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65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2024]

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Travel Gadgets That You Didn’t Know You Needed…

… Until now! Yes, these travel gadgets are so ridiculously genius! Make your vacation (can we suggest to New Zealand?) a breeze with the helping hand of a solar panel backpack, a filtration drinking straw, and a, erm, stained underpants safe…? Whether it’s to keep your valuables safe or charge your phone in dire situations, we have listed all the must-have travel gadgets and accessories for your upcoming trip!

Some of these gadgets will be a life-saver out on a hike or when home comforts are scarce, whereas some gadgets are so funny we can’t resist sharing them with you. So add a few more handy travel gadgets to your backpack and you’ll be ready for the ultimate trip!

1. Airplane Window Organisation Station

That’s right, we’re starting off with one of the most unique travel gadgets out there, the BevLedge! This airplane window organisation station allows you to utilise the limited space you have on a flight. The fold-up shelf has various slots to hold cups, phones, pens, eyewear, earphones and wireless earphones.

Check out the BevLedge on Amazon.

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2. Power Bank

Keep a spare power bank in your backpack at all times to get that extra power boost or emergency phone call even if your battery runs out. Most power banks are incredibly small and will fit anywhere, especially Anker Power Banks which come in a range of capacities and even some with magnets and pop-socket grips to attach anywhere. We recommend going for a power bank with a minimum of 2,000 mAh for long-lasting power, but there are options to suit a range of portable power needs.

Check out the Anker Power Banks on Amazon.

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3. Portable Power Station

A few steps up from a power bank, a power station will power your entire campervan if you want it to! Powerful portable generators like those from BLUETTI have a huge power capacity to essentially take your electricity needs on the road with you. Unlike traditional generators that use petrol or diesel to run, these simply require to be charged at an AC outlet, in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or using solar panels. Some of our favourites are the BLUETTI AC300 and AC500 with a huge 3,000 W or 5,000 W of power and a base 3,072 Wh of battery capacity with a modular system that can be upgraded to hold a massive 18,423 Wh! For more ways to power your road trip, check out the 5 Ways to Power Your Campervan for Cheap.

Check out portable power stations on

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4. Portable Phone Mount

Is the inflight entertainment not doing it for you? Need to make your video calls more stable when you’re on the go? Want to watch videos on your phone hands-free just about anywhere? Then you need this nifty Perilogics Phone Mount with a sturdy clamp and 360-degree rotation! It’s pocket-sized and will clamp onto just about anything.

Check out the Perilogics Phone Mount on Amazon.

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5. Flex Flap Phone and Tablet Holder

Ok, so we couldn’t decide which one was better so we decided to show you another awesome design for a phone holder (which also has the added bonus of holding larger devices like a tablet). The Flex Flap by Airglo is made with an aluminium alloy core that’s adjustable yet super strong so you can mount your phone in a number of positions or even hang your bag from a table or chair. Seriously, have a look.

Check out the Flex Flap by Airglo on Amazon.

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6. Water Purifying Straw (or Collapsible Bottle)

Carrying large bottles of water is not only heavy as hell, but it takes up a lot of much-needed space when trail running, camping or on a multi-day hike. Take less water and accompany that with the Lifestraw Purification Straw. Drink water from anywhere (except the sea) and it removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. Check out their Collapsible Bottle as a portable travel-friendly alternative which will help you save some water for later. 

Check out the LifeStraw or the Collapsible Bottle on Amazon.

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7. Vegan and Environmentally Friendly Travel Toiletries Kit

Travelling is for trying new things, as are toiletry starter kits when you want to sample a new brand! Combine both with the Malin + Goetz Essential Starter Kit, including shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser and moisturiser, and body wash and moisturiser – all using natural ingredients in a recyclable aluminium tube, travel-ready in a biodegradable bag, and 100% vegan. For more eco-tips for travelling, check out the 31 Ways to Travel More Sustainably in New Zealand.

Check out the Malin + Goetz Essential Starter Kit on Amazon.

