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Invercargill Brewery Tour – Day 155

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Day 155 on the Road

Brewery Tour in Invercargill

Today is our first day in Invercargill and we are checking out the Invercargill Brewery! If you liked this video and want more inspiration for your NZ bucket list, then head on over to our YouTube Channel!

Update: Invercargill Brewery is not currently operating.

Today we are going to be tasting beer in the most southern city in the world!

This morning we are leaving the little township of Tuatapere pretty early because we are making our way toward Invercargill which is the world’s southernmost city. And the journey to get there takes us through amazing iconic Southland landscape, i.e. amazing farmland. There are those lush green rolling hills heaps of sheep everywhere and the landscape also makes place for amazing sky scenery. The clouds are so intricate. it is an amazing sight.

We have big plans for Southland we have a super long list of activities, and Laura and I just can’t wait to get started and today our activity is to go get drunk at the Invercargill Brewery.

The Invercargill Brewery is set in this huge hanger like buidling and here we are meeting our guide, Kelley, who is gonna be giving us a full tour of this brewery down in Invercargill. So to start off with he is telling us about the history beer making in New Zealand itself because beer making and craft beer is a huge part of the Kiwi culture.

He’s also telling us about the humble beginnings of the Invercargill brewery which only really started in 1999 but since then they have grown so big that they even do craft beer contracts for big brands around New Zealand like Yeastie Boys. As well as all that, Kelley is also going through the beer making process.

One of the main reasons why craft beer are so different than mainstream beers is that they usually have much less sugar. and to achieve such a result, it usually takes over 4 weeks for the beer to kind of stay and ferment and do a couple of things that I’m not 100% sure about what but it takes 4 weeks to do that, so this is why usually craft beers come in much smaller runs than mainstream beers.

I really like the whole casual feel of this tour. We’re just walking around this working brewery with Kelley and just stop at the station of every single worker asking them what they’re doing. It’s a really different and hands on way to learn about the whole brewing process. It’s super cool.

And we really get to learn about the entire process of beer making even including the bottling process which apparently is quite a tricky one and gets a lot of refuse. We see crates and crates and crates filled of bottles which have completely lopsided stickers and are absolutely unsalable. But not long after that comes my favourite part of any brewery tour and it happens when the guide usually says.

Are you thirsty? Thirsty? For Beer and cider?

We’re following Kelley into the tasting room of the Invercargill Brewery where they have a really cool set up here. They have around 20 different fill-you-own bottle taps so people can come in here and fill their own bottles. It’s a good eco-friendly way of doing things. And we’re using these taps to choose our very own tasters for today. There’s heaps of different beer there’s honey infused, coffee infused, tobacco infused, and even some seasonal beers or as Laura would say in her French accent Saison.

Each of us is gonna get six tasters, we’re get to choose our own so we we actually pick the things that we think we’re gonna love the most and then we gather around the table and chat about how much we love those craft beers.

There really is a huge variety of beer here at the Invercargill Brewery and Kelley is showing us the different ideas behind the beer we’re tasting, what flavours to expect and showing us the bottle they’re sold in too. And from there we’re just casually hanging out and meeting some cool new people it’s really awesome the different people that we get to meet on these tours as well.

That was such an awesome day. We’re leaving super happy but join us tomorrow because we are going to be meeting a three eyed lizard. Yes, you heard me right.

And she’s chugging the beer like never before, like [noises]. She’s like going crazy. She’s wearing Chonk. That is a joke from an episode of Saturday Night Live a year ago. If anyone catch it…