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Thames Butterfly and Orchid Garden – Day 3

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Day 3 on the Road

Exploring Thames and the Butterfly and Orchid Garden

Day 3 is here and the day gets off to a “muddy” start! But all is not lost, because we get to experience the Thames Butterfly and Orchid Garden!

Update: The Thames Butterfly Garden is no longer operating.

We have a bit more of a relaxing day today just going into Thames and planning to go to the Butterfly Garden. Oh my God butterfly!

He tries to slowly move out of the power site but we don’t seem to be going anywhere and it’s clear that we are stuck in the mud. We tow this monster out of the mud.

Alright, now it’s time to go to the dump station and now that’s the first time we are going to be using the dump station. It seems pretty easy. You put the pipe in the waste tank and then you open the hatch and it should be alright. Nothing surely can go wrong. Look at that. Look at that. I don’t make it up. I just pulled on it and it stayed in my hand.

Hey at least it works now. The town centre is quite nice. You know it’s like one of those very small little village in New Zealand. It just feels like their stuck back in time. You know, nothing really moves and it’s just a great feeling. I like it.

On the list is to buy some silicone because the campervan roof is still leaking, so you know that’s pretty easy. We buy some silicone from Mitre 10. On the way back to the holiday park, we decide to stop and check the tyre pressure because it was recommended to us by our mechanic. A bit of a task with a campervan with six wheels. Now all our tyres are perfectly pressured and the drive should be smooth and painless.

It’s been a long sort of day. We’re ready to go and see these butterflies. Now the butterfly house is basically one gigantic room full of orchids and butterflies. I mean, it’s self-explanatory, isn’t it? As you look around al the plants you just start to spot a few butterflies here and there and there’s all sorts. There is huge butterflies, there’s small butterflies, there’s black, white, yellow, pink, blue. Going from outside to the hot house has made my lens just fog up and all my pictures look a mess and I was like “Oh my God, my one time to shine and it’s ruined.”

There is really a lot of butterflies that I never saw before, it’s not just like the monarch butterfly that you see everywhere. There is like a black and red one that I really like and I’m kind of like chasing it to get some really good shots of it. There are quite a few butterflies which are mating right now. There is like a bunch of butterfly that I ma just following with the GoPro and I’m really into it and then wouldn’t you know! What’s that here? There’s like a big white and zebra and leopard whatever mixed butterfly just sitting on my shoulder.

It’s quite a cheap activity to do so if you’ve go t a rainy day and you don’t know what to do go see some butterflies. So our last chore of the day is to get the tarp on top of the campervan because it’s forecast to be a really rainy stormy night and we don’t want anymore leaks in our campervan. I put all the ropes in the tarp ready for usage, Robin gets on top of the van and puts it all in place and yeah, we think it’s going to work.

Alright, we’re going to bed. And yo know what we can’t wait tomorrow it’s canyoning time. We finally going to jump in the water we’re going to climb steep hills. It’s going to be cold. It’s going to be wet. It’s going to be intense. It’s going to be epic and I just can’t wait. And I drop the mic.