Cook Strait Ferry at Sunset - Day 250©
Cook Strait Ferry at Sunset - Day 250

Cook Strait Ferry at Sunset – Day 250


Day 250 on the Road

South Island to North Island Ferry at Sunset!

Today we are taking the Cook Strait Ferry for a sunset cruise back to the North Island (and we see aliens). If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand then head on over to our awesome YouTube Channel and Subscribe!

Today we’re gonna be sailing at sunset from the South Island. Second one, today I survive the end of the world.

It’s a gloriously sunny day for our last day on the South Island and because of our ferry cruise is a sunset cruise it’s not before late in the evening that we’re gonna be sailing away so we have some time update

So Laura, are you really sure you want to leave.


I don’t want to leave the South Island.

I can see our ferry approaching.

There is a small boat behind there is a massive ferry we’re gonna board that and gonna have a nice sunset.

The ferry check-in is around 2 hours before departure so as soon as we can we hit the really easy to follow lanes to the Interislander ferry terminal and park up for a couple of hours having ourselves a nice sunny picnic.

We’ve definitely had picnics in better spots in New Zealand but there is nothing more unique than putting our picnic blanket on the floor in between two cars and waiting for our ferry while stuffing ourselves with delicious French food that I got for my birthday a few weeks earlier.

As soon as we are well and truly stuffed we are directed by the crew to make our way through the ferry. It’s quite interesting how maze like the whole area is but how easy it is to navigate all around. The crew is pointing us out in the right direction making sure that we park safely and making sure that every cars are really well tightened so nothing is moving during the cruise.

Then we hit the cafe grab ourselves a drink and we are off on a sunset cruise with a glass in the hand.

Going between the South Island and the North Island isn’t just a mode of transport it’s more like a tourist experience like a super scenic cruise as we pass across the Marlborough Sounds. in particular, in the Queen Charlotte Sound is the one that we are travelling down at the moment. The journey is about 92km and just over 3 hours to get to Wellington from Picton.

And we spend those three hours soaking in the views and reminiscing over the times we’ve had in the South Island.

171 days on the South Island. Laura. I don’t want to leave. Again, I’ve been saying that about 20 times today. I don’t want to leave.

Seriously guys, how epic were the last 171 days of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year? Tell us below. Comment below this video and tell us what was your favourite episode on the South Island. I can’t pick one between all the skydiving the wildlife the stunning scenery. oh my gosh it was epic. Why are we leaving?

But we are quick to remind each other that we are only leaving the South Island to get back to the North Island for more epic adventures. We still have over a 100 days of adventure ahead of us. And there’s heaps to do. We’re gonna be exploring the east coast of the North Island, we’re gonna go all the way up to Northland. we’re gonna explore all the Central North Island, Taupo, Rotorua, Tongariro. It’s gonna be absolutely epic.

We couldn’t have picked a better time to leave the South Island and make our way to the North Island as we watch the beautiful sun setting the mountains of the Marlborough Sounds and once the sun has set it leaves all these beautiful colours casting across the sky. It’s picture opportunity after picture opportunity. This really is a super scenic and beautiful cruise.

It’s a sensational backdrop as we dink our Marlborough wine and some New Zealand craft beer.

And it looks like this Marlborough Wine is going to Laura’s head because her imagination is about to run wild. Check this out.

When the sky became dark Laura saw a dot moving the air. It was clearly a plane or was it?

It looks like it’s a meteorite or something. Robin, this is the final moments I don’t want to be filming it.

So laura is panicking a little bit right now because we see a really shiny object coming from the sky.

I don’t want this to end.


Ah please, I hope this is for no reason.

Can we ask?

It’s also a plane can be?

I hope it’s a plane.

I would really love to make a fool of myself and to put this online and that it was just all. All like a crazy story.

Laura is absolutely panicking right here.

What is going on? The uncertainty is actually… This has been the craziest road trip of my life.

It doesn’t look like a plane Robin.

It doesn’t feel like the end. I cannot hear the trumpets. If it’s the end I hear trumpets.

My legs are shaking like crazy.

It is a plane. I told you!

Ok can we lie down. I actually want to cry.

It’s taunting me.

So it’s been about 20 minutes that Laura has spotted a bit of a shiny object in the sky. She thought it was an alien, she thought it was a meteorite, she thought it was the end of the world. I think it’s a plane.

I just got freaked out by an airplane.

Alright, so I really don’t know what the hell that was but she went absolutely bonkers and that was hilarious.

But in no time we finally arrive in Wellington. We have heaps planned on the North Island but we have a few days around Wellington area so don’t miss it out tomorrow.


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