Free Walks in Milford Sound – Day 150

Today we’re going to try and I say try to show you the best free things to do in Milford Sound.

This morning, we wake up and surprise surprise it’s raining in Fiordland once again.

There is a saying in New Zealand saying that New Zealand has four seasons in one day and this is exactly why. Within a matter of minutes the sly clears out and the sun is out. It’s amazing how the weather has changed so dramatically so quickly so we hit the road and we are heading for the Milford Lookout. Which start obviously with a grave. This is the grave of Donald and Elizabeth Sutherland which were two English settlers and were the first ones to permanently settle in Milford Sound despite how remote the sound can be.

What are these strange leaves? I think you can eat them. Haha, you’re not a guide robin. So close, so close.

The Milford Sound Lookout is an easy 20 minutes return track located just behind the cafe here at Milford Sound and it’s just an uphill climb up some steps toward a magnificent lookout, looking out to Milford Sound and it’s famous peaks. From up here we can see the famous sights of Mitre Peak, which is the highest mountain here in Milford Sound we can also see Sinbad Gully, Lion Rock, Stirling Falls all really epic features of Milford Sound that we actually saw on the cruise the other day but in completely different conditions.

As you saw the other day we were under the rain in Milford Sound which made it look completely different with all thee amazing waterfalls. I really can’t tell which weather I prefer though but anyway we are moving onto our second free walk of the day here in Milford Sound which is the Milford Foreshore Walk. Because someone told us that the view from there is even better.

We are trying to find our way over the best view of the sound from the land so we decided to take the foreshore walk which is about 20 minute loop. it’s an easy one.

the Milford Foreshore walk literally starts from the car park at the Milford Marina and it takes us through native beech forest and then into more wetland vegetation like flax.

It’s another one of those short walk around Milford Sound that has heaps to offer It’s incredible the amount of stuff you can see in such a short 20 minute walk. There is stunning forest and absolutely gorgeous views. As soon as we arrive in front of Milford Sound we are struck by the stunning Bowen Falls, it is gushing right now because it has been raining so much in the last few days. And the Bowen Falls is very interesting it’s actually the sole source of power for the entire Milford Sound settlement and it’s also the sole source of water for the whole settlement.

The Milford Sound Foreshore is a photographers dream. It is absolutely stunning. there is uninterrupted views of the entire shore and every single one of it’s peaks coming out from the water. there is wildlife and there is low hanging waters and vegetation. It makes for absolutely perfect pictures. And this is why we see heaps of people coming to take pictures. It’s literally one photographer after the other coming to take the one and only Milford Sound shot.

The foreshore walk also has a lot of information signs along the way and we actually learn that Milford Sound isn’t actually a sound. Is sound is caused by seas flooding river valleys and in Milford Sound this is actually a fiord formed by glaciers but the English settlers that came here didn’t really understand that.

The walk then loops back a different way on it’s way back to the marina car park making its way through beautiful beech forest once again and then walking more into flax vegetation and flax is that thick green leafy plant that actually the Maori used to use to make baskets and clothing back in the day.

It’s been really awesome to find more free things to do in Milford Sound and more awesome short walks and now we’re gonna be heading back on the road just a short drive back to the Milford Sound Lodge.

This was our last day in Milford Sound and we hope that we showed you a lot of stuff to do in Milford Sound that there’s definitely worth more than just one day. But we’re heading back to the Milford Sound Lodge where we’re gonna be having dinner playing some games and being disturbed by the cheeky kea bird, this alpine parrot which is so inquisitive. We’re gonna be going to bed really early today cos we’re leaving very early morning tomorrow, we have a very long day where we’re gonna be exploring Southland.

On this trip so far we have not had the chance to see Milford Sound like this, in the sunlight with such contrasting views of the mountains with the blue sky, yeah, laura is about to have a heart attack right here, she’s getting a bit excited. oh my God.

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