Learning to Surf in Gisborne - Day 270, Part 1© NZPocketGuide.com
Learning to Surf in Gisborne - Day 270, Part 1

Learning to Surf in Gisborne – Day 270, Part 1

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Day 270 on the Road

Surfing in Gisborne!

Today we are joining Surfing With Frank for an awesome surf lesson in Gisborne. If you like this video and want more NZ bucket list inspiration then simply head over to our epic YouTube Channel & Subscribe!

So today we are surfing with frank, educating ourselves at the tairawhiti museum, and forgetting everything about it by drinking too much booze.

So this morning we are gonna go for a surf.

Surf bro, and then we go to the museum, then we go drink some alcohol.


That’s right we’re having heaps planned for today so we’re gonna get started right away by heading to Waikanae Beach where we’re going to be meeting with Frank which is the big boss at Surfing With Frank.

Frank gives us all the gear for our early morning surf including wetsuits and a couple of stable longboards where he waxes them up so we’re not gonna be slipping around when we are surfing.

Because we’re really not that good surfers we ask Frank to tell us everything from the basics so we’re starting with how to get away in the waves. We’re also gonna be seeing how to actually catch a wave how to stand up on the board and how to actually keep momentum. There is a lot of steps to surfing but once the theory is done we are finally hitting the waves.

It’s under the beautiful views of the sunrise that we are starting our surf lesson. It looks like it’s really cold but we have the wetsuits so it’s actually not that cold. And because we are moving so much in the wave we’re definitely keeping ourselves warm.

Frank has heaps of experience in surfing and teaching surfing and is absolutely incredible to see how quickly we actually end up standing up on our board.

Ok we don’t stand up for that long but oh my God we actually stand up.

It feels awesome to be standing up board during our first few tries of surfing. Although they are quite small waves the feeling is just incredible.

With each wave that we’re riding, Frank is giving us little tweaks on how to improve and even teaches us how to town on the board which is the first time we’re doing that in any surf lesson that we’ve done.

Frank says that when he’s doing his lessons there’s no more than four people per coach for each lesson and that way he can cater the lesson to everyone’s abilities and really spend time with each person just like he’s doing with Robin and I. That way we can improve on our skills and really feel like we’re getting a personalised lesson.

Things are starting to get a little competative between Robin and I. We’re seeing who can ride the waves the longest and Frank is really encouraging this rivalry.

So Laura and I have been surfing since an hour now. Who’s doing best?

Unfortunately Laura is, but I’m really surprised how well both of you are doing.

Frank just can’t stop saying the praises of Laura and I’m so eager to prove him wrong. Come on! Am I not winning right here? I have so much style. The style points should count for something. But I have to admit Laura does stand more often on the board and stays on the board for much longer so I kind of understand.

She is a pro. She is good. She’s doing fantastic. Notice she’s catching waves all by herself the coach is standing front just to make minor corrections and looking at her style and technique.

Frank is such a character. Honestly, I’ve never seen someone his age have so much energy. i mean running around the water like he is I’m already exhausted and I’m only 30 years old Goddammit how are you doing that, Frank?

While Laura keeps on standing and standing on the board and even trying to do a bit of figures like swapping on the side and also turning on the board, i try to aim for the lengthier surf ride. I’m trying to stay on the board as long as I can.

Robin we got a pro. You’ve now tied Laura. You’re as good as she is. That last ride 75m.

Waikanae Beach is the ideal surf beach in Gisborne. Not only is it super accessible from the city itself, the whole of the bottom of the water is sandy so you’re not likely to hurt yourself which is great for a beginner like us. For right now we’re going to be wrapping up this amazing surf lesson this morning it’s the perfect way to start a day in Gisborne and then we’re moving onto our second activity of the day.

Next time on Day 270, part 2 we are taking you to the Tairawhiti Museum where we’re gonna learn so much about the local Maori culture then we take you to the Sunshine Brewery to show you one of the best brewery in the east cape of New Zealand. Don’t miss it and join us then.


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