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Cadbury Chocolate Factory Tour in Dunedin – Day 172

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Day 172 on the Road

Eating Way Too Much Chocolate in Dunedin

If you have been in New Zealand for any amount of time, you’ll see that Cadbury chocolate is a BIG thing here. Today, we’re checking out the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Dunedin! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities, then jump on over to our YouTube Channel!

Update: The Cadbury Chocolate Factory is not currently operating.

Today we are going to have a chocolaty day at Cadbury World.

This morning we are waking up in the Chalet Backpackers right in the middle of Dunedin and as you can see the weather is a little bit grim but we have the perfect activity for a rainy day in Dunedin which is the Cadbury World Chocolate Factory tour so we’re making our way there now.

We are in the Octagon. The Octagon the centre of Dunedin. What is there here around? Well there’s a statue There’s some sort of Cathedral and loads of shops. And the street is shaped like an Octagon. There we go. That’s all because I pressed on a button. it’s amazing how cities work.

It has been a while since Laura has been to a city we’ve been in the wild for a very long time and she’s really amazed how cities work it’s crazy.

And in no time at all we arrive at Cadbury world where we’re gonna be enjoying an awesome factory tour but there is a little bit of a caviot we cannot film during they are too scared for any plastic or pieces of glass falling into their factory lines so filming or even cell phone is forbidden to enter the tour so for this entire video we’re gonna be showing you visuals from their mini museum as well as from their gift shop and we’re gonna be telling you what the tour is all about but without any of the visuals.

But there is still some good news out of today because chocolate is best enjoyed with friends so one of my mates called Chris is gonna be joining us for our tour today however he’s a little bit camera shy so that shot right here is going to be the only shot you’re gonna see of him. That’s a really lovely back of the head.

So with all of that out of the way we are gonna be starting telling you a little bit about the tour. the tour starts straight away from the counter where we are being taken toward a room where we have to basically let go of all of our belongings we all get a little bit a locker where we’re gonna be putting our bags where we’re gonna be putting our cell phones and everything in our pockets we are basically stripping down to go for that factory tour.

Then we meet our tour guide called Rebecca who is dressed in some lovely Dunagrees which kinda reminds me of the oompa loompas from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory which is perfect for this tour and then we are moving onto the sensory room. Here we learn about the chocolate making process through a flowchart. we also get to make our own creations by pouring different sorts of toppings an chocolate into a little plastic cup so we can chew on that and then we go do a chocolate tempering demo and then we move onto another room which has a a giant tumbler in it.

In the giant tumbler room we are learn how to sugar coat chocolate this is what the process they use to make hard candy such as the jaffa which is a very popular kiwi candy.

And the last room that we visit is a giant silo with a massive chocolate fountain in it. It’s really awesome basically we are walking into the silo making our way all the way up it and then from there the lady is turning off the lights pressing on a massive button and a huge amount of chocolate is just falling down making a massive ruckus and splashing all of us with a lot of chocolate. Why did we do that? Just because we can. There is literally absolutely no reason for it. But one of the most biggest appeal of any chocolate factory tour is the chocolate itself. And during the whole tour, Rebecca gave us a plastic bag that we could fill up with a lot of different chocolate candy as we were going either she was asking us trivia questions and if we answer we get some chocolate or either just because you were looking really sexy with your beautiful french accent and you got some chocolate anyway.

So we start filling up our bags but I just can’t resist and I start eating my chocolate every single time as soon as she gave them to me so I ended up finishing the tour with almost nothing in my bag while Laura the little squirrel that she was managed to save all her chocolate for later on down the road. Speaking of road this is where we finish our tour.

Alright so Laura and I just finished this Cadbury chocolate world tour and this is my bag cos I stuffed myself for the whole tour this is laura’s bag. so I think i’m gonna have to spend the next two weeks stealing chocolate from her. Cos that’s what I have and the lady didn’t let me use the chocolate fountain to fill up my bag for health and safety but I think she just caring too much for my health. I don’t like that. I don’t care about my health. Give me chocolate.

I really don’t know how much chocolate they were eating they were delivering chocolate through tubes like those. that’s a lot of chocolate.

At the end of the tour we head to the Cadbury Cafe where we get a discount because we did the tour and we are getting some pretty awesome hot chocolates right here Robin’s having a Dream hot chocolate, i’m having a Caramello mocca and Chris is having something called a pinky which looks very interesting but anyway it’s an awesome way to spend the afternoon drinking way too much hot chocolate and feeling a little bit sickly after it but we have more adventures to come in Dunedin us for some more.