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8. Leak Proof Travel Bottles

If you’d rather stick to the toiletry brands you know and love, then use these reusable Dot&Dot Travel Bottles. Not only are the bottles and transparent bag designed to make going through airport security a breeze, but the one that does it for us is the leak-proof soft and squeezable silicone design!

Check out the Dot&Dot Travel Bottles on Amazon.

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9. Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

Speaking of toiletries, we’ve seen so many people using these in hostels that we just couldn’t resist sharing this genius travel accessory with you! Cue the Bagsmart Toiletry Bag with four compartments that unfold vertically and a stow-away hook to hang your bag anywhere. All your toiletries are presented to you in this well-designed bag with elastic straps in the inner main pocket to hold bottles upright.

Check out the Bagsmart Toiletry Bag on Amazon.

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10. Gorilla Pod

This is perfect for the solo traveller or anyone self-filming their travel experiences. The legs of the JOBY Gorilla Pod wrap around pretty much anything, whether it’s trees when hiking in the forest or standing on a table. It even makes a great selfie stick! And here are more of the 10 Reasons to Travel Alone!

Check out the JOBY GorillaPod out on Amazon.

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11. Handheld Luggage Scale

Are you one of those people that tends to come back from a getaway with more than you left? Us too. That’s why the NZ Pocket Guide team have been travelling with the Etekcity Luggage Scale for a few years now and has saved us a bunch on excess luggage fees. Simply wrap the strap around your luggage handle, lift and weigh!

Check out the Etekcity Luggage Scale on Amazon.

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12. Luggage Strap

So simple yet so effective! Secure a second bag or jacket to the handle of your suitcase with the Gefenlus Luggage Strap. Made with high elastic rubber and quality pressure variable PU leather, your items will be secure. Not to mention, the strap is easy to assemble and disassemble with a quick-release buckle.

Check out the Gefenlus Luggage Strap on Amazon.

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13. Luggage Cup Holder

Another take on the luggage strap, this one is for all of you coffee addicts out there. With two pouches suitable for holding drinks and a third back pocket for your phone or any other small loose items you’d rather not carry, the riemot Luggage Cup Holder could be a life saver!

Check out the riemot Luggage Cup Holder on Amazon.

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14. GPS Fitness and Adventure Watch

Keep on track with a GPS watch that captures your steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned and sleep. Retrace your steps and find new routes. GPS watches like Garmin offer peace of mind when you’re out hiking, as well as provide fun data even for a day of sightseeing. Plus, you can look back on your trip knowing that it wasn’t all about sipping cocktails but marking a new page in your fitness lifestyle!

Check out the Garmin Store on Amazon.

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15. Microfibre Travel Towel

Travel towels are compact, hygienic and dry in a heartbeat. Traditional towels are huge, end up smelling awful, and seem to never dry when you are constantly on the move. That’s a slamdunk for microfibre, ladies and gentlemen! In conclusion, microfibre travel towels – like the 4Monster Camping Towels but there are a lot more out there – are a must-have. We consider this one of the 15 Essentials to Pack for New Zealand!

Check out the 4Monster Camping Towels on Amazon.

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16. Everywhere Belt Bag

Fanny packs are back, baby! And thank goodness, because these bad boys really are handy for enjoying hands-free storage while not having to worry “Where did I put my bag?” We like the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bags that come in a range of colours and fabrics and have an adjustable strap to go around your waist or across your body.

Check out the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bags on Amazon.

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17. Foldable Backpack

If you need something a bit “bigger” to carry your belongings as a baggage backup, check out this ridiculous 4Monster Foldable Backpack! Weighing only 115 g (4 oz), about half of the weight of an iPhone, this backpack can be folded into an included pouch and literally put in your pocket.

Check out the 4Monster Foldable Backpack on Amazon.

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18. Bluetooth Item Locator

If your bag, phone, keys, wallet or other valuables decide to go walkabout, find them with ease using a Bluetooth item locator. The most versatile option is Tile, with Bluetooth locators in all shapes, sizes and bundles and can be used with both an iOS and Android app. Alternatively, Apple does a similar thing with the Apple AirTag.

