Huka Prawn Park in Taupo - Day 298, Part 2©
Huka Prawn Park in Taupo - Day 298, Part 2

Huka Prawn Park in Taupo – Day 298, Part 2


Day 298 on the Road

Fishing for Prawns at the Huka Prawn Park

Today we are checking out the Huka Prawn Park in Taupo! If you like this video and want more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then simply head over to our epic YouTube Channel!

And then we are heading just next door to the Huka Prawn Park.

Previously on Day 298 part 1 of New Zealand’s biggest Gap Year, we took a jet boat to go super close to the furious Huka Falls. Those are the most raging waterfalls in New Zealand and by going there by jet boat we got a unique look at them. Then we had a thrill ride back to the base and we are now heading to the next activity of our day, which is the Huka Prawn Park.

Located right next door to the jet boat it was just too tempting to pass.

I think it’s prawn o’clock.

Can I have a hug?

That was awkward. Moving on we are joining, one of the guided tours that they do here at the Huka Prawn park which goes on every hour.

Hot, cold, hot.

We lean about how the Huka Prawn Park takes geothermal water from the geothermal park next door so it’s the perfect temperature to keep these prawns in a nice warm environment.

The perfect place to check out what these little prawns look like up-close is in the aquarium and actually to be honest, this is the first time I’m seeing a prawn actually alive and walking usually they’re food on my plate. Prawns are actually fascinating creatures, we’re learning loads about their lifecycle from our guide, Rob, and to look at they are so fascinating they even have these blue long arms with pincers on the end and big googly eyes. They’re really fun to look at.

After that we move onto the nursery this is where the prawns are being raised. They start as really little water being and then they become those really big stuff that you see on your plate. Rob is telling us all about their life cycle as well as the effort they make here throughout the whole process. But despite, the fact that Rob is a wealth of knowledge about those prawns, we can’t help but play with those underwater telescopes it’s really cool to see what happens underneath the water. those tools are really awesome. We then move onto different tanks and that allows us to see prawns at two different stages of their lives. we see them as adolescents we see them as adults and Rob along the way tells us absolutely fascinating facts about those prawns.

The best bit about this room in my opinion is when we get to hand feed the prawns so Rob is giving everyone a little bit of food to put into the palm of their hand and then we need to lower it really slowly into the water about elbow deep and wait for the prawns to come.

At first I don’t get much luck but soon enough the prawns start to come and it’s actually really hilarious watching these little guys taking the food with their arms and sort of scurrying away afterwards.

But now that we’ve fed the prawns it’s time for the prawns to feed us so the next thing we’re learning how to do is to go and fish for prawns ourselves.

Like I said, throw it in, now you want the tip of your rod just above the water.

One of the main staples of fishing for prawns is extreme patience and that really worries me because I already know that normal fishing is about patience and I have none of it. But Rob is giving us a few extra tips before sending us out in the wild, not really, in some of the outdoor basins, where we’re gonna be fishing for prawns ourselves.

Along the way, to our fishing spot there’s plenty to distract us like a trout feeding station, bush walk, geothermal foot bath and this kind of contraption.

If you want to go straight into the fishing you’ll be able to grab all your gear here you guys will be able to get straight into it.

So we’ve got our fishing rods, we’ve got our bait, now it’s time for us to find the perfect prawn fishing spot. And there’s actually quite a lot of spots to choose from there’s loads of different jetties with umbrellas to stay under the shade there’s even fishing boats but for Robin and I we sit ourselves under a nice little cabbage tree on a rock and wait for the prawns to come.

Any moment now… Any moment there’s gonna be a prawn on the end of our rod just you wait and see…

No seriously, no joke, it’s actually coming, we’re gonna get a prawn. Any time… I’m not joking… There are prawns in this little lake. Something’s gonna bite. Something has to bite right?

Nope, nothing did bite for the entire afternoon. We are terrible prawn fishers.

Laura and I are not getting much eh. Are you getting anything.

We’re going home with an empty bucket and empty stomachs.

Well that’s pretty sad.

No prawns for us.

We are losers. We are prawn losers.

When we enter we are greeted by Shawn the Prawn who gives me a hug and then I realise that I took look like ‘m dressed like a prawn today so I feel like I will feel right at home here at the Huka Prawn Park.