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Exploring New Plymouth in Taranaki – Day 45

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Day 45 on the Road

Checking out New Plymouth in Taranaki

New Plymouth is the main hub of the Taranaki region and on today’s episode of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year, we’re exploring New Plymouth and especially Pukekura Park.

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Today we’re having a bit more of a relaxed laid back sort of day we’re just dgoing to take a walkabout through town [New Plymouth, taranaki]. There’s a huge park here called pukekura park so we’re going to go and check that out as well today.

We’ve been in New Plymouth for about four or five days now and we have not taken the time to visit the city so I’m going to go drop the car to the panel beater cos guess what there is more work to be doing on the car. We have wrote a couple of things on the map that we want to see and we’re just taking the time to walk around the city and enjoy it for ourselves. So as Robin was getting his phone repaired we had a go on the smart balance wheel. We’re making our way to Pukekura Park. We can sort of see it in the distance load of trees everywhere we just head for the trees and when we get there there’s signs for numerous bush walks and things and also pointing to different points of interest. Waterfall.

The pukekura park is the main garden in the city centre of New Plymouth. It’s actually really really cool there is a couple of ponds and lakes with ducks there is some iconic red bridges. there is a water wheel there’s a play park. there’s lookouts, there’s more walks like there’s so much stuff you can do in the is park. And you get some waterfalls and some real ones and some fake ones you’ve got some kids areas to play around with and there is one which is like turning this wheel and fill up a bucket of water and then it opens and goes down then there is a small dam and then you open the dam and then the water goes and keeps on going. So i;’m having fun playing around with that i have no shame to admit it. Oh my God this is madness.

To go to the park is absolutely free so we’re having a ball having a free activity to do. Laura is instagramming very quickly. Ok i’m good i’m good.

Robin thought it would be a great idea to bring a city map. You know one of these paper maps of the city and to take that round with us for some reason. He’s like Ok you be in charge of the map and obviously it starts raining the map gets soaked. We’re gonna get lost. it’s all because of the rain. I’ve never seen a piece of paper so soggy in my life. We are in this area somewhere. Devon Street. Let’s walk down this way. Well, this way is like the main street with shops on and stuff. So laura where are we?

Erm. I think we are we are at the museum.

And at some point it stops raining while we are walking around. Basically the plan today is just to head around walk around there is a couple of places that we want to check out so actual place like the something place and yeah that’s basically it it’s a very artsy city there is murals everywhere i mean you know just walk around and oh mural here mural there mural here mural there mural mural mural here mural like oh oh what is what is a mural here. There’s mural everywhere it’s crazy. Murals murals murals everywhere.

and we also stop by the Richmond Cottage to check out what this historical part of New Plymouth has to offer. Sadly, it was closed so we just took a few pictures and then well we were on our way.

So there’s all sorts of crazy things to see all over the city and this is something we totally underestimated about New Plymouth we had no idea there was so much going on inside the CBD itself. There’s cities like Wellington and Christchurch that have a reputation for being an artsy city but I think New Plymouth itself probably beats that reputation just no one knows about it. you got to go off the beaten track to go find it.

Because we don’t have much electricity in our camper Laura and I play a lot of board games so every time we see an op shop we go in to get some board games.

That’s not the first time that you see me in an op shop but we really really need some new games we have been playing the same like three games for quite a while so that’s why I’m taking some time to try to find something here but there was nothing really good so we went on our way quite quickly until Laura lost us.

So laura kind of lost us today somewhere called Strandon I guess.

So we’re walking down the beautiful night street of New Plymouth and robin is in a great mood. Why are you in a great mood Robin. Because I wave at the bus at the bus stop and he just drive way past me. I am pissed. But look, fairy lights.

Luckily, we did catch a ride with a friendly local and that was a great wrap up for our day in New Plymouth. We’ve seen a lot the city has heaps to offer and that was definitely worth spending a whole day exploring it.

To just walk around with the map and everything and I was like Laura it’s raining you’re just going to ruin the map that is going to happen and she’s like no no no that’s not going to happen promise. Where’s the keys? I wasn’t bitching about her.


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