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The AirShed in Wanaka – Day 129

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Day 129 on the Road

Trampoline Park in Wanaka

Today we are learning some tricks with The AirShed in Wanaka. If you liked this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities, join our backpacker squad on YouTube!

Update: The AirShed is not currently operating.

Today we are on a quest to catch some big air.

Alright I know what you are thinking right now. We are not going toward the airshed right now you can clearly see that we are going to Skydive Wanaka and this is exactly how our day actually started. We arrived at Skydive Wanaka and did the entire process of checking in getting geared up chatting with the staff preparing the filming making sure we are well harnessed pumping ourselves up for a skydive above Wanaka’s lake and some of the most pristine sceneries of New Zealand. All of that all of this preparation for absolutely nothing. While we were waiting and joking around the weather turned to absolute ship and our skydive was cancelled.

Alright so we were at skydive wanaka we were all strapped up and then the weather turned really overcast and it’s about to rain tonight. But at 2am tonight it’s supposed to clear out and unveil one of the best sunrises in New Zealand so we planned with Skydive wanaka to come back tomorrow at 6am and skydive during the sunrise this is going to be amazing this is going to be one of the best features we have shown you to date we are really both pumped but because we still need to do an activity today we are running through our options and it’s pretty late right now it’s already 2pm so we need something that we will be able to in the next like 2 hours and wrap up and film and all of that. So we’ve decided to go to the airshed also because the rain is coming so we really want to be able to do that you know we really want to be able to film today.

So we’re going to the airshed which is the best place in new Zealand to practice your snowboard tricks.

So our alternative plan today is to head to airshed which is a trampoline slash skate park slash air bag park facility here in Wanaka. This is where a lot of snowboarders and skiers come to practice those big air tricks in a safe environment rather than the snowy ski fields but for us we don’t know how to do any of that so we are at first just playing around with some really wobbly skateboards which to be honest we are pretty awful at.

Those skateboards have really loose gears making them really similar to surfboard and snowboard as well it’s a really cool trick to practice actually how to keep your balance even in the craziest situations on the snow or in the water. But the airshed is not just about basic skateboarding because we are pretty shipe at skateboarding as well it is all about trampolines they have heaps of different trampolines and even climbing walls so Laura and I just give a try to the climbing wall jump onto the airbag and we are off to the trampoline because Aaron is really famous for his teaching skills. Aaron is the owner of the airshed and he claims he can teach anyone to do a back flip in 5 minutes. Now I am absolutely hopeless at doing any of these sort of tricks I couldn’t even do a forward roll or a cartwheel as a child so Aaron is going to teach me how to do a back flip which i am pretty nervous about so the first thing I need to learn to land on my back straight and push my hips up in the air which Aaron is helping me do but it’s really scary because I’m getting some real height here and this is so unnatural for me and with a few practice and with Aarons help i finally do the impossible I finally do a back flip. I feel so awesome right now. We are also testing a few other facilities here like the trampoline leading onto huge airbags and robin has found himself a foam snowboard to practice a few tricks here as well which is pretty cool and all in all we’ve had an epic time here at the airshed it’s actually been a really great filler to do on a rainy day like today.

count to 3, throw your hips in the air tuck your knees in and then fling yourself round and land on your feet. [laughing]. Oh my God, is he serious? Ok so I feel like I have to commit to this because I can’t give up halfway through a back flip or else I will land on my neck like Aaron is there to stop that from happening i get that but I really have to I have to do this or else I’m gonna really you know it’s just gonna be worse if I don’t do it.