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The Three Sisters in Taranaki – Day 49

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Day 49 on the Road

A Trip to the Three Sisters in Taranaki

It’s Day 49 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year where Laura and Robin from NZPocketGuide.com are doing 365 Days: 365 Activities. Today we are heading to the Three Sisters in Taranaki.

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Today we’re going to take a road trip north of New Plymouth to a place called the Three Sisters.

Today we are going to the beautiful Elephant Rock and Three Sisters. They are amazing limestone rock formations which are about an hour drive up from New Plymouth. They are an amazing excuse to go to the beach and an amazing excuse to go on a hike along the shore. The thing with this Three Sisters is you need to get there at low tide and the low tide today is at 8:22 in the morning and we have a drive of like an hour to get up to the Three Sisters and you know, as expected, we get there maybe about an hour into the low tide segment so the tide is slowly coming in. You can only access the Three Sisters at low tide so that’s why we are in a rush to get there so we have plenty of time to take pictures. Yeah, we’re not going to make it in time I think, but let’s see.

So we start next to all the limestone cliffs and there are so many different colours and beautiful shapes. You can see massive rocks on the sand which are just carved by the sea coming and out and coming and out for years and centuries and thousands of years. It’s just wow. Just amazing. then also on the floor you can see a lot of fossilised trees so basically there are tree trunks that have been over taken by the mud and the rocks and it’s pretty cool you can see a lot of formations. It looks Jurassic. It’s really cool. Can i say how cool it was again? It was amazing. I loved it. So the tide came back a little faster than what I thought so I’m a little surrounded on my little rock right now. We can see the tide is starting to make its way in but there’s still enough time to actually walk to the Three Sisters and the tide is still low enough so thank God we got there just in time basically to see everything. There’s a few sections where we do need to do some stone hopping to get closer to the Three Sisters and we know there’s this really cool rock here called Elephant rock which is named because it looks like a giant elephant but unfortunately the tide is a bit too high to get there now. But we can sort of see it in the distance. A little bit. it’s unfortunate that we can’t get there at the moment but let the drone footage do it for you. That is what the elephant rock looks like. it’s a work of art done by nature. Yeah so I get to jump on that massive rock and the view form there is pretty cool because you can see all the little rocks at the bottom and beautiful view of the Three Sisters. So i’m treating myself to a selfie.

We are with Tine and Marcus the merman. The Merman half man half mermaid. tine has a bit of bling too. Of course. So we’re just escaping the tide right now. If not we’re going to get stranded. We don’t know if it is greenstone but there’s hints of green in there.

There’s huge cliffs right next to us they’re like a white organey colour and you can see layers upon layers of the different segments and you can see it’s evolution between like the different stages through being at the bottom of the sea then raising out the sea and there’s like layers of shell fossils for instance then layers of just sandy gritty stone and then there’s even huge boulders just sticking in the side of the rock and one of them in fact we see a boulder like a perfectly spherical boulder on the side in a little trench on the beach itself. And there’s so much to see even before you get to the Three Sisters.

So the theme of our lunch today is a colour. Guess which one?

We’re having quick healthy lunch before leaving and driving along the coast on our way to New Plymouth. And back at the Ducks & Drakes Backpackers in New Plymouth for our last night.

Today we are going to the beautiful Elephant Rock and it’s tree argh. Today we are going to the beautiful Elephant Rock and it’s tree argh. today we are going to the beautiful Elephant Rock and the Three Sisters.


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