Check out the Tile Store or Apple AirTag on Amazon.

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19. Portable Door Lock

We can’t always guarantee that an Airbnb or short-term rental is secure with a lockable door, so bring your own with the Addalock! This portable door lock can be secured to any door that is hinged and swings inward, yet it doesn’t require any tools to install.

Check out the Addalock on Amazon.

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20. Steam Clip

Although the main purpose of this unsuspecting little tool is to hang clothes near your hotel shower to steam the wrinkles out, there’s so much more to the Steam Clip! This multi-tool can be used as a bottle opener, a phone stand, a thread/tag cutter, a ruler, an extra hook around your hotel rooms or to hang your bag at a table.

Check out the Steam Clip on Amazon.

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21. Action Camera

Whatever brand you prefer, but you’ve likely heard of GoPro, the action camera is a great way to capture your whole trip while not having to carry a ton of different heavy cameras. Waterproof, wide lens, small and shockproof: it has it all for the adventurous traveller. Try not to get carried away when shopping for accessories though – stick to what you will really use.

Check out the GoPro Store on Amazon!

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22. Foot Hammock

Give your feet and lower back relief from a long flight (like your flight to New Zealand, am I right?) or even a long journey on the bus or train with the Basic Concepts Foot Hammock! With a one-size-fits-all design and the ability to fold up nice-and-tight for portability, this foot hammock is the perfect travel companion for comfort.

Check out the Basic Concepts Foot Hammock on Amazon.

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23. Luxury Travel Pillow

Speaking of comfort, make sure your travel pillow is the most comfortable one out there with the Ostrichpillow. Sure, travel pillows are nothing new but they’ve never been exactly that comfortable either. Well, Ostrichpillow has finally cracked it with its innovative shape and high-density memory foam. The pillow fits into a travel bag that’s half its size and has a machine-washable sleeve so you can use it trip after trip!

Check out the Ostrichpillow on Amazon.

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24. Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask

To complete the flight-comfort ensemble, block out all light yet enjoy comfort and breathability with the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask. Far from your average sleep mask, this baby uses a patented bending cartilage design which is adjustable and durable, effectively blocking light coming from the nose area. It also features five layers of breathable fabric, including cotton, elastic sponge and modaier, which offers you ultra-soft touch on the eyes.

Check out the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask on Amazon.

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25. Infinity Scarf

Stash your valuables where nobody would think to look; your scarf! That’s right, the Zero Grid Infinity Scarf has two hidden zipper pockets that blend seamlessly so nobody can see that you’re carrying your passport, ID, cash or other valuables around your neck. They even back their patented design by offering a $300 reimbursement in the unlikely event that your scarf gets stolen!

Check out the Zero Grid Infinity Scarf on Amazon.

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26. Credit Card Utility Tool

Pack a few useful tools into a convenient slim shape and you’ve got the most useful card in your wallet! Many brands have their version of the “utility card” or “credit card knife”, but we like the Lever Gear Toolcard which packs 40 tools into one credit card-sized tool. Make sure to pack it in your check-in baggage at the airport though or you may have to surrender it when passing through the security gates.

Check out the Lever Gear Toolcard on Amazon.

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27. Travel Shoe Bags

We all know that carrying dirty shoes in amongst your suitcase is not ideal. So why not pack them in their own Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag? They are waterproof and come with a strap so you can hang up your holiday shoes in your wardrobe to keep the dust off them until your next trip.

Check out the Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag on Amazon.

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28. Travel Jewellery Box

Another handy packing solution, avoid tangled jewellery with this plush Travel Jewellery Box by Benevolence Los Angeles. This compact 9.5 x 9.5 cm (3.75 x 3.75 in) velvet-finished box comes with seven slot rolls and three rectangular divisions and earring compartments.

Check out the Travel Jewellery Box by Benevolence Los Angeles on Amazon.

