard you really don’t want to be outside.

Alright so now that Laura has established that it’s raining a lot today we need to find something to do there is a lot of options on Rotorua on stuff to do under the rain and we’ll get through those a little bit later but right now we have decided that we’re gonna go to Motion Entertainment. Which is a massive centre with a mini golf, escape room, laser tag, bowling and ton of food and there is even some video games like XDDark Ride which we are experiencing right now.

The XD Dark Ride is like a video game on steroids you have 4D glasses, the seats are moving when you’re shooting it is so much fun. You choose different themes as well and we decided to go with zombies and speaking of zombies that is the theme of our next activity that we’re doing which is the escape room.

The concept of Escape Masters is pretty simple. You Need to escape a room, solving puzzles within one hour.

There’s another padlock! Shall we go find the code for that?

There’s a tonne of puzzles and enigmas to solve and as soon as we solve one we usually get a key to open the next lock.

Yes! We’re free!

We made it!

We escaped.

As you can guess we couldn’t film much during the Escape Room because that would have literally given away all the secrets so we’re moving onto the mini golf.

You guys know by now we really like mini golf it really brings the competitive side out of us. This mini golf right here is Lumberjax theme because it’s a big part of the Rotorua history. Forestry actually feeds most of the economy here.

And no matter the theme we’re fighting to the finish.

Oh yeah!

This 18 hole mini golf course is impeccably designed. Not only is it super colourful but the challenges themselves are really cool. There’s so many different obstacles to get over and little rooms to go through as well. There’s this outside bit which is more this Lumberjax theme and then you sort of go into some mining caves as well where it’s all dark and your golf ball if you get a neon golf ball lights up in the dark.

Another really cool thing about the mini golf here at Motion Entertainment is it’s one of those activities that you don’t really need to book in advance. You can pretty much just show up pick up a golf club and start playing. other longer games here like the Escape Masters or the 10 pin bowling which we’re gonna show you little bit later, they’re longer games so they kind of need to be booked a little bit more in advance.

And going onto our next activity of the day we are heading to the Laser Tag.

As soon as we arrive at the laser tag we get strapped onto our massive gears we are basically wearing a massive vest with a lot of sensors that are gonna react if we get shot and we’re having a huge gun. If you guys ever been to laser tag before this is basically your standard equipment. And we also meet our opponents we are actually fighting against a massive office party. there are seven people against Laura and I. So it basically feels like a predator movie we are hunted to the death by Barbara and her office team. it’s crazy how Barbara the boring secretary is now enraged once she gets a laser gun sh’es gonna hunt you to death.

This laser tag is so much fun though. Every single area looks very similar yet it’s gigantic so it’s quite easy to get lost it also has this really cool futuristic Tron look which makes it feel like a brand new universe as soon as you step into it and I really like the way the whole thing is set up with every wall being kind of different shade giving us a lot of options to snipe down all our enemies which is basically the strategy we need to use because there is so many opponents against us.

But players be aware it’s only 15 minutes for a round of laser tag yet you’re gonna be exhausted afterwards. Honestly you are running like crazy it really feels after a wee while that you’re running for your life. Sadly we did not run fast enough so we are finishing dead last but we’re gonna refuel at the Refuel cafe with some awesome pizza, pie, fries and drinks.

After we are aptly fed and watered we are heading to our final activity of the day at motion Entertainment which is going to be 10 pin bowling.

The Strike Zone 10 pin bowling is another one of those games that you want to book when you first arrive here at Motion Entertainment and that’s exactly what Robin and I did.

And the 10 pin bowling here is absolutely pumping especially with all the music that’s blasting out speakers there’s lots of shiny lights everywhere our own individual scoreboard and all the balls are different so you can have different weights for the different abilities that you area and for Robin and I we are pretty bad. Nevertheless we have so much fun together and that’s what motion entertainment is really all about especially if your’e travelling in a big group or a family this is a place where you come to socialise there’s some really awesome sort of bonding games and really brings the whole group or family together and that’s what we really love about this place.

There is not that many places in New Zealand where you’re gonna be able to do bowling so if you are from the US and you need your fix of 10 pin bowling it’s a great place to go get it too. i actually have found pretty hard to find a 10-pin bowling when travelling around New Zealand. And that wraps up our first rainy day in Rotorua we had a blast at motion Entertainment and it looks like we’re gonna have a lot of rain coming our way according to the weather forecast.

Boo. Five points man.

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But man the office party are very competitive. Robin and I have a hard time getting away from these guys they are everywhere. They have it in for us. And you know once Barbara get out the office she is wild so we’re trying to avoid Barbara for the whole time but once that lady gets a gun she is going to annihilate you and indeed Robin and I get appalling scores on the laser tag.