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New Plymouth Coastal Walkway – Day 42

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Day 42 on the Road

A Video of the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

It’s Day 42 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year where we are doing 365 Days: 365 Activities! Today we are doing the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway!

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Today we are doing the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway which is highly recommend in New Plymouth so that’s why it’s one of the first things we are doing here.

I love New Plymouth and I am so pumped to be here, we are going to have a blast here. We are in Kawaroa we are going to Te Henui Stream and we also want to see the Wind Wand. And the next attraction which isn’t technically is not an attraction but we find it pretty fun is there are two tube slides coming down the hillside which land pretty much onto the Coastal Walkway so obviously we set up the cameras and we do some slide competitions who can slide the fastest. We’ve walked on the [New Plymouth] Coastal Walkway for quite a while but now we see the coastal walkway does a big sort of loop and we can see a shortcut we can walk. The tide is low and Laura, what about we cross that way? Yeah.

We jump over the little fence and stat climbing ourselves on the rocks and make our way through a lot of little rock pools and there is a lot of baby mussels and there is a lot of seaweed and every rock pool has different shades which is pink and red and green and it’s really cool it’s really really great little path to take to kind of scavenge around and move around and everything so yeah, it’s pretty awesome. And Laura stops about a million times to take some pictures. Every single time she sees a shiny colour she wants to take a picture of it and honestly it does look gorgeous.

So the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway wasn’t coastal enough for the both of us so we decided to take it even more coastal. by walking literally on the coast. And we are tip-toeing our way over these rock pools cos we don’t want to damage anything but there’s lots of wildlife going on in here. Admittedly though, when it gets onto rough terrain like this I’m really slow at walking over the rocks cos I’m looking at my feet the whole time. I’m like Bambi walking for the first time. I’m just going really slowly and I think Robin is trying to be like doesn’t say anything for quite a while then eventually he’s like Ok let’s go a bit faster now Laura.

Crossing through the rocks was actually pretty cool and pretty adventurous. It’s a great way to make your coastal walkway the adventure of a lifetime so New Plymouth has a lot of wind so a local artist named Len Lye or Len lee or Len Lye created something called the Wind Wand so the wand just moves around and bend over with the wind, One thing that Laura did not grasp at first. So Laura was really puzzled by this wind wand. This wand is meant to move, oh it is. Is It? Aw, it’s an optical illusion. that’s what it is. If you stare at it, it looks like it’s moving… Can you see that? Can you see that? Or is it just me? Am I that delirious? If you look up at it, it looks like it’s bending. Yeah. That’s not just me. That’s a wind wand. It doesn’t actually move because of the wind like I thought it moves because your brain is like the wind.

Do you see it moving. Stop it Robin. Just tell me I’m not going crazy. That is moving. I take back any comments I said before about not getting this. I wonder if it shows on camera. Or if it’s yeah In case it doesn’t show on camera, trust me it moves. Trust me. Trust me. I’m not going crazy.


If you go to New Plymouth and if you see the Wind Wand tell me if you you think it’s moving or not with #isitmoving Please solve this mystery once and for all because I do not trust Robin with whatever he says.

The next section that we arrive in is quite and interesting it’s an amazing limestone cliff again because limestone cliffs are everywhere in New Zealand.

We continue to stroll down the Coastal Walkway and slowly the sun is setting and we see from the signs just on the side of the Coastal Walkway that we still have about 3km left to walk, so we try and get a bit of a clip on and then we get to the Te Rewarewa Bridge.

This Bridge is said to either be inspired by whale bones or a crashing wave. That’s my fact for the day.

It’s a very artsy looking bridge. It’s really cool and it frames the landscape really well especially if you are looking towards Taranaki area which we only see for two seconds before the wind blows the clouds right in front of the mountain. Otherwise to the coast we got an amazing sunset going down. Just as it goes dark, we’re like right, let’s go back to the Ducks & Drakes Backpackers and have ourselves a quiet night in.

Is it moving… Robin is it moving? Robin do you think it’s moving. Do you see it moving? I really don’t see what it is about this wind wand right here it’s just a stick. I don’t get it. Is it moving. Oh no it’s an optical illusion! Maybe it’s not moving. Maybe it… Oh my gosh I get it now, it’s amazing. is it moving robin no seriously don’t lie to be robin do you think it’s moving do you really think I don’t think it’s moving maybe it’s not moving ah wait wait robin don’t move right now i think it’s moving i think i saw it moving is it moving robin is it moving do you think it’s moving i don’t know if its moving is it robin what do you think do you think it’s moving no, is it? Is it? I can’t see very well is it? Is it, I don’t know do you think it’s moving I don’t know. I don’t know . Is it moving? Anyway, that was basically Laura for the whole time around this wand.