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29. Travel Cubes

Since we’re on the organisation train, if you haven’t already got some travel cubes in your life, then now is your chance. We’ve been using them for years and never looked back! Travel cubes make finding things in your suitcase or backpack so much faster. Sets like these from Amazon Basics come in various shapes and sizes to suit a range of clothes and accessories.

Check out the Amazon Basics on Amazon.

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30. Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitiser

If you’re a bit of a germaphobe, this one is for you. Don’t just store your toothbrush in a travel case; disinfect it using UV-C technology! The UOXV Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitiser is said to kill bacteria and viruses, which is 99% effective. With a built-in battery and a USB-C input, it’s also easy to charge.

Check out the UOXV Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitiser on Amazon.

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31. AirFly Audio Transmitter

One for all your AirPod users out there, transmit audio from inflight entertainment, rental cars, gaming devices and just about anything with a 3.5 mm audio jack using the AirFly Audio Transmitter. You can even share the experience, as the AirFly connects to up to two AirPods.

Check out the AirFly Audio Transmitter on Amazon.

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32. Foldable Wireless Charger

Another one for Apple users, the UCOMX Nano 3-in-1 Wireless Charger charges your iPhone, AirPods and iWatch by simply plonking them on this foldable and magnetic soft silicone pad, replacing individual charging devices that can quickly become a mess in your bag. What’s more, it comes in nine sexy colours.

Check out the UCOMX Nano 3-in-1 Wireless Charger on Amazon.

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33. Cable Organiser

And for the rest of us poor souls that still have a lot of cables in our lives, no matter how “unplugged” we want to be when travelling, spending a few dollars on a bunch of cable organisers can save the hassle of having to untangle or fold cables every time you need to use them. Check out these cute Tophome ones!

Check out the Tophome Cable Organiser on Amazon.

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34. Universal Travel Adapter

Everyone knows that they will likely need a travel adapter when travelling to a new and exotic land. Instead of buying a new adapter for each different country, make it the last travel adapter you’ll ever need with a universal travel adapter! There are a million of these on the market, but the Joomfeen Universal Travel Adapter ticks all of the boxes by covering more than 150 countries, having surge protection, USB and wall socket inputs and more. However, like most standard travel adapters, this does not change voltage – you can learn more about the significance of that over at our guide to Electrical Outlets & Power Plugs.

Check out the Joomfeen Universal Travel Adapter on Amazon.

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35. Travel Power Strip

The perfect companion for your travel adapter is the pocket-sized Ntonpower Power Strip. We’ve all experienced a lack of electrical outlets in some hotel or hostel rooms, while it’s also likely that you’ve needed to charge multiple devices but only have one travel adapter. This travel-sized multi-plug comes with your choice of outlet configurations.

Check out the Ntonpower Power Strip on Amazon.

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36. Shockproof Electronics Carry Case

And for all of those electrical devices you plan on travelling with, whether it’s your phone, a power bank, a battery case, an adapter, etc., make sure they are well protected from the usual knocks and bumps of transit with the iMangoo Shockproof Carry Case. This universal electronics case comes complete with mesh pockets and elastic straps to keep everything in place and organised, all in a high-quality EVA material case with scratch protection and shockproofing.

Check out the iMangoo Shockproof Carry Case on Amazon.

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37. Solar Panel for Your Backpack

You can expect to be outdoors a lot while travelling, especially in New Zealand, so energy has never been so easy (and free and green)! Charge your phone or camera on the go with one of Sunnybag’s Portable Solar Panels which effortlessly straps to the back of your day pack and connects straight to your device. Genius!

Check out the Sunnybag Portable Solar Panel on Amazon.

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38. Trunkie Ride-On Suitcase

Travelling with tired toddlers is never fun, but this child-friendly carry-on certainly is! Keep children entertained through the otherwise arduous airport process with the Trunkie Ride-On Suitcase. The multi-functional strap allows parents to tow tired kids or throw the small suitcase over their shoulder if in a bit more of a rush. For more airport tips, head to the 30 Airport Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel Forever.

