Shipping Container Cheese Factory in Twizel - Day 192©
Shipping Container Cheese Factory in Twizel - Day 192

Shipping Container Cheese Factory in Twizel – Day 192


Day 192 on the Road

Cheese Tasting in New Zealand’s Quirkiest Cheese Factory

Today we are heading to Ben Ohau Road Cheese to taste some New Zealand cheese in Twizel! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities then why not jump over to our awesome YouTube channel?!

Alright, so today… Laura’s ass Ladies and Gentlemen, beautiful, beautiful this is a masterpiece.

Today we’re gonna be tasting some cheese that has been made in a shipping container.

This morning we are going to uncover one of the best hidden gems of the Twizel area. It is called Ben Ohau Road Cheese and we are going to be meeting Matt which is basically making cheese out of a container right out of the woods.

The drive to get there is super short and goes over some of the best landscapes of the Twizel area including the beautiful glacial waters this colour is absolutely unbelievable and it’s because of the sediment which are washed out from all the glaciers surrounding Twizel.

Then we turn onto a really gnarly gravel road that we are really not sure how we’re gonna get back up on our way out of the cheese factory but that’s a problem for later when we’re gonna be cheesed out.

The Cheese Room really is off the beaten track and we have to make our way down this really cute little walkway with lots to see along the way. There’s strawberries, lavender, pine cones that are bigger than your head before making our way to an outdoor seating area with amazing surroundings. We sit down with a couple who have finished their cheese board long ago but they’re just sat here chilling in such a beautiful environment. I really don’t blame them.

The Matt who is the cheese maker here at Ben Ohau Road Cheese brings out our cheese board selection which is all entirely homemade by him and his wife. His wife makes all the condiments that go with the cheese and he makes the cheese right here at his shipping container cheese factory. So we can’t wait to tuck in.

There’s heaps of awesome cheese to try and Matt is a pretty funny guy so he gives some funny names to each of his cheeses. So we are trying the Aorangi Tangy, which is a soft sour curd combined with spicy pear jelly, we’re also trying the Waitaki Welsh which is soft and crumbly with some rhubarb chutney, we’re trying the Ohaulloumi which is his take on halloumi and Bob the Blue Cheese because I’m sure Matt ran out of really funny and witty names to give to his own cheese.

We’re also getting a tour of the really intriguing shipping container cheese factory where we can see all the vats and where the cheese is made and what’s really cool as well is it’s all solar paneled so that’s sustainable cheese-making for you.

That’s an awesome must-do in Twizel but we’re making our way back to our campervan now where we have a challenge ahead of us which is getting back up that steep gravel road. I hope our campervan can make it.

Robin uses his skills from all the go-karting we’ve been doing lately and he makes his way at full speed.

Yes, we have done it.

When we went down this steep hill I really didn’t think we would make it back but we’re here we’re making our way back to the town of Twizel where we run into a very classic New Zealand traffic jam.

A bunch of farmers have asked us to park on the side of the road because they have a massive flock of sheep to move from one field to the other. it’s really not an uncommon thing to happen in New Zealand and it did happen to us already during this trip but that is the first time that we get a chance to film it for you guys so here you are, this is what heavy traffic looks like in New Zealand.

And then our final cheese has a hilarious name. It is Bob the Blue Cheese. So yeah, why call your cheese anything else? Other than Bob. Bob the blue cheese goes particularly well with… What does it go with? Ah yeah, it goes with pear.


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