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Getting a Jucy Campervan – Day 22

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Day 22 on the Road

Picking Up Our Jucy Rentals Campervan from Auckland Airport

After the disaster of yesterday, Jucy Rentals comes to rescue and we are renting a Jucy campervan. Robin goes to Auckland Airport to check it out and pick it up.

Our asses have been saved because Jucy who has graciously helped us before they are now going to give us one of their Jucy campervans.

Plan is Robin’s going to take the InterCity bus up to Auckland Airport where he’s going to pick up the Jucy campervan, drive all the way back from Auckland Airport to Hamilton then we’re going to transfer all the stuff we need for two weeks from our old shitty campervan into our nice new Jucy campervan. That’s the plan and amazingly enough we’ve come up with this plan within less than 24 hours so we are on it!

It’s about to be a really big day and Laura is going to stay behind and do a lot of work on the computer to catch up because we’ve been pretty behind yesterday since you know… You know….

I’m on the laptop, I’ve got some social media to schedule, I’ve got a post to write, some photos to Photoshop. What else do I do? Oh yeah, I write an article for the guide [NZPocketGuide.com]. I actually have quite a productive morning/afternoon.

There’s a great thing between Hamilton and Auckland it’s 20 bucks for the bus ticket and something amazing happens in the bus. There is free WiFi and it actually works really well. I did not have a single disconnection. I connected onto it within 20 seconds and I actually got a lot done on the computer.

So I’m doing my little walk to the Jucy depot where I arrive and I’m greeted by the lovely staff over there. Surprisingly there was almost no one around so I actually had plenty of time to have a chat with them, grab a glass of water, I even sat down and ate my orange on the beanbag.

I get a little tour of the Jucy camper which is pretty neat actually. It’s actually really big. It’s really well-appointed. There are USB plugs, there is actual plugs, there is a top part, a bottom part, there is a full kitchen, there is a toilet, there is everything you need. It’s pretty awesome. And it’s easy to drive – it’s automatic. Like a full-on tour of it!

Right, so Jucy have been real heroes giving us a camper for the next two weeks so this is what we’re going to be driving. It is called a Jucy Condo. It is pretty spacious actually – more spacious than what I thought. It is automatic so I love that. So off we go on the road. So I’m in my Jucy campervan, man, it’s party time. I’m just putting the Rock Radio and I’m like having a good time I’m dancing, I’m driving through. I just feel good. We’ve had many setbacks, but it’s part of the adventure and we overcame all of them very quickly. I’ve been driving for like two hours, I’ve been sitting in the bus for two hours again. I need some stretching and I really advise that to anyone driving around New Zealand. If you feel like you need to stretch a little bit, stop 10 minutes.

So he arrives in his swarvy Jucy campervan right up to the campervan next to us because we need to do some transferring of some shit later. And he gets out and he seems pretty happy, pretty stoked about the drive over and how the campervan was surprisingly bigger than he expected so that’s always a bonus.

So at this point it’s about half past three. Phil’s Paint & Panel close at four. Now we’re in a mad rush to transfer everything from our old campervan to our new Jucy campervan, which is absolutely chaotic. We’re just trying to do this as quickly as possible without forgetting anything and obviously because we’re working from our campervan, if we forget something important, we’re screwed. We are downsizing majorly to fit everything into the Jucy campervan and we’re like: “Oh shit, it’s not going to all fit.” But it does fit! Yay! There’s plenty of room in the Jucy campervan, despite it looking quite small from the outside, it’s surprising the use of space all within the campervan. We can use the top bedding area to put some of our equipment up there, and in the back in the kitchen area there’s lots of space and on the walls we have places to place our clothes so yeah, it’s really space-efficient in this [Jucy] campervan. So we are pretty happy with what we’ve got.

We’re just picking up the last of our stuff to put into our Jucy campervan. It’s been a mad rush because they [Phil’s Paint & Panel] are going to pack up in two seconds.

Now we are driving to the small village or Arapuni to the only backpackers in the area actually which is close to Putaruru. And we arrive just at 6.30 to Arapuni Backpackers where we are greeted by Steve and his lovely wife Lorraine. Right, tomorrow we’re going to go back on track. Things are going to get back to as normal as they can get on a backpacking adventure and yeah, let’s see what happens.