Check out the Trunkie Ride-On Suitcase on Amazon.

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39. SnoozeShade Blackout Tent

Help stick to the routine while travelling with the SnoozeShade Blackout Tent. The crib and pack ‘n play canopy is said to block 94% of light with side panels to adjust the light levels to suit your little one. The tent fits all rectangular travel cribs and pack ‘n plays with no complicated attachments. Made with a polyester mesh, the tent is safety tested and breathable.

Check out the SnoozeShade Blackout Tent on Amazon.

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40. Personalised Leather Luggage Tags, Passport Covers, etc.

If you’re looking for the perfect travel gift with a touch of class, this is it. PEGAI make a range of travel accessories made with soft-touch rustic leather with your chosen fire-branded initials. Choose from passport holders, luggage tags, toiletry bags, phone cases and much more. Check out more travel gifts in the 30 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers.

Check out the PEGAI Store on Amazon.

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41. Water Bladder

Water on the go is a major issue for active travellers. While tap water is perfectly drinkable in New Zealand, it is always a pain to have to carry bulky water bottles when hiking to a mountaintop. CamelBak is the market leader in water bladders that effortlessly integrate into hiking backpacks and link to a tube that makes drinking while hiking a breeze. Use it once and you’ll never hike without one!

Check out the CamelBak Store on Amazon.

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42. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Ideal for camping, hiking or heading to destinations with water activities at the fore (have you checked out our travel guides to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands?), these Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouches provide the ultimate peace of mind. The two-pack pouches (for you and a friend) are certified IPX8 waterproof with a triple-layer lock-down seal that provides complete protection against water, snow, dust and sand.

Check out the Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouches on Amazon.

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43. Car Cup Charger

Replace the old McDonald’s soda cup with the smartest thing that has ever been in your car (or rental car’s) cup holder. You never know when will be the next time you’ll get the opportunity to charge your phone, camera, etc., especially when sleeping in your car. The Skyocean Car Cup Charger has two cigarette lighter sockets, a dual USB charger and even a Bluetooth headset. What’s more, the cup displays the car’s voltage and warns you if your car battery is getting low.

Check out the Skyocean Car Cup Charger on Amazon.

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44. Silicon Makeup Brush Holder

Contain the mess of makeup brushes with this one-of-a-kind Feryes Makeup Brush Holder. It is made of soft polyurethane silicon foam (the more natural form of silicon/silicone) that is skin- and environment-friendly with no silicon smell that triggers allergic reactions and doesn’t absorb dust. What’s more, the ergonomic design with side openings allows easy access to your makeup essentials!

Check out the Feryes Makeup Brush Holder on Amazon.

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45. Travel Clothesline

Forget paying for the expensive laundry service at your hotel. Handwash your clothes like a true traveller and dry them anywhere with the Junvaia Travel Clothesline. Made of a multi-strand elastic rubber band (Ok, just a bungy cord), it can be stretched up to 10 ft and hung anywhere. It also comes with 12 pegs and 13 separation beads attached.

Check out the Junvaia Travel Clothesline on Amazon.

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46. Perfume Travel Bottles

You can now carry your favourite scents in your carry-on luggage or just what you need for a trip with these Rosarden Perfume Travel Bottles. With a transparent window, you can see how much perfume remains even with the bottle capable of doing up to 70 sprays when full.

Check out the Rosarden Perfume Travel Bottles on Amazon.

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47. Document Organiser/Travel Wallet

Ensure you have all the extra essentials when you go travelling in a tri-fold document organiser and travel wallet! Choose from an array of colours in the sleek faux-leather design of the Zoppen Travel Wallet. The impressive array of compartments includes one passport pocket, one boarding pass compartment, three credit cards slots, one ID slot, one SIM card pouch, one coupon ticket slot, one phone pouch (max 14.7 cm/5.8 in), one money and coins zippered pocket, one key holder, one pen holder and one slim pocket.

