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Putaruru Blue Spring & The Arapuni Swingbridge – Day 24

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Day 24 on the Road

Seeing the Super Clear Putaruru Blue Spring

Today we are taking a tour with our hosts at the Arapuni Backpackers to the impressive Arapuni Swingbridge before hitting the road to the fairy tale-like Putaruru Blue Spring along the Te Waihou Walkway.

So today we have a lot planned. We are going to go check out a giant swing bridge with a couple of locals and we also want to go check out what is probably the clearest water in New Zealand, it’s the Putaruru Blue Spring.

So this morning we are following our hosts from the Arapuni Backpackers for a morning walk. We don’t really know where they are taking us but there is talk of a giant swingbridge. The walk is taking us along the Waikato River Trail. And then we arrive at the swing bridge. It is massive and Laura takes heaps of pictures of it. Shit it’s actually really high. There are many swingbridges in New Zealand but this one has to be one of the most impressive ones. It’s high above the power station and the river below. This is a giant swing bridge. It goes right across the Waikato River. Then we keep on going along the loop track [The Waikato River Trail] the locals seem to know where they’re going despite all the warning signs and we’re just following along. I trust these guys. Don’t you? Robin is not super confident playing around a power station. I am happy to be shown around by the locals. they know more about this place than we do.

But we survive the walk and head back to the Arapuni Backpackers to grab a quick bite with Lorraine and Steve before heading on the road. But before leaving Arapuni we have one last stop. We are going to the Blue Spring – Putaruru. We walk down the Te Waihou Walkway toward the springs. The Putaruru Springs are one fo the clearest springs I have ever seen – it looks unreal. the weed in the water is mesmerising and you can’t even tell how deep the water is because it is that clear.

The viewing platform overlooks the most stunning part of the river and the reflection is out of this world. We’re checking it from every different angle.

Before the sun goes down we are on our way and on the road toward Otorohanga which is the next step of our adventure.

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