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Exploring Dunedin City - Day 178

Exploring Dunedin City – Day 178

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Day 178 on the Road

Dunedin City Centre in a Day

After a few days of doing some awesome activities in Dunedin, today we are checking out what Dunedin city centre has to offer! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities to inspire your NZ bucket list, then consider subbing to our YouTube Channel!

Alright so today guys we’re gonna show you Dunedin city and show you the best that the city has to offer.

Today Laura and I really want to take the time to explore the lovely town of Dunedin. It has a very different atmosphere than any other town in New Zealand and it’s probably because of it’s very unique architecture so we want to take the time to roam around the city and show you all of the stuff that it has to offer.

One of the main reasons why Dunedin is looking so different than any other town in New Zealand is because during the massive otago gold Rush this was the entry port for every single gold miner giving it huge influx of cash and giving it the ability to build so many buildings all in one go.

But Dunedin not only famous for its old churches which it has a lot of and we’ll show you some more later, it really has awesome museum called the Toitu Settlers Museum. The Toitu Museum goes through all the people that have settled throughout the years in the Otago region. Obviously starting with the first people who arrived in New Zealand which are the Maori.

The museum has quite an entrance with this booming video about the early maori and then we actually get to explore a few of these mock-ups of early Maori houses and cones themselves. There’s a lot of artifacts to check out too and there are a few things that make Robin a little bit nervous.

Just behind me right here is an early settler’s medical kit. this includes a cork screw bottle opener, pliers, and a very gigantic knife, a saw and a couple of other tools that I don’t even know the name of. Look at this stuff of nightmare. And this was a medical kit.

After the Maori came the European settlers and mostly in Dunedin that was British and Scottish people so we see a few of this victorian artifacts that they’ve brought along with them like the penny farthing and this is when the city of Dunedin started to be built.

It’s actually really fascinating the hassle these guys had to come through to actually migrate to New Zealand and we actually see a mock-up of what those migration ships used to look like.

The collection then moves onto the more modern days with a lot of appliances from the 50s and the 70s. It is quite funny to see how much things have evolved since then. I have never seen a fridge that is that big and that bulky but contain that little.

We then move onto the next section of our Dunedin exploration which is gonna take through the massive Octagon which is the city centre of Dunedin and home to yet another beautiful church.

Also around the octagon there is a lot of different bar, restaurants, eateries and Laura and I are feeling a little bit peckish and it’s been raining a lot on us today so we want a hot drink so we go down one of the side streets and find ourselves a lovely coffee shop called the Strictly Coffee Company and we highly recommend it to you.

Their coffee and hot chocolate was awesome and they have board games for patrons to play with while sipping on the hot drinks. What else can you ask for?

Next up on our Dunedin itinerary is the Dunedin Public Art Gallery which is another place situated in The Octagon. it’s free entry which is something we always love and their exhibitions are ever changing so you’ll see something different compered to what we see. There’s a lot of cool and creative pieces but there are few disturbing ones as well.

It must be appealing to some people.

After the art gallery we actually see a lot more art on the streets of Dunedin there’s a lot of street art which is really cool and we’re making our way now back to the Hogwartz Backpackers which has amazing views of yet another cathedral in Dunedin.

But we have to take the time to mention how awesome this is basically because it’s called Hogwartz so it’s a Harry Potter themed hostel. But sadly there are no house elves here to do the dishes so you’re gonna have to do them yourself.

I’m guessing there’s some gold in here. It’s locked. Those elves are keeping this well and truly locked we cannot get in.