Llama Trekking in Kaikoura - Day 240© NZPocketGuide.com
Llama Trekking in Kaikoura - Day 240

Llama Trekking in Kaikoura – Day 240

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Day 240 on the Road

The Alternative Wildlife Activity in Kaikoura…

Today we are joining Kaikoura Llama Trekking for, you guessed it, llama trekking in Kaikoura! If you like this video and want to see more awesome things to do in New Zealand, then head on over to our YouTube Channel where we’re doing 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand!

Kaikoura is known for whales, dolphins, seals and albatross… But it’s not really known for its llamas and that is what we are doing today we are going to be trekking with llamas around Kaikoura.

Yes, that’s right the wildlife that we’re gonna be encountering today are llamas and to get them ready for this epic journey we’re gonna take we get them brushed up and ready to go.

Kevin and Lynn introduce us to our personal llamas. I’m gonna have Max and Laura is gonna have another llama called Legend and this is gonna be what we’re gonna be doing today and that’s no joke. And the llama cam is brought to you by favourite brand of beer.

Each of our llamas have their own unique personalities. Robin has Max and Max is the young llama eager to be a significant member of the pack. While I have Legend because he only walks with legends. But in all seriousness, Legend is called Legend because he likes to be the leader of the pack.

So what we’re doing today is a llama trekking tour it’s a good way to see the Kaikoura town and it’s surrounding area. We’re going to be passing through this lovely Kaikoura garden and along a few beaches on our way to the Kaikoura Peninsula.

Now that Laura gave you the serious bit, which is describing what the tour is, let’s get to the obvious. Guys, this is the most unique and weird stuff we have done in the country so far. I mean, for christ sake we are walking around with Peruvian llamas on New Zealand beaches. That’s crazy.

If you are not aware, Laura writes a story about each of the activities that we are doing on NZPocketGuide.com and let me take the time to read you a small paragraph of the story she wrote today.

As occurrences arise between the llamas, Kevin makes sure to explain us what is going on. The most frequent issue is one llama sniffing another llamas bum only to be met by an angry spitting llama. Like most of us, llama don’t like their bum to be sniffed.

If there is a llama-writing Pulitzer prize I think Laura is up to get it in 2019.

Round halfway through our tour we stop at Fyffe House which is the oldest building in Kaikoura and is in a location where the old Kaikoura used to be when it was established as a whaling station back in the day. But thank God people come here now to see the whales alive rather than in a whaling station.

But it’s perfect place for our llamas to have a good feed on the grass and for us to have a good feed too with some muffins and hot chocolate that was packed into our llamas backpacks.

This area is real interesting. It’s also a Maori grave site and Moa egg, a full one, was found here when they were doing some excavation it’s quite fascinating. But we don’t hang around too long and we are hopping back onto the road, not onto our llama because if you didn’t know you cannot ride the llama.

The scenery surrounding us is absolutely amazing we have some stunning beach with beautiful waterfront sights but on the other side we also get some awesome mountainous landscape which makes it perfect for llama selfies, because you know, the llama prefer a mountainous background, right?

Llamas are both funny and also very interesting animals. they are in constant alert and you can tell what is there mood by just looking at them. They are moving their ears in different positions depending on what they are currently feeling. if they are all the way in the back they feel threatened and scared and if they are all the way up they feel all good and feeling relaxed.

Speaking of feeling relaxed, we are encountering one really typical Kaikoura wildlife at the end of our tour.

This New Zealand fur seal is a good reminder that the Kaikoura wildlife is thriving in the area. It’s quite amazing how much wildlife you see on every single given day. but it’s time for us to pack our llama back into their car box I guess and make our way back toward the little township of Kaikoura. But Kevin has a surprise for us. A personalised postcard. Awesome!


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