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Recording a Radio Show in a Hostel – Day 106

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Day 106 on the Road

Recording a Radio Show at Rongo Backpackers

Yes, did you know there is a hostel in New Zealand where you can record your own radio show?

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We wake up in the Rongo Backpackers and all we hear is rain rain hail hail rain hail wind gusting rain hail argh.

Today Laura and I are becoming radio douche.

We are starting our day in the awesome Rongo Backpackers and we won’t deny it. It sometimes rains on the West Coast of the South Island. So we need to find something indoors to do today despite there being so many awesome great things to do outdoors here in Karamea so Robin has organised for us to do a radio show this afternoon but because we are well doing that this afternoon we are spending some time with the hostel wwoofers at their permaculture farm this morning.

But even better than meeting the WWOOFers that we had dinner with yesterday during the pot luck it’s meeting the local pet lamb. It is literally the cutest animal I have seen in years! Look at it, it is so playful and it’s really tame so it’s really used to humans and we arrive with a big bottle of milk which is definitely the way to make friends in the lamb community.

So we’re here to help in air quotation marks feed the lamb but we are just here to revel in the the cuteness of this little lamb it is so adorable I cannot get over this I don’t want to leave this lamb. I want to live here with the lamb.

This lamb is going through this bottle at a lightening speed it’s crazy how quickly he got down this bottle which looks to be about it’s size. But then we head to the actual farm and that’s where we’re going to be learning about permaculture. I really had no idea what it was but it ‘s basically utilising the patterns and the features observed in natural ecosystem and replicating them in a farm. Instead of having massive rows of lettuce you will have a one lettuce then you will have a cherry tree and you will have chickens around and all of that will create more fertile soil as well as more organic vegetables.

It’s a super interesting way of farming I have never heard of it before I have never seen anything like that before and it’s quite fascinating. They are in the early stages here but they are inviting us to come back soon to check it out later.

But now we need to prepare our radio show so we are taking on the roles of Dj Back and DJ Pack to go onto Radio Karamea to host our very own radio show.

It’s a blessing in disguise that this hostel has it’s own radio station. And this is the perfect activity for day 106 even if it is absolutely atrocious weather outside.

Hey guys my name is Robin and my name is Laurawe are also know as DJ Back and DJ Pack since here at Rongo Backpackers and Karamea FM we have to pick DJ names. So we are the writers of NZPocketGuide.com and this year we are taking New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year spending 365 Days on the road and doing 365 activities. Since we are celebrating our 105th day on the road today we are going to walk you through our fist 100 days on the road and play for you our favourite road trip songs.

So we’ll spare you having to listen to our rambling for over two hours that we were on the air but we have a link in the description below if you guys really want to listen to that. Laura and I really had fun making our own radio show. We talked about our first 100 days on the road, we laughed we drunk beer we listened to music that we really loved It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I have to say that is was absolutely not a professional radio show it was often awkward and just overall fun.

Despite it being awful weather this afternoon it’s really awesome that we found something so cool to do.

Somewhere in the middle of our radio show the music turns a bit weird when Robin thinks he’s selecting certain songs but they’re actually other songs for instance he’s playing some random tune from The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack so I feel like on behalf of NZPocketGuide.com I have to make a formal apology to all those who listened to our radio show that day which was two people in the Rongo Backpackers. I’m so sorry you had to listen to that.


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