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Go-Karting in Queenstown – Day 140

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Day 140 on the Road

The Ultimate Rainy Day Activity in Queenstown!

Today we are go-karting and playing laser tag in Queenstown as part of our 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand! If you like this video and wanna see more, then dive into the NZPocketGuide.com YouTube channel!

Here we are outside the perfectly nice weather here. Just a few hours after a day of just non-stop rain. Today we are going to do the best activity we can under the heavy heavy heavy rain.

It is raining super hard in Queenstown today so our activity has been cancelled which was the Luge but never mind because we have found the perfect rainy day activity to do in Queenstown. It’s called Game Over, it’s an indoor entertainment centre and it’s based just a short bus ride from Queenstown at the Remarkables shopping park where robin’s also getting a new look.

Let’s see the new Robin. So I was wearing contact lenses before and you know and with all the things we do it’s not perfect it’s pretty tough on the eyes so we decided to go for glasses so I’m going to look sexy now.

The original hipster. You guys better get used to seeing me with those massive glasses I have to be honest I’m not really stoked about it but they look quite decent and if you guys don’t agree with me blame Laura she’s the one that picked them for me. Speaking about Laura she’s already at game over registering on the computer which will allow us to access all the activities that they have to offer and first up we are heading toward the laser tag.

It’s really like I’m turning 14 years old again we are getting kitted out with the laser vest with the laser gun we are watching a movie about dinosaurs taking over Queenstown and then we are entering the laser tag arena ready to fight.

As soon as we get in it is super dark ass we can see are these dim colourful lights which all of a sudden light up there’s neon paint all over the walls sort of this design of jungle dinosaur era it’s really cool and I am so surprised about how fun this actually is.

Laura is running around like a mad chicken giggling and laughing everywhere it’s incredibly hard to orientate myself in this dark maze while Laura is making so much noise stomping her foot and laughing this makes her really really hard to shoot at which i guess is probably the point.

This is my first time ever that i’m doing laser tag it’s actually surprisingly easy to get used to straight away I am having so much fun and there’s all these different sensors around the arena which sort of give away your position which sends me going crazy laughing there’s also all these different targets which you can hit for extra points as well.

At the end of the day I am winning the game but by a very small margin. Laura was actually a really good contestant and that’s so surprising.

But Game over is mostly famous for go-karting so this is where we are heading next.

We are strapping onto our go-karts they are actually electric go karts not petrol ones so it makes the place sound better and smell much better and as soon as all the safety checks have been done we are off on our way for the race of the century. It’s Racer Robin versus Last Lap Laura on this 14 lap race of a lifetime. At first I am in front but then Robin quickly overtakes me and from there Robin is just absolutely killing it. This track is really cool it’s a really awesome course where we’ve got underpasses to go through overpasses and loads of really sharp corners where we even manage to skid around some of those corners along the way.

The go-karts themselves are actually super fast I didn’t know that electric go-karts could that fast I really thought that it would be something quite mellow but they have 20 horsepower and you can straight away feel it as soon as you put your feet down on the peddle. It’s especially true on the downhill section of the track which really gives a lot of speed and i skid on the turn at the bottom almost every single time. But we’re not alone racing around the course there is quite a few other people racing and some of them are really really much better than me so I’m trying to pass those guys ass well because I did already leave Laura in the dust quite a few laps away.

Despite my best efforts I am getting lapped by everyone but the problem is I am the one getting in the way. People are trying to undertake my overtake me but I’m just like the old lady in the middle of the road it’s pretty hilarious.

My favourite section of the track is the underpass because it’s lit with a lot of colourful neons and it really gives a massive sensation of speed.

It really adds to the experience that the racing course is so much fun usually when I’ve done go-karting before it was around a parking lot with an 8 shape made out of rubber tyres but this one is heaps of fun. It requires skills and gives you a lot of opportunity to get some good speed. But Laura which is the underdog in this course is actually coming back and she is she is coming back really really close to me she ends up passing me before 3 laps before the end and I Have a super hard time trying to catch up with her I don’t know what the hell is happening to her. But she is on fire.

Because there is a new race every 10 minutes we are getting new racers to contend with and then in the end Last Lap Laura is coming second which is Ok and Robin is coming third.

I can’t believe that she pulled a win out of this one I really thought that after the first 10 laps I was super comfortable right here but I guess when you get comfortable you get doomed.

But there are a lot of other stuff to do right here at Game Over and one of the stuff I really want to do is the laser maze. this attraction has been designed right out of any spy or thief movie ever. You basically have an entire room filled with lasers and you have to make your way from one end to the other going to press on the button. It’s actually surprisingly challenging and Laura once again is much better at me than that she is super flexible and makes her way through the whole maze super easily.


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