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Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools – Day 234

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Day 234 on the Road

Thermal Springs and Epic Waterslides!

Today we are checking out the famous Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools. If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities then simply give our epic YouTube Channel a cheeky browse!

So today we are going to relax and indulge in the most famous pools of New Zealand. The Hanmer Springs Pools.

This morning we are heading toward the Hanmer Springs Pools this is probably the most famous things to do in Hanmer Springs and it’s actually the most epic thing to do in Hanmer Springs they have so many pools in this one location it’s crazy. There’s aqua therapy pools, hexagonal hot pools, rock pools, sulfur pools, freshwater pools, lazy river, waterslides, superbowl ride, and even more pools.

So it really looks like this relaxing day that we’re gonna have with Laura is gonna be filled with a ton of stuff to do and the first thing that we’re doing is to jump into our bathing suits or togs as they say here in New Zealand and hit the first pools. Actually we’re not gonna hit the pools we’re gonna go right for the slides.

And obviously the first thing we want to do is the biggest and the baddest of the rides it’s called the superbowl ride and it’s basically a massive bowl in which we’re gonna be turning around like crazy it’s rally awesome and you can choose to do it on your own or at two people and obviously Laura and I decide to do that at two people cos that way we get even more speed.

Among all the water and the speed and the twisting and everything it’s so much fun we’re having an absolute blast and because we are here in the morning there is not that much people around so Laura and I just can’t resist to do it at least once more.

The superbowl ride is super fun and we are having an absolute blast on this thing you can’s stop us from going down again and again and again. And another nice touch to this ride is the fact that the water is heated so there’s no chance of us really getting cold on it either. But the superbowl ride isn’t the only waterslide here at Hanmer springs we see a couple of more tube sort of slides which we decide to race each other down to see who can get to the bottom pool the fastest.

One of the slides is light but super slow while the other one is in complete darkness which just emphasises the speed you’re going down. But that was just a practice run we’re gonna go again and get a technique to go down as fast as we can.

Beware though these slides can give you a major wedgy.

And I just want to mention that I did win the first race but as we are heading to the second race laura is getting a much better technique and guess what happens.

I win. I win I win.

We then head to the rock shower so we can wash the gloating smile off Laura’s face after her last victory but after all we are in hot pools which is the most relaxing place in New Zealand so we are gonna take the time to actually unwind we find ourselves a really nice hidden rock pool just for ourselves and have a little chat.

Despite there being so many different types of hot pools in Hanmer Springs Robin and I decide to go for the rock pools because they have a sort of natural feel to them. they are all connected by different streams and little gentle waterfalls but after about let’s say 10 minutes of relaxing it’s time for us to do some more nonsense again.

Next up is the lazy river but to be honest there’s nothing really lazy about this river for Robin and I as we decide to start racing each other with the power of the current behind us around this course. We’re seriously having a lot of fun but just a quick tip for you guys if you are coming the Hanmer Springs during the busy summer season then we definitely recommend coming in the morning when the pools open like we have or in the evening that’s when there’s less people around and it really feels like Robin and I have this whole lazy river to ourselves.

But because Laura and I just can’t stand still we’
re actually getting pretty exhausted on the lazy river plus, Laura is cheating at every single one of our races. So we decide to hit another rock pool to relax even more the rock pools are paradise looking with beautiful rocks around stunning native bush all surrounding us and the temperature of the pools is about between 33 to 37 degrees Celsius which is perfect for relaxing time we are meeting some awesome people, chit chatting for a wee while and then making our way back toward our car.

Alright now that Laura and I both very relaxed thanks to the Hanmer Springs.

I am so relaxed.

She’s nuts.

We’re making our way back to the Jack in the Green hostel for a lovely relaxing evening to finish our relaxing day before tomorrow heading on the mud with some huge quad bikes because apparently there is some epic quad bikes to do here. So see you tomorrow.

Ladies [singing a song that doesn’t exist]….


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