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Bungy Jumping in Queenstown – Day 141, Part 1

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Day 141 on the Road

Bungy Jumping in Queenstown (or at Least Trying to)…

In today’s dramatic 2-part episode, we try to bungy jump from The Ledge in Queenstown. Would you take the leap?

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Today is 141 it’s our last day in Queenstown and we’re gonna be doing bungy jumping and some Luge in the most prostine location the in town.

Bungy jumping. I am not looking forward to this.

This morning we are waking up in Nomads Queenstown right in the city centre and there is a little surprise waiting for us outside coming right from the weather. We have spent the last two days under heavy rain and the weather has finally changed to heavy snow.

The whole town is under a blanket of snow and gives the whole Queenstown area this winter feel that we’re known to love.

But today we have heaps to do because it’s our last day in Queenstown we have planned to do a bungy jump and a Luge so we’re heading to Bob’s Peak.

Alright Laura, are you still stressed? Yes. Is it building up a little bit? It’s just a constant state of stress. I’m there I’m at the highest level of stress now.

At the top of the Skyline Gondola at Bob’s Peak you’re meant to get the best views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu and this morning we have some of the best views ever.

The view’s amazing. I love it.

What are you taking pictures of? Laura… This is my one opportunity to come up and see Queenstown from a whole new perspective and I’m just taking every opportunity to get photos. I love it. Look at this.

Because we are super keen for all our activities today we arrived super early on top of the Skyline gondola which gives us a lot of time to explore the area. All the picnic benches are under the snow the whole chairlift that is used for the Luge is under the snow as well, long story short Queenstown is under snow.

Let’s move onto our first activity today which is the 47m high Ledge Bungy.

I’m signing one more waiver. Another company that legally kill me in New Zealand. That’s number 81.

Laura and I are both super stressed about the bungy jump it’s my second bungy only and Laura is gonna be doing her first one today.

I’m no nervous I have no idea who I am.

I have a crippling fear of heights already a few days ago during the zipline, I was really scared so today I am petrified.

Needless to say that I’m definitely feeling the tension building up as I’m getting ready to go first.

[Heart beating]

Breathe. He doesn’t have any medical conditions? Nah. I’m just stupid.

It’s Ok. You wanted a show you got a show.

How did you even do it the first time you did a bungy jump? Drunk? I don’t know, I really don’t know.

Are you going to do it? I’m going to try. I thought you would give me courage but… that’s gone.

I really wanted to do it. I literally I started running. I saw yeah.

I was no no no. I really wanted to do it.

I just wanna get like pumped yeah it’s gonna be good. I want to go do it right now. I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do this.

That’s the attitude.

After Robin’s debacle it is my turn for my bungy jump and while the team are getting me ready I am trying to get myself in the right mindset because I’m absolutely terrified as well. But bungy jumping is 100% safe, so it’s really just a case of mind over matter.

Here we go 3, 2, 1, go buddy.

Here we go 3, 2, 1, go buddy.

[Screaming… a lot of screaming]

Oh my God that was insane freefalling that close to the ground is absolutely terrifying I am hot I am cold my throat hurts from screaming so much and it’s just an absolutely insane feeling.

Oh my God, that was so scary. Oh my God I’m shaking. Hey you’ve done it. I didn’t so. I can’t believe I actually did it like my legs were going and my body was going and I just yeah.

I felt like I just fell like that.

I can’t believe Laura went through and did it she’s absolutely crazy she is radiating happiness right now. She has a massive smile on her face. And she looks so happy and so she should. She done it.

What are you checking out, Laura? My video of how…

While doing the bungy jump I just couldn’t remember anything it’s like an overload of emotions but watching the video back is actually really hilarious to watch the whole thing happen and to hear how loud I’m screaming.

Every time I went back up and down again I’m just like, wahhh.

Laura, because you did your jump you get a free T-shirt. yay. that makes it worth it. In the end that’s what I’m here for. The T-shirt. It’s all about the T-shirt forget the jump.

While Laura is gloating the weather has cleared up and it’s now an amazing day right here on Bob’s Peak so join us for afternoon of fun. We’re gonna be luging in Queenstown and trying to forget about my morning debacle.

Oh man! Boo! That’s alright. Oops. Did you film that? Aw, destroying Aj Hackett’s very own clock. I’m going to have to call AJ and give him a new clock right here. Aw Robin… AJ I’m sorry for your clock.