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9 Things to Know About the Sleeper Buses (Overnight Buses) in NZ

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About the Sleeper Bus from Auckland to Wellington

Do you ever feel that you don’t achieve enough while you’re asleep? How about being transported from Auckland all the way to Wellington, or vice versa?! With the new travelling craze of sleeper buses in New Zealand, you can achieve that dream!

Convenient, cheap and comfortable, sleeper buses are convincing more and more of us to start travelling by night. So, of course, we had to give them a closer look. It turns out that there is a lot to like about sleeper buses like InterCity’s SLEEPER Buses that are changing the way we see our transportation between Auckland and Wellington. It is not the painful 11-hour bus ride that it used to be…

What is a sleeper bus? A sleeper bus is a custom-made bus fitted with real beds for each passenger. They have a few amenities like USB plugs and free WiFi to accommodate tech-savvy travellers. It travels every evening between Auckland and Wellington, the two biggest cities in New Zealand.

1. It’s Got Lie-Flat Beds

SLEEPER buses have been designed from scratch to make room for a lie-flat hammock-style bed on the top bunk and two side-by-side bottom bunks with a privacy screen. The beds are comfortable (or at least much more comfortable than sleeping on a bus seat), well-fitted and come with pillows and a reading light so you can have a good rest during your journey.

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2. Get Power!

SLEEPER buses have been kitted out to answer every basic need. From the free WiFi (see below) to USB charging plugs and even 240V plugs on every bed, even your big bulky laptop will have power all night.

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3. You Can Connect to Free WiFi

Every SLEEPER bus ticket gives you access to free WiFi so you can make the most of your time in bed by catching up with friends and family back home or reading our guides of Auckland or Wellington to make the most of your day when you arrive in the morning.

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4. Save on Accommodation and Transportation

Booking a SLEEPER bus costs about the same price as a hostel night. For this price, you will save on one hostel night, since you’ll spend the night on the bus, plus you’ll save on transportation since you’ll be at your destination in the morning. It’s the best of both worlds!

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5. It Gives You More Time to Explore

By sleeping on the bus during your trip you’ll wake up fresh in Auckland or Wellington ready to explore the city. Since the bus arrives early morning, you will have a full day to explore and make the most of the tons of attractions that both cities have to offer. Plus, if you are leaving the city you can make the most of your full day as the bus is not leaving until 7 pm.

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6. Midnight Snacks and a Pillow are Included; But Not the Sleeping Bag

That’s right, you’ll stay hydrated and enjoy a sweet treat with the bottle of water and cookie included in the journey. A lightweight pillow is also included for your comfort – just bring your own sleeping bag or blanket!

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7. Convenient Schedule

Leaving at 7 pm and arriving around 6.30 am the next morning, the sleeper buses have the most convenient timetable out there to give you more time before leaving and more daylight when arriving. That’s just perfect!

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8. Wake Up in a New City

Do you remember that feeling when you woke up on the plane and you were in New Zealand, realising that your adventure was about to start? Well, SLEEPER buses offer the same feeling: fall asleep in Auckland, the City of Sails, and wake up in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital and gateway to the South Island.

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9. And Much More!

There is more to love about SLEEPER buses, such as air conditioning, an on-board toilet, helpful bus drivers, twin bed options, generous luggage allowance and the list goes on…

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