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Northern Coromandel Tour with Coromandel Adventures – Day 6

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Day 6 on the Road

A Tour of North Coromandel with Coromandel Adventures

It’s Day 6 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! Today, we’re joining Coromandel Adventures to check out all the hidden gems of the Northern Coromandel. Warning: the views are amazing.

Today we are going on another Coromandel Adventure. We’re about to spend the whole day with this guy from the area just him and the two of us.

So we are starting the day at the recpetion of the Coromandel Top 10 Holiday Park where we spent the night. We’re waiting for Willie for about 15 minutes. I spy with my little eye a couple of go-karts on the side of the reception. At first, Robin’s just cruising. Then, I decide to challenge him to the race of his life. It sounds really silly. It’s a kids toy. It’s stupid. But man, I had such a blast!

The Coromandel Peninsula is kind of a little bump like that, Ok? And right now we are in Coromandel Town, which is the last town, the last decent-sized town, and we’re going to explore the whole north which is one very narrow gravel road on the cliff.

We are heading north on the Coromandel Peninsula, which is a place that not too many people go to and the reason being, which we find out, the road is really risky.

It’s cool to go with a guide who can point out the history of this hills rather than just mindlessly looking at the place like: “Aw, pretty…” You actually learn some stuff along the way. The views were amazing all along the way. I loved it. It was really really awesome.

We pass through a lot of farmland and Willie tells us about every intimate detail of every farmer along the way because he knows all of them.

The highlight of it is the fact that there’s huge cliffs and you can see all the way out to some of the islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

So we arrive in Fletcher’s Bay and we have lunch. We have Laura’s fried rice. Everywhere looks absolutely amazing and stunning or a new word I made up today actually is “Dramazing” because it’s dramatic and amazing! #Dramazing

So we walk all the way to the other side of the beach where he’s telling us more about the area and the history and all of that. It was really awesome.

We did the Muriwai Track and Willie actually took the time to show us a little bit more about the vegetation around. We decide to lay in the grass for a while literally on the edge of a cliff. Better than jumping on a mattress it was just so comfortable. If you lie in it you could easily sleep there overnight. I can see why the cows love it so much in New Zealand. If I was a cow, I’d love my life in this grass.

But obviously as the sun is setting, we need to get to a good place to take some photos of the sunset which has been said to be especially amazing on the north part of the Coromandel.

We do get to this place eventually where Robin and I hop out of the van and we’re like: “Quick, get the sunset!” Because there’s clouds everywhere.

We’ve only got this tiny window of opportunity to try and capture some sunset photos. Once we get back to the holiday park, we say our goodbyes, our thank yous and conclude that it was a pretty awesome day. It was DRAMAZING! Keep that soundbite.