The 309 Road in the Coromandel - Day 7©
The 309 Road in the Coromandel - Day 7

The 309 Road in the Coromandel – Day 7


Day 7 on the Road

A Road Trip Down the Coromandel’s 309 Road

That’s right, it’s Day 7 of New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year where we are doing 365 days of 365 activities! Today’s adventure takes us on a road trip down The 309 Road of the Coromandel. After checking out the Waiau Falls and having a beautiful drive, we pick up some fish and chips in Whitianga when someone… Or… Something steals our chips!

Today we are leaving Coromandel Town and we are heading to Whitianga.
There is two roads to go there.
There is the road that goes through the coast and there is the road that goes through the
I say we should go on the one through the mountains.
We then recognise that this road is the road that we took on the Coromandel Adventures
tour we did on the first day where it rained and we’re like: “Oh shit, this is the gravel
road, right?”
Wouldn’t you know, we have to stop because of wildlife and I was like oh some wildlife:
some beautiful birds some native, you know, something.
Those were some wild pigs.
And the next stop on the list is the Waiau, we don’t know 100% how to say this but, the
Waiau Falls which is obviously a waterfall.
We jump out of the van, grab a bit of the pack, zip up the hood, zip up the jacket,
and we go down to the waterfall.
The Waiau Waterfall is very easy to access it’s like five minutes walk, super easy and
it’s a beautiful really thick waterfall.
It’s not really tall but it lands on a massive rock and that always gives you really good
As far as waterfalls go, it was pretty stunning it was surrounded by this new regenerating
forest so it all had brilliant green colours around it.
And there are loads and loads of waterfalls just off the side of the road anywhere in
New Zealand so this is going to be the first of many waterfalls we are going to see.
The road gets windier and narrower.
Robin is like fully concentrating on this nightmare he’s going through because he really
didn’t want to drive on gravel roads yet.
He wants to get used to the massive campervan first and then tackle those sort of things
when it comes to it.
But then again, the best way to learn is to go straight for it and this is probably the
best practice we could have hoped for.
Despite it being a bit of a road we were a bit unsure of driving on, actually it was
a stunning drive.
We wanted to visit the little settlement of Whitianga which is a fisherman’s village and
we went to something caller Snapper Jacks.
It just looked really authentic.
So we just got all this fish and chips right here for only 10 bucks.
We’re pretty excited to go eat that here at the Whitianga waterfront.
So welcome to another unboxing.
Snapper Jack is a very old brand in Whitianga and they’ve been making fish and chips since
quite a while.
Their latest 2016 release was really welcomed by the critics and I’m really looking forward
to see what we got.
First, I can see that we got right here a little tub of tomato sauce.
This is always welcomed when chips are involved.
Here, I do believe that it’s about 750g worth of chips.
Oh, look at that.
Here we are some golden chips.
they’re looking beautiful.
They’re looking gorgeous.
Now, look at that.
Two battered sausages and three massive pieces of fish.
We’ll be impressed if you succeed to finish that.
And before I have even touched the chips a gust of winds comes and it blows the chips
away and straight onto the floor.
We just back away and let everything happen and the seagulls go fucking mental.
It was crazy, there was so many seagulls.
I can’t believe I’m saying that the highlight of my day is watching those seagulls go absolutely
nuts for some chips from the fish and chip shop.
So they had a blast, they had the meal of their life.
I did not!
So to calm down after this situation, we thought we’d take a quick stroll on Whitianga Beach
because it looks really nice.
I mean, the water was super clear.
The sand was actually really soft and you just sink deeper every time you take a step.
It was quite interesting.
I don’t think I ever saw sand like that.
We need to head over to Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park because that is where we’re
going to stay for the next few nights.
That’s going to be our base for looking around the east of the Coromandel Peninsula.
So that was Laura trying to look decent for the picture.


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