Check out the Zoppen Travel Wallet on Amazon.

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48. Portable Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Hey, we’re not judging. If your tushy needs some relief, then carry it around with you with the Tektrum Portable Orthopedic Seat Cushion. The handle and foldable design makes this cool-gel seat cushion easy to carry around, providing comfort on the plane, bus, car or even at home or the office.

Check out the Tektrum Portable Orthopedic Seat Cushion on Amazon.

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49. Emergency Blanket

If you’re hitting the hiking or biking trails then it’s worth adding an Emergency Blanket to your first aid kit. Should the worst happen, you’ll be thankful for this solar thermal blanket that, when folded in your backpack, you would never feel that you are carrying around with you. Check out Outdoor Safety When Hiking for more ways to keep safe in the wilderness.

Check out Emergency Blankets on Amazon.

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50. Heated Camping Chair

The nights can be chilly in New Zealand whatever the season so getting any extra warmth you can when camping is extremely welcome. That’s where The Hot Seat comes in, powered by any USB power bank (see above). A simple push of a button can warm your seat up to 43°C (110°F)! For more gadgets specifically for camping, check out the 10 Best Gadgets & Accessories for Camping.

Check out The Hot Seat on Amazon.

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51. Pelican Case

The first thing to break on adventure trips is usually your $1,000 phone. If you aren’t putting it in your backpack and sitting on it, you’re dropping it down a cave or getting it splashed on a boat trip. Keep your fragile valuables safe with a Pelican case! Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof… Just try to break anything in here. White water rafting guides swear by them.

Check out the Pelican 1040 Micro Case on Amazon.

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52. Laser Keyboard

Have you seen laser keyboards around for a while but couldn’t justify buying one? Well, the time has finally come! Carrying a laptop can be a pain while, on the other hand, typing long-winded messages on your phone’s tiny keypad can be more of a pain! Connect the Wireless Laser Keyboard to your phone and the problem is solved! Plus, how awesome is typing on a laser keyboard?!

Check out the Wireless Laser Keyboard on Amazon.

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53. Coin Stash for SD Card

In the words of Gandalf: “Keep it secret; keep it safe!” Instead of carrying the One Ring through New Zealand, carry your SD card secretly and safely with this smart Shomer-Tec Covert Coin made to look like a simple unappealing US or Euro coin. It stops your SD card from getting scratched while keeping it in an easy-to-find place like your wallet. (Just, ya know, don’t pay with it).

Check out the Shomer-Tec Covert Coin on Amazon.

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54. Luggage Handle Wrap

Not only do luggage handle covers like this Hibate Handle Wrap provide cushion to your hands as you wheel around heavy luggage, but they make it easy to spot your luggage on the carousel. Simple yet effective strikes again!

Check out the Hibate Handle Wrap on Amazon.

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55. Wide-Angle Phone Lens

There’s a lot of epic scenery to capture on your travels, so a wide-angle lens is perfect! Many phones have wide-angle lenses already installed but if your phone is a bit old-school, you don’t have to miss out. These Criacr Wide Lenses stick to your phone using a small rubber clamp. Some even have a system to switch from a wide angle to an even wider one, making your travel shots epic!

Check out the Criacr Wide Lens on Amazon.

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56. Convertible Pants

Shopping for hiking gear can be a daunting task. By trying to conciliate usability and light packing you will end up having to make many compromises. Luckily, there is one tried and tested pant design for travellers that still works as well as it did since its inception: the convertible pants! The pants/shorts or zippable pant-shorts, whatever you want to call them, are a travel gadget built for versatility against the ever-changing weather and save you packing two items. You’ll find many options, but we like (and use) the ones from Columbia.

Check out the Columbia Convertible Pants on Amazon.

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57. Headlamp

A travel gadget that we all take for granted, a headtorch/headlamp is essential for camping, multi-day hiking, caving and more. With the availability of high-intensity LEDs at a very affordable price, getting a powerful torch/flashlight has never been cheaper. The Juninp Rechargeable Headlamp is a good way to go. Whatever you choose, be sure to check that the torch you purchase actually has good lighting by comparing the lumens: the higher the better.

Check out the Juninp Rechargeable Headlamp on Amazon.

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58. Collapsible Bowls and Food Storage

Grab your bowl or container and shake it into shape. Serve, eat, clean and fold it back into a small travel-sized piece of silicone. Collapsible bowls like Cartints are perfect to take meals anywhere, from the lakeshore to a snowy peak. You don’t even need to be hiking, as this travel gadget is also a must-have for budget travellers preparing their own lunch. Get inspired for some recipes in 5 Easy Pasta Recipes for Backpackers or 10 Easy Meals to Cook in a Hostel in 10 Minutes.

Check out the Cartints Store on Amazon.

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59. Reusable Earplugs or Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Cheap and incredibly useful, earplugs are a must-have for light sleepers and backpackers, such as these Loop Reusable Earplugs. Hostel rooms are shared between four to 10 people and it can get pretty noisy at night, especially with that token snorer. Invest in reusable earplugs or noise-cancelling earphones, like Beats Studio Buds that have an “Active Noise Cancelling Mode” and “Transparency Mode”, to guarantee yourself a peaceful night. Make sure to get some comfortable ones, which will make a world of difference.

Check out the Loop Reusable Earplugs and Beats Studio Buds on Amazon.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

60. E-Reader

On a rainy day or a long-haul flight, there is nothing better than crawling up with a good book. Well… books are heavy and therefore not really travel-friendly. If you do not have a tablet or don’t like the idea of an e-reader app on your phone, look into e-readers so you can carry thousands of books with you at all times. We suggest you purchase the Lord of The Rings trilogy for your trip to New Zealand to get you into the Middle-earth spirit!

For under $140, get the market leader Kindle for huge compatibility or download the Free Kindle App to get access to a huge range of e-books right on your phone. Consider also trying Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days to get unlimited books and audiobooks during your flight.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

61. Wireless Amplifier USB Adapter

Get that WiFi! The built-in WiFi antenna in most laptops has quite a short range and is not as powerful as desktops. To get as much range as possible when on the road, get yourself a WiFi amplifier. Plug it into a USB port on your laptop and you will be laughing! We recommend the Nineplus 1200Mbps Dual 5Dbi Antennas 5G/2.4G WiFi Adapter for Windows.

Check out the Nineplus WiFi Adapter on Amazon.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

62. Sugru

A mouldable glue that turns into rubber, Sugru can be used to fix or modify just about anything. If your hiking shoes break, just stick some Sugru in there. If your cables start to come loose, Sugru them back together. Just get creative!

Check out the Sugru by Tesa Store on Amazon.

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63. Leak Proofing Sleeves

If you’re more into shoving shampoo bottles into your suitcase than some of the other solutions mentioned on this list of travel gadgets and accessories, then ensure the inevitable shampoo explosion during your flight is contained with these Nelshp Leak Proofing Sleeves. Super small yet made with stretchy high-resilient silicone, these sleeves are perfect for travel.

Check out Nelshp Leak Proofing Sleeves on Amazon.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

64. Urinal Funnel

Speaking of leaks, make sure you can spring a leak anywhere, even if God didn’t design it that way, with EllaPee! Yes, it’s what it looks like; a device to help women pee while standing up so you don’t have to worry about squatting over unsanitary toilets or in the bush. You can even keep your pants on while using it; we challenge you!

Check out EllaPee on Amazon.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

65. Water Socks

Explore the coast, rivers and lakes without hurting your delicate feet with some water socks! Amazon goes nuts for these, so you can have a lot of fun selecting funky colours and designs. We like these simple Athmile Water Shoes which have flexible, breathable and quick-dry fabric on top and a protective rubber sole on the bottom.

Check out Athmile Water Shoes on Amazon.

65 Genius Travel Gadgets & Accessories ✈️ [2023]© Amazon

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