Free Things to Do in River Valley - Day 256©
Free Things to Do in River Valley - Day 256

Free Things to Do in River Valley – Day 256


Day 256 on the Road

Hikes, Feasts and Riverside Fun at River Valley

Today is our last day in River Valley Lodge in the North Island. We’re taking the time to check out the free things to do in River Valley! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then just take a look at this epic YouTube Channel!

Today we’re gonna be capturing some stunning views across River Valley.

It’s our final day here in River Valley and because we’ve had a pretty last couple of days here as well as having an amazing last 256 days, we decide it’s time for us to relax.

By relaxing Laura means that she is gonna be speeding the morning updating while I am spending time repairing our drypack to make sure it lasts for the next 100 days of our trip and this afternoon we’re gonna be taking the time to explore the surroundings of River Valley notably a lovely little hike which is just across the river.

And it turns out that getting across the river is an adventure in itself as we get onto this platform which is attached by a bit of precarious looking wire but we do somehow manage to make our way safely across the river. That was so much fun.

From there we make our way through the bush and even crossing right through the middle of a cascading waterfall. This place looks so gorgeous and I know we said we’re gonna be relaxing today even relaxing in New Zealand has to involve a quick hike.

Usually we see a lot of birds on hikes that we do in New Zealand but we actually do see a lot of insects which is pretty interesting. Then we continuing on our way on this very very narrow path alongside the Rangitikei River gorge which has a lot of vegetation around slapping you in the face as you go but that makes it all the more adventurous.

Although the climb to get on top of the walk is quite steep. Actually, it is breathtaking literally we’re having a hard time breathing making our way up there, it is a really short one. It only takes us about 10 to 15 minutes to make it all the way on top.

There is no signage whatsoever for the entire walk but we’ve been told to walk all the way on top until we see a sign and we actually do find a sign but it says something really weird like” “Attention, hunting area. If you look like a deer then you will be definitely shot.” How’s that for a no trespassing sign?

The flattened down patch of grass at the top of the walk indicates a really awesome spot to just sit down and take in the views and talk about many of life’s mysteries.

Below we can see the beautiful River gorge and the River Valley Lodge itself. We can even see our car from up here.

An hey, we managed to see a few birds. I knew they would be around here somewhere. And then it’s time for us to start walking back down the track taking in more of those breathtaking views along the way.

The walk is just one of the free things to do at River Valley. if you want to take a break from the adventurous white water rafting and hoirse trekking that we did in our previous two episodes. There’s also giant chess to play as well as a volley ball court as well and for me I decide to take a dip in the freezing cold Rangitikei River.

Man, that water definitely cools you down after a scorching hot walk. But like many of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers is super clear and fresh to swim in and definitely refreshing so I decide to sit by the river banks for a little bit longer before we get ourselves prepared for tonight because at the lodge it is a big dinner night. We are getting ourselves some jugs of beer, sort of mingling with the staff and the self-titled “slaves” which are the WWOOFers or people who work for accommodation at river valley and sitting down for a nice traditional country meal.

We’re having bowls of kumara which are the New Zealand sweet potato, we’re having salad, we’re having roast potatoes, we’re having pasta, meat and vegetables and Laura’s favourite Yorkshire puddings drowning in gravy.

It’s a true feast after such an epic time in River Valley it’s the perfect send off for us as we’re taking the time to chat with other backpackers, with local tour guides and with everybody. It’s just an awesome place where you want to get together.

And obviously, we’re washing that with heaps of beer and that takes us the whole night chatting away with a lot of travellers.

We are going all night long chatting with the staff and having a blast with them and we really enjoyed our last three days but we are already moving on tomorrow to the lovely art deco city of Napier so see you tomorrow. So see you tomorrow for… So see you tomorrow in Napier.


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