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Paeroa’s Giant L&P Bottle – Day 14

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Day 14 on the Road

The Giant L&P Bottle in Paeroa

That’s right! Today we are checking out the giant L&P bottle in Paeroa while our campervan is getting fixed.

Yo yo yo. Welcome to this special edition of NZPocketGuide.com video diaries. Today we are going to the little town of Paeroa. So Paeroa is famous for one thing in New Zealand. It’s L&P. So L&P is a soft drink which is basically tasting like Sprite but with much more lemon in it.

There is a huge zipline slash flying fox. They call it flying fox in New Zealand. It’s really high. It’s quite long. So why not give this flying fox a go. I think I play on it about five times. It’s quite fun. Such simple fun. Are we there yet. Come on. Ow, it’s going on my face.

So we’re going to Paeroa. There’s a specialist there who can fix our hot water and that is what he will do. He will fix our hot water. Hot water, hot water. He will put hot water in our campervan.

So we have a little chat with David who was the repair man here and Catherine which is his partner and we just assess the situation, give him a little hand with this, a hand with that. Now that I’m getting used to it. At one point there is not much more of Robin’s help needed so we have a little bit of time to explore the town.

This is a very special town in New Zealand because it is the L&P town: the Lemon & Paeroa town. The place where L&P, New Zealand’s soft drink, has been invented using the spring water of Paeroa to give it that authentic New Zealand taste.

You haven’t been to New Zealand until you get a picture with the L&P bottle. We get some artistic shots, we get some hugging-the-bottle shot. Yeah, L&P bottle, fantastic. #NZMustDo

We are at the absolutely fantastic Paeroa L&P bottle. It’s huge. New Zealand is a small country and they like to compensate, so you know, when you need to compensate for something, you buy a big car. Well, little towns in New Zealand need to compensate and buy big things. So there is a town with a big lobster, there is a town with a big carrot, there is a town with a big apple, there is town with a big trout and there is Paeroa with a big L&P bottle. Now I love them. I’m a sucker for good selfie opportunities. It’s a great part of the New Zealand culture.

Well, that was fantastic. Amazing. The gigantic L&P bottle of Paeroa. It’s a must do when travelling in Hauraki. Hauraki. Or, it’s a must miss if you don’t have that much time and you don’t care about a big piece of concrete painted in brown. Up to you though.

That’s the Kiwi life for you. Tomorrow, don’t want to say too much but we’re a bit excited because tomorrow we’re going to go and have a meal at The Green Dragon Tavern. Now, if you know what that is then you are awesome. If you don’t know what that is, keep watching.


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