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The Waikato Museum – Day 17

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Day 17 on the Road

Checking Out the Waikato Museum in Hamilton

It’s day 17 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year where we are doing 365 Days: 365 Activities! Today, we are checking out the Waikato Museum in Hamilton.

Today is a bit of a rainy day in Hamilton and what do you do when it’s a rainy day? You do something that’s free and you do something that’s inside. The museum of the day is the Waikato Museum.

To get there we decide to walk along the Waikato River and along the way we actually stumble upon a pumpkin because that makes sense. this pumpkin was just sitting on the bench having a little look at the river and just minding its own business. After being an idiot with a pumpkin we walk into the forest and it turns into boardwalks and steps. In order to get to the Waikato Museum, we decide to take the scenic route which is along the riverside. It’s the Waikato Riverside Walk.

And we keep on strolling along the Waikato River and head back toward the city to get inside the Waikato Museum, which is dedicated to the whole Waikato – so if you don’t know what is Waikato, it’s the whole region that Hamilton is the capital city.

Outside the Waikato Museum is where the art starts. There’s a piece of art called the Tongue of the Dog and that’s because the water from the waterfall is coming out so flat and so long it’s like a dog’s tongue. That’s my interpretation of it anyway, I guess. See, I take the time to like appreciate art.

We’re starting with the big waka because that’s the one thing I want to see the most – this big big canoe. So waka is a war canoe which used to sit 20 to 30 Maori warriors. It’s incredible to picture 20 or 30 of those dudes sitting in this canoe and making their way around, super fast and going wahhh and jump from the canoe and things. I mean, I have the whole story going in my head while I’m walking around the canoe. It’s amazing. There are many of these you can see all around New Zealand but this one is particularly nice because they have decorated with feathers and it looks really fancy. Can’t imagine it being out on the water. I think it’s only for decorative purposes but it’s a pretty cool canoe. I’m taking pictures of this thing for way too long. I think we spend probably the most time in that exhibition.

The next couple of exhibitions [in the Waikato Museum] are some contemporary Maori art with neon colours. It’s kind of like a rave in there. It’s like Maori meets rave and this is what you get. They’re really colourful they’re really pretty and I like them.

Then we’re moving onto modern art gallery with white painted moths stuck all over the corner of the wall.

Em, you can interpret that however you want. That’s, em… Yeah.

We’re doing another stroll through the city to try to find the hostel.

And there’s one street that we find which is way different from the rest of Hamilton. It’s called Casabella Lane and it’s sort of like the most European-looking street in New Zealand. There’s a mix of Greece, Italy, Spain, France, other countries. I don’t know – it’s a big mashup. And it’s just a really small lane. Like plants everywhere. It’s just dead fancy. Nicest street in Hamilton I would say.

We’ve had a look around Hamilton and now we’re going back to the Backpackers Central Hamilton. Po-ta-toes – boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew.

So it’s a pretty quiet evening and Laura is making pies today. Question: who did George Bush defeat in the 2000 US presidential election. Al Gore? Correct…

We are joined by a couple of the staff from the Backpacker Central [Hamilton] to have a nice little meal and a nice little chat.

I hop it stops raining tomorrow so we can go see Bridal Veil Falls not under the rain.