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Puzzling World in Wanaka – Day 128

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Day 128 on the Road

The Weird and Wonderful Puzzling World

Today we are checking out Puzzling World in Wanaka! If you like this video and want to see more 365 Days: 365 Activities then consider joining the backpacker squad on YouTube!

Today we going to see some illusions some holograms and some puzzles. I don’t know what that was.

This morning Robin is super happy.

What did you find? I found a game at the op shop and that’s the one we were looking for.

So the first puzzle to puzzling world is parking this massive campervan into a car parking space.

Today we are heading to puzzling world. It is the best rainy day activity to do in Wanaka and today guess what, it is not raining but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. So at the beginning of Puzzling World is a massive room with heaps of brain teasers, literally tables and tables with tens of games on each of them and this is paradise for me. I love games. So I spend a good hour playing with those games before heading inside puzzling world itself.

The first room we are going into is the Hologram Hall which is full of these hologram photos which are enough to mess with your mind.You can see all sorts of different shapes from popular culture inside the photos. It’s super trippy. And between illusion rooms there’s always something to do along the way to keep you mind boggled. And the next room we’re heading to is the tilted house which is a very freaky house.

The tilted house is a really weird place. It’s built on a 15 degrees angle compared to the horizon meaning that everything in this room behaves differently there is a chair on a rail no motor whatsoever and when you sit on it you feel like you’re going up because it is slightly a bit going higher than the horizon there’s also a billiard table where you just drop a ball and it goes by itself in the hole. I would really use that trick if I could in any bar because I really suck at snooker.

On the way after the tilted room we are checking out a couple of really well known illusions like the elephant that has 5 or 4 or 6 legs depending on who you ask. It’s really cool that Laura and I just get to play with those things we’re checking out a Princess Leia like hologram and then we are at the hall of following faces which features 168 faces which are basically carved inside making it appear like its following us when we move around it is super freaky.

Even the toilets in Puzzling World has something to look at. There’s something on every wall of every corner of this place. And now we’re moving onto my favourite illusion of Puzzling World which is absolutely hilarious it’s the ames illusions room where you can make yourself look big or tiny depending on what side of the room you’re standing.

But we’re moving on already to the sculptillusion room which is all the 3D illusions to boggle your mind. There are these phone booths with never ending ceilings or floors. there’s a tap which appears to be floating in mid air, there’s these balls which are rotating in mid air as well. we also see some brands which have famous illusions in them as well. there’s really so much to see here to really keep your mind going, but one of my other favourite places to be in Puzzling World is the toilets these are even an attraction themselves. And Robin can’t help but taking this illusion to a whole new level.

Alright so we just arrived in the maze and Laura and I are going to take the difficult challenge. We find the four corners and the tower bey following the order yellow, green, blue then red finally find your way back tot he finish average accomplish in 60-90 minutes for peats sake how long are we here for?

Oh my god.

The puzzling world maze is world famous it is a massive maze it is going to be challenging kids and adults alike it’s absolutely huge so laura and i are up for the challenge today and the great thing about the maze is that if you do not care much about Puzzling World itself you can access the maze itself just for about 20 bucks it’s a great way to spend a whole afternoon. Because trust us we’re going to spend a long time in there.

I don’t think we’re even getting out of here.

Soon enough it becomes apparent that this maze is far more difficult than any other mazes we’ve done before so we decide to split up to take a more divide and conquer approach to try and tackle this maze. what makes this maze far difficult than your average maze is the fact that it is a 3D maze so not only do you have paths to navigate but there’s also underpasses and bridges we need to go to as well and we’re not necessarily trying to escape this maze there are actually 4 corners we need to figure out how to get to and that’s what makes this maze super super hard. But there are different challenges you can do you can do the easy challenge where you only need to find a couple of corners but Robin and I are going to try and find all four corners.

So laura and I clearly completely lost in this 1.5km worth of paths there is really heaps of places to get just confused in. No this is not the corner.

It’s incredibly difficult to orientate ourselves in the maze because all of the fences look exactly the same. it’s all the same brown it’s all the same planks there’s really little amount of places we can use to orientate ourselves and just point of interest around.

Ok I’m lost. It’s after being lost in the maze for about an hour that i decide it would be easier to solve this puzzle with laura so I give her an actual phone call yes that’s how big this maze is and we decide to meet up on top of the main bridge. There you are.

I got so worried. Well technically we are not together oh no. So you have to get back over there. I can’t I don’t want to be there anymore I just keep going in dead end after dead end. It’s the same for me. Alright let’s try to make our way out. It’s much better if we try to figure it out together so laura and I are finally reunited try to make our way through the maze together.

After spending over an hour lost in the maze it’s piece of cake for us to find the four towers and the final exit of the maze what a relief. Yay.

We’ve finished. This is the finish. I’m happy with that. 2 hours.

2 hours guys, 2 hours. After a day filled with adventure and labyrinth we are heading back to the little township of Wanaka where for once we eat out. We have heard lots of good things about a small little pie shop in town so we’ve got to try it. It’s backpacker budget.

Entertain me. Ok. So this morning we’re not wasting any time we are going straight to Puzzling World. [Paper dropping]. [Laughing]. Ok